In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RARITY # 9: almost the Holy Grail!

 (Telefunken EP, Germany, 1958)

"Putain, quelle formidable musique!" wrote Paul D. in the mail he sent me with the  rip of this  rare German EP from 1958.  Rare?  Rare as hen's teeth would be a most justified expression in this case.

If you're familiar with the "Now's The Time - Deep German Grooves 1956-65" album you already know the track "Minority" and have an idea what to expect .

Pianist Michael Naura (born 1939 in Lithuania) and his quintet were considered the best German Modern Jazz Band in the late 50‘s. All five musicians originally studied classical music in East Berlin, before they discovered their passion for jazz performance and due to a lack of engagements moved to the city’s west side. Their version of "Minority" in a fast East Coast pace can be found on a Telefunken EPs, entitled " Down to Earth , released 1958 in small editions.


Piano – Michael Naura (leader)
Saxophone [Alto] – Klaus Marmulla
Vibraphone - Wolfgang Schluter 
Bass – Hajo Lang (or Lange)
Drums – Heinz Von Moisy

A1       Swingin' The Blues     Written By Basie      3:15
A2       Blues For Werner        Written By  Naura     3:45
B1       Angel Eyes      Written By  Dennis-Breat      3:45
B2       Minority          Written By Gryce     2:15

There are only scarce information on these musicians on the Web and almost all of it in German.
Vibist Wolfgang Schulter played a.o. with Voler Kriegel (House Boat, MPS), saxist Klaus Marmulla can be heard on Oliver Nelson's Berlin Dream Band (LP Black, Brown and Beautiful on Flying Dutchman) which also featured bass-player Hajo Lang .
They were both members of the RIAS Big Band in Berlin.
Heinz von Moisy studied percussions at Berklee College in Boston.  In 1977 he released the LP Last Plantas, a Jazz Funk / Latin Jazz monster.
Google his name for videos on YouTube.

The four tracks were reissued in 1976 on the Telefunken LP "Kühl Und Modern - Jazz In Deutschland 1957 & 58" which is also a bit of a collectors'item.

Monday, July 25, 2011


The JIVE KINGS with Measha Bruggergosman (Canada, 2001)

The JIVE KINGS were a Canadian neo-swing band that recorded two albums in the years 2000/2001.  They were part of the short-lived Swing Revival scene of the late Nineties.  The only source of information on the Web is the website of bass-player Deryl Gallant.

Their first album “Spoon for a Knife” was released in February 2000.  Today's post, their second album came out a year later.  The originality of this second album is their choice of female vocalist in the person of  a young Canadian operatic soprano, Ms Measha Bruggergosman. 

Miss Bruggergosman has impressive lungs obviously (listen to Big Spender) and a lot of vocal techniques, I let you decide whether it works or not in a jazz setting (sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t …).
Now if you are not keen on Neo Swing, let me reassure you that these guys are not a rock band with added horns.  They are all proficient jazz players and they do take some good soli (esp. Dan Warren on trumpet and Barrie Sorensen on saxes). 

On the weak side, their compositions are not always up to the standards (Tugboat being especially dreaful, IMHO).  They're at their best when they play standards


1. She Made Me Wanna Jive*
Music & Lyrics: Barrie Sorensen

2. You Stole My Heart From Me*
Music: Barrie Sorensen 
Lyrics: Michael Ross
Solos: Dan & Barrie

3. Telephone Call From Istanbul
Music & Lyrics: Tom Waits
Solos: Perry, Mike & Barrie

4. Blue Skies**
Music & Lyrics: Irving Berlin
Solos: Perry & Barrie

5. Summertime**
Music & Lyrics: Dubose Heyward and George Gershwin
Solos: Bob & Dan

6. Mr Magic*
Music & Lyrics: Michael Ross
Solos: Mike, Bob and Barrie

7. Maybe I'll Meet You*
Music: Barrie Sorensen 
Lyrics: Michael Ross
Solos: Dan & Barrie

8. When I Close My Eyes*
Music & Lyrics: Perry Williams
Solos: Dan & Barrie

9. Big Spender**
Music & Lyrics: Dorothy Fields and Cy Coleman
Solo: Dan

10. A-Tisket, A-Tasket**
Music & Lyrics: Ella Fitzgerald and Van Alexander
Solo: Barrie

11. They Can't Take That Away**
Music & Lyrics: George and Ira Gershwin
Solo: Barrie

12. Tugboat*
Music & Lyrics: Michael Ross
Solo: Mike (n.b. this one is pretty dreadful, skip it!)

13. Nowhere Like This*
Music: Barrie Sorensen 
Lyrics: Michael Ross
Solos: Bob & Perry

14. Omegabop*
Music: Barrie Sorensen 
Solos: Dan, Barrie, Perry & Alan

* Jive Kings original composition
** featuring special guest Measha Brueggergosman

