In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Friday, March 30, 2012

Coup de gueule!

Zero download, that's the score for the ACT Big Band album I reposted over two weeks ago.

What does it mean?
- blogging is certainly no threat to the music industry.
- blog visitors are less aventurous or curious than I thought they'd be
- all those who did not bother have missed a fantastic piece of music.

Nobody showed any interest in No Vibrato either.  
Only one person downloaded the re-post of Richard Raux 's superb (and not common) album.

Bande d'ignares!  as we say in french.

Thursday, March 22, 2012



Superb French Jazz album recorded in 1978 by an octet under the direction of bassplayer Didier Levallet.

Didier Lockwood - violons, 

Jean-Yves Rigaud - violons, 
Jean-Charles Capon - violoncelle, 
Denis Van Hecke - violoncelle, 
Christian Escoudé - guitares, 
Siegfried Kessler - claviers, 
Bernard Lubat - batterie, 
Didier Levallet - contrebasse, arrangements, direction.


- Paysages intimes, suite (Didier Levallet)
- a) Journal (solistes : D. Lockwood, Ch. Escoudé, S. Kessler)
 - b) Siegfried (soliste : S. Kessler)
 - c) Coup d’œil en arrière
- d) A suivre (solistes : Ch. Escoudé, S. Kessler)
 • Sing me softly of the blues (Carla Bley) (solistes : D. Levallet, J.-Ch. Capon, D. Lockwood, Ch. Escoudé)
 • Triade (D. Levallet) (solistes : J.-Y. Rigaud, D. Van Hecke, Ch. Escoudé)
Flos Florum (D. Levallet) (solistes : Ch. Escoudé, J.-Ch. Capon).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RE-POST (LP rip ) - update 21 March 2012

I'm in the process of re-posting some rare OOP LP.
For the links, check in the comments of the original post.

Please be patient, re-uploading these albums takes time.  

1 André Condouant:  Brother Meeting (France)

2. Moe Koffman : Live @Expo 67 (Montreal)

3. Bert Dahlander - Jazz with a Swedish Accent

4. Steve Houben + strings (Belgium)

5. Basso-Valdambrini  Octet - New Sound from Italy

6. ACT BIG BAND (Belgium)

7.  Fountainhead (Florida, USA)
I was listening to this album while reposting.  It's pretty good, I recommend it if you're into  adventurous early seventies jazz rock big bands. No vocals, all instrumentals.  Great players.  Think Don Ellis, Maynard Ferguson and a few others.    (rip thanks to Leonard @Redtelephone66).

8. Charlie Mariano - Cascade
The positive thing about re-posting is that it gives me an opportunity to re-listen to my older posts, and this one was especially good!

9.  Charlie Mariano - October

10. OM - Kirikuki (Switzerland)


Sunday, March 11, 2012


So far I have re-posted the following CD,  You'll find a link in the comments of each post.
- Richard Raux - The Interval
- Ronald Muldrow - Yesterdays
- Bent Jaedig Trio - Sizzlin'
- Nueva Manteca - Bluesongo
- Fra Fra Sound: Kalinha's Serenade
- No Vibrato
More to come upon request.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


"Innovation en jazz N°2" 
Jacques Pelzer Modern Jazz  6tet
(Belgium, 1955)

Label : Innovations (B)   Serial number : ILP2

 This rare 10” was released in 1955 as part of the “Innovation en Jazz” series, a series sponsored by the department store “A l’Innovation”. 

Jacques Pelzer (1924-1994) was one of the most important figures in Belgian jazz history.
He was born in Liège and played the harmonica as a kid and switched to flute, alto & soprano saxophone later on.
In the late 1940s, he joined the legendary Bob Shots (lead by Bobby Jaspar), one of the very first (if not the first) groups in Europe to play be-bop. It’s at this time that Pelzer gets to know the music of Charlie Parker, who will remain one of his biggest influences.
In the 1950s, Pelzer became one of the leading jazzmen in Belgium, playing on the ‘Jazz For Moderns’ (Fiesta) and ‘Innovation en Jazz’ (Innovation) 10” records, as well as the ‘Jazz In Little Belgium’ 10” that was released for the ‘58 World Expo in Brussels.

 In the following decade, he plays with Chet Baker, one of his best friends, in the United States. It is through a connection of Chet Baker, that Jacques Pelzer records some sessions in Italy in the sixties: First an ep called ‘Amedeo Tommasi Trio presents Jacques Pelzer’ (1960 - Jazz In Italy vol. 10) and later an lp with a quartet under his own name: ‘Jacques Pelzer Quartet ft. Dino Piana (Jazz in Italy vol. 13 - reissued in 2009 by Rearward-Schema).

In the 1970s, he recorded two live lp’s: one with the legendary jazz fusion group ‘Open Sky Unit’ (with his cousin Steve Houben on sax and his daughter Micheline Pelzer on drums), and one with the Jacques & Micheline Pelzer Quartet. Both records were released on a tiny label called Duchesne and are now really rare collector’s items.

Side A
1. Barbados
2. Gone with the wind
3. Embraceable you
4. Motion (*)

Side B
1. There'll never be another you (*)
2. lover man (*)
3. Stella by starlight (*)
4. Whose Blues (*)

Recording date, location & personnel:
May 18, 1955 - Leon Demol Studios, Brussel, Belgium

Pelzer Jacques (alto sax)
Sandy Herman (trumpet)
Thomas Rene (guitar)  (*)
Fanis Jean (piano)
Dubois Paul (bass)
Frankel Rudy (drums)

RE-UP - 26/08/2017