In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Francy Boland
IMHO they were simply the best big band around in those years. And believe me there was strong competition, the Duke was still around and so were Basie and Hamp.  But when it came to hardbop it was hard to find a finer contender than the KCFBBB.

Thanks again to onxidlib for these recordings. As far as I know they aren't or ever were commercially available. 

Benny Bailey, trumpet
Jimmy Deuchar, trumpet
Kenny Clarke
Sonny Grey, trumpet
Idrees Sulieman, trumpet
Ake Persson, trombone
Erik Van Lier, trombone
Nat Peck, trombone
Derek Humble, alto saxophone
Johnny Griffin, tenor saxophone
Ronnie Scott, tenor saxophone
Tony Coe, tenor saxophone
Sahib Shihab, baritone saxophone
Francy Boland, piano
Jimmy Woode, bass
Kenny Clarke, drums
Kenny Clare, drums

Dakota Staton, vocals (only track 3)

Kenny Clare
01. New Box 703 [Washington, D.C.?]  (Boland) 5:32
02. The Falcon (Clarke) 4:22
03. Cherokee (Noble) 2:53
04. Sweet And Lovely (Arnheim/Tobias/Lemar) 3:57
05. You Stepped Out Of A Dream (N.H. Brown/Kahn) 7:50
06. Sax No End (Boland)/The Wild Man (Clarke) 5:58
07. Griff's Groove (Boland)5:17
08. Gloria (B. Kaper/David) 4:57
09. Klook's Report 3:16
10. Mauve (Boland) 5:13
11. The Turk (trad./Boland) 7:41

Sonny Grey
Recorded at the Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany on May 16, 1968.

Note: According the announcer 'The Turk' is part of the Middle Eastern Suite.

Check on YouTube to see them Live on German telly.


  1. An unreleased Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band recording from Stuttgart (1968) with a rare appereance of Sonny Grey:

    Merci onxidllib

  2. Another one from DIME.

    Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band
    September 7, 1969
    Battle of the Bands, Satory, Cologne, Germany

    pre-FM > ? > CDR > EAC > WAV > CD Wave Editor (split tracks) > FLAC

    Benny Bailey (tp), Idrees Sulieman (tp), Kenny Wheeler (tp), Derek Watkins (tp),
    Ake Persson (tb), Nat Peck (tb), Eric van Lier (tb)
    Derek Humble (as), Tony Coe (ts), Johnny Griffin (ts) Ronnie Scott (ts) Sahib Shihab (bs),
    Francy Boland (p), Jimmy Woode (b), Kenny Clarke (d), Kenny Clare (d)

    1. Box 703
    2. Sax No End
    3. Griff's Groove
    4. November Girl
    5. Griff'n'Jaw
    6. Now Hear My Meanin'
    7. Fellini

    1. Great share! Thank you! First time I see a CBBB with Kenny Wheeler.
      Now I would like to see/hear a recording with Manfred Schoof. There were also Sextet recordings with Schoof.
      Once I saw an excerpt in a documentary about Schoof.

  3. many thanks to all for new CBBB. Sonny Grey a new name for me. jamaican I read. anybody any biographicals ? will have to check if he solos but stiff competition in that tpt section.

    1. Sonny Grey (or Gray?) is the same one as on this recording >

      But apart from that I only know that he played a lot in Paris. There was a CD called "Jazz et Cinema Vol.3" were he played on five tracks with the Daniel Humair Soultet.
      An of course he played several times with the CBBB.

    2. onxidlib is a walking encyclopedia of jazz.
      By the way, a book remains to be written on the contribution of West Indian musicians to jazz, from the early days on.
      There are a few example on this blog: Shake Keane, Condouant, Sardaby, ...

    3. Grey is correct. own album 'skippin' on Numera 1971. also with Dexter on Futura. can't find anything else.

    4. "Skippin'" is with Mal Waldron - would be nice to hear it.
      There's another LP called "Sonny Grey en directo" (Sayton, 1968 - Spain) with Roger Guerin, Michel Sardaby, Rolf Römer and Peter Giger a.o.

  4. Thanks for the share, there are quite a few live CBBB recordings, some legits, other bootlegs. Great music always!

  5. Anyone knows which are Sonny Grey's solos ? if any

  6. Another one with Sonny Grey. Does anyone have a rip?

    Richard Raux - Hamsa Music, Mercury Records, 6313 142, 1981, France, Vinyl LP
    Jack Gregg - contrabass
    Alain Lecointe - electric bass
    Patrice Raux - guitar
    Roger Raspail - percussion
    Michael Grailler - piano
    Siegfried Kessler - piano [arp]
    Richard Raux - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
    Marc Steckar - trombone, tuba
    Sonny Grey - trumpet