You can get a copy directly from band member Deryl Gallant HERE  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


(NL, France, Poland, Belgium - 1992)

Jazz Hoeilaart was founded in 1979 by Albert Michiels - within the framework of the local annual festival of grapes and wine - with the intention of introducing accomplished young jazz players and groups under the age of 30.
In the early years only Belgian and Dutch groups applied but in the following years Jazz Hoeilaart became one of the most important international Jazz Contests. Between 1979 and 2009 the organizers received 1.815 entries from more than 50 countries, from Australia and America to Japan, India, the former Soviet States and Europe
The first prizes went successively to jazz groups from Belgium (1979,1980,1981,1982,1993 and 1999, 2007), Poland (1983, 1998, 2008), Sweden (1984, 2000 and 2003); Finland together with Bulgaria (1985), Israel (1986 and 2006), the Netherlands (1987 and 1992), Finland (1988), Russia (1989), Denmark together with USA (1990), USA (1991), Germany (1994, 2002, 2009), Hungary (1995 and 2001), Canada (1996) Italy (1997), Norway (2004) and France (2005).
(source: here)
The best groups are documented on LP (from 1979 to 1990) and then CD (1991 to this date).  The winner of the first prize was usually invited to record a LP.  

This long out-of-print CD documents the four best bands that took part in the 1992 competition.
First prize :                              Meeting Point             The Netherlands
Second prize:                          Francois Theberge Group         France
Third prize:                             In Spector                                  Poland
Fourth prize:                           Ivan Paduart Trio                   Belgium

Meeting Point (NL) : Miguel Martinez (as), Rutger Molenkamp (tn), Michiel Borstlap (p), Thomas Winter Andersen (b), Joost Kesselaar (ds).
1.      Miruleheba
2.      Playtime
3.      Panorama Groove
Pianist Michiel Borstlap won the prize for best soloist.

Francois Theberge Group (F): Francois Theberge (ss, ts), Marc Chalosse (p), Christophe Walemme (b), Stephane Foucher (ds)
4.      El Alamo   (feat. F. Theberge on soprano)
5.      Leveland   (feat. F. Theberge on tenor)
Drummer Stephane Foucher won the prize for best drummer

In Spector (Pol): Robert Majewski (tp), Maciej Ulatowski (p, key.), Thomas Gassowski (bgtr), Adam Buczek (ds)
6.      Greetings for Rogacz
7.      Song for Jaco
8.      Crossroads
In Spector won the prize of the Belgian Artistic Promotion for their rendering of Frederic Willaume’s Crossroads.

Ivan Paduart Trio (B): Ivan Paduart (p), Philippe Aerts (b), Dre Pallemaerts (ds)
9.      Augustina
10.  Vague à l’ame
11.  Don’t Give up (I.Paduart – P. Aerts duo)  

Give this album a listen, you'll be pleasantly surprised by these young promising talents (who, twenty years later, have become -at least for some of them - well established musicians on the European Jazz scene).

In  case you wondered where the title "The Abduction of Europa" came from, it was the title of an artwork given as prize to the best soloist.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

7 UP


 Here is another album that has not been re-issued so far.  It was recorded between Helen 12 Trees and Crystal Bells, (posted a few weeks ago).  Typical Seventies Mariano, part Jazz Fusion – part South Indian. 

AMG is pretty laconic and not especially informative on this one (not that I expect much from AMG):
A '77 session with onetime Charlie Parker imitator Charlie Mariano now as immersed in Asian and Indian music as he ever was in bop. He's working with a European rhythm section that includes keyboardist Rainer Bruninghaus and bassist Barre Phillips. There are some compositions that reflect Mariano's jazz background, while others have everything from classical strains to Asian scales and instruments
  • Charlie Mariano – alto & soprano saxophones, flute, nagaswaram
  • Rainer Brüninghaus – acoustic & electric pianos, synthesizer
  • Barre Phillips – acoustic bass
  • Hansgeorg Meuser – electric bass
  • Udo Dahmen – drums, percussion
  • Trilok Gurtu – tabla, percussion, drums (7)
  1. Aszù (Rainer Brüninghaus) 8:06
  2. Nagaswarup (Charlie Mariano) 7:47
  3. Earth (Rainer Brüninghaus) 2:47
  4. Out of the Jungle (Udo Dahmen) 4:16
  5. To an Elfin Princess (Charlie Mariano) 7:24
  6. 7 Up (Hansgeorg Meuser) 5:27
  7. Back of J. (Barre Phillips) 2:55
  8. Down the Kaveri (Charlie Mariano) 4:45
Recorded October 5-7, 1977 at Cornet Studios, Cologne, Germany
Mixed October 19-21, 1977 by Wolfgang Hirschmann at Cornet Studios, Cologne, Germany.
Produced by Kurt Renker, supervised by Vera Brandes Released by Contemp (Germany) 2 Stereo | Inner City 1024

 Although not as good as Helen 12 Trees – which rates among Mariano’s best works ever, it’s nevertheless a very enjoyable and varied album.  There’s a bit of everything: fusion, South Indian, ECM-type ballads (Barre Philips'Back of J) and even a solid slab of funk (7 Up).
Ripped by JC from the original album.

Recommended website on Charlie  Mariano: Charlie Mariano Tribute

Friday, July 8, 2011

JAZZ AUX OUDAYAS (Morocco, EU, 2002)

 Since 1996, the Festival JAZZ AU CHELLAH (formerly JAZZ AUX OUDAYAS) in Rabat is a unique occasion for European Jazzmen to present their music to a Moroccan audience and to play with local, musicians.  Morocco has a very rich musical heritage.  As a gate between Europe and Africa, it has always been a cultural melting pot: African, Arabic, Berber, Sufi, Andalousian,  Sephardic  and Western influences can be found in the various styles.  Moreover the musical traditions are very well alive as is demonstrated by the many festivals all through the country.

The JAZZ at the CHELLAH Festival takes place every year during the month of June.  Today I'm posting a promotional CD with highlights of the 2002 Festival.  As far as I know this CD is not commercially availalble.

  1. Trio Mirabassi meets Taifa Issaouiya Mouwahada
  2. D'3 meets Balabil Al Andalous Quartet
  3. Jesse van Rullen Trio meets Nasser Houari
  4. Muthspiel & Muthspiel meets Youssef El Fadil
  5. Trio Vaiana/Kaiat/La Rocca meets le duo Ihiri / Mazouz
If you liked the Noon in Tunisia album posted a while ago on OIR, you should be interested by this post.

My favorite tracks?  Muthspiel & Muthspiel meets Youssef El Fadil, (I've always been a fan of the Vienna Art Orchestra) and the last one, for Jo Kaiat's piano, Sal La Rocca's drumming and because I think the fusion works especailly well in this track.

Les Oudayas - Rabat
Link in comments. Scans with details of sessions.

Atelier MOZART (Mauritius)

Jose Therese, saxophonist & educator
 If you’ve enjoyed the Ernest Wiehe 10-piece Jazz  Ensemble posted earlier on this blog, you may wish to learn some more about the Mauritian Jazz scene and especially about Atelier Mozart, a fantastic Jazz School founded some 15-years ago by saxophonist José Thérèse – with some assistance from the EU Delegation and other donors at the beginning,  to purchase instruments.  The project aims specifically at training young kids from underprivileged neighborhood in playing an instrument and becoming professional musician and jazz performers.
The result is absolutely amazing!

I’ve found a couple of videos on Youtube and this website from photographer Julien Girardot with superb photos (here).

I used to catch them playing live every Saturday at the Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis when I was living in Mauritius in the early '00s.

Here they are playing some funky stuff you'll easily recognize. 

According to Jose Therese, they are in dire need of sponsors!
If there ever was a development initiative worth suppporting, here it is.

There is an excellent interview of Jose Therese in French here 

Friday, July 1, 2011


(Nixa Jazz Today Series 45 rpm EP, UK, 1956)

Another one from Paul D.'s treasure chest. This time  a rare British EP from 1956 under the name of VIC ASH PLUS FOUR.

Vic ASH    clarinet
Keith CHRISTIE   trombone
Derek SMITH   piano
Sammy STOKES  bass
Phil SEAMEN   drums

Amateurs of trivia will note that the recording engineer was Joe Meek.

On Vic Ash, the BritJazz blog says:  a British Jazz veteran, still playing.  Vic first recorded with the Kenny Baker group which included Tubby Hayes. 

He recorded little as a leader - less than a dozen sessions stretching back over a 60 years career in music so it is quite a rare treat to hear him in this role.

Side A

  • Cinders (Ash)
  • You took advantage of me
Side B
  • Ash felt (Smith)
  • With the wind and the rain in your hair

To the best of my knowledge, this session is not available on any CD re-issue.  Link in comments as usual.