In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, March 30, 2013



RCA LSA 3128, Sweden, 1972

Another great Domnérus album which seems to have escaped the CD re-issue programmes.  Thanks to onxidlib for an excellent rip in FLAC and to Paul D. for the comprehensive discographical information (via Walter Bruynincks).

Eight songs, three different formats, from trio to full orchestra via a sextet.   And another opportunity to hear the excellent guitarist Rune Gustafsson.

Details of the sessions

Arne Domnérus (cl) Bengt Hallberg (p) Egil Johansen (d)
Stockholm, May 29-30, 1972
Poor Butterfly             RCA (S) LSA3128

Bjarne Nerem (ts-1) Rune Gustafsson (g-2) Georg Riedel (b) added, same loc. & date
Sweet and lovely (1)                           RCA (S) LSA3128
I let a song go out of my heart (1,2)     id.
Scarecrow (1,2)                                 id.
Bosse Bröberg (tp) Bertil Strandberg (tb) Arne Domnérus (as,cl) Bjarne Nerem (ts) Erik Nilsson (bar) Bengt Hallberg (p) Rune Gustafsson (g) Stefan Brolund (el-b) Georg Riedel (b) Egil Johansen (d), same loc. & date
A la Nerem               RCA (S) LSA3128
I love you, Porgy        id.             -
The B.B. blues            id.          -
Satin doll                     id.      

Track list

A1. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Ellington)  5:52

A2. Scarecrow  (Reed)                            4:00

A3. Sweet And Lovely  (Tobias - Lemare)          4:42
A4. A La Nerem (Riedel)                          5:10
B1. I Love You, Porgy (Gershwin)                 5:20
B2. Poor Butterfly (Hubbel)                      3:17
B3. The B.B.Blues (Riedel)                       2:35
B4. Satin Doll (Ellington- Mercer - Strayhorn)   7:40

Recorded at Studio Electra, Stockholm on May 29 and 30, 1972.  -

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Don't miss it this time!
See comments in original post here

I have re-posted Hans Koller 78 rpm (see original post)

The annual Charlie Mariano Re-Post Programme

By popular demand, I have re-posted  three Charlie Mariano LPs.  (last re-post was a year ago).

(see links in comments of original posts)

And a little extra for Mariano's fans :

a.k.a. Blue Flute 
No point in re-posting it,, get it here and say thanks to the man!

And another favorite Mariano, this time with Eero Koivistoinen 's group: 

No point in ripping it, it's already floating in the blogsphere.  Get it here.

And don't forget this one: pure magic!

It's probably still floating around the blogworld, otherwise buy the CD re-issue (still easily available from Amazon or other dealers).

Friday, March 22, 2013


Arne Domnérus and his Orchestra
LP Metronome MRLP15062, SWEDEN, 1960

A classic but somehow forgotten Scandinavian Jazz album dating from 1960, ripped by Paul D. from his impressive collection of rare jazz vinyls.

Arne Domnérus and his Orchestra : Bengt-Arne Wallin (tp,flhrn) Arne Domnérus (cl,as) Rolf Blomquist (ts,fl) Rune Falk (bar,b-cl) Gunnar Svensson (p) Rune Gustafsson (g) Georg Riedel (b) Egil Johansen (d)

Stockholm, November 1, 1960
01  Lester left town
02  Melancholy lullaby
03  Mox nix (gr arr)
04  In the fall
Stockholm, November 9, 1960
05  Friday the 13th
06  Haul away Joe
07  I'm glad there's you
Stockholm, November 14, 1960
08  Thursday's child
09  Boogie stop shuffle
10  Young married man

Metronome MRLP15062

Arne Domnérus

Sunday, March 17, 2013


unreleased session - 1969

Erich Kleinschuster (c.2010)
 Onxidlib sent me a good while ago two unreleased Studio sessions from the Erich Kleinschuster Sextet with Dusko Goykovich.

Kleinschuster founded his Sextet in 1966 with a.o. Art Farmer, Fritz Pauer, Jimmy Woode und Erich Bachträgl.. Later he also recorded with Joe Henderson, Carmell Jones, Phil Woods, Clifford Jordan or Jimmy Heath a.o.

Some of these sessions were released as two double CDs (Austria only - now OOP), some never saw the daylight.  These two sessions with Goykovich were among the unreleased recording dates - too good for oblivion ! (another session - the one with John Surman - was posted by onxidlib on Inconstant Sol last year).

Here is the info for the first of the two sessions:

Session 1
Dusko Goykovic, trumpet
Robert Politzer, trumpet
Erich Kleinschuster  trombone
Hans Salomon, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Fritz Pauer, piano, e-piano
Jimmy Woode, bass
Erich Bachträgl, drums
Fritz Ozmec, percussion


1. Formel (E. Kleinschuster) 7:27
2. A Dream Realized (E. Kleinschuster) 5:30
3. Hang My Tears to Dry (E. Kleinschuster) 4:43
4. Bossa for Pavel (D. Gojkovic) 3:24
5. Moustache (D. Gojkovic) 4:14
6. Rhythm Rocket (D. Gojkovic) 2:36

Recorded on December 2, 1969 at the Austrophon Studio, Vienna.

Next one (1970) coming soon.

p.s. It seems we have the same hat.  Perhaps I should start a series on jazz musicians with Berber skull cap. Cheers

Friday, March 15, 2013

PIERRE CAVALLI : Swiss guitar virtuoso, studio musician and jazzman



Jazztone Rec. SJS-1263 – 1966? (Switzerland)

Rare euro vocal jazz LP recorded in a small Swiss private club in 1966”.  It seems everything is becoming “rare” these days. There was a time when this LP was a common occurrence in second-hand shops and could be bought for the equivalent of a couple of euros or even less (I bought mine for 65 Belgian Francs .. OK it was a long while ago!). I was therefore more than amazed when I saw that some “specialized” websites are not afraid to ask prices above € 100.- for this album, which is a bit outrageous IMHO.

The problem with this LP is … Norma Green.  I could do without her vocals which I find slightly irritating. I could not find any info on her, apparently she was British. Luckily she only sings on half of the selections, the others are instrumentals and they amply justify the acquisition of the album.  Pierre Cavalli’s playing is nothing but outstanding.  He has a very unique and personal style, very bluesy for a Swiss …  As a matter of fact, this album contains one of the bluesiest versions of Django, .just superb!

It is unfortunate that Cavalli did not get the opportunity to record more in a jazz context.  However, if you are open-minded I recommend you seek his other recordings (EP and LP), more commercial but where he demonstrates an astounding technique .. I guess it is to be expected from a musician who befriended both Django and Les Paul in the Fifties, was the first of the few Europeans who play the Gibson-double neck.  He is often considered a pioneer of instrumental rock and roll, in Europe and was a keen sound-experimentator.  Imagine a Swiss Danny Gatton in the 50s.! 

Norma Green            vocal
Pierre Cavalli            guitar
Bob Jaquillard          bass
Stuff Combe             drums

1.      there will never be another you
2.      django
3.      the lady is a tramp
4.      days of wine and roses
5.      cry me a river
6.      autumn leaves
7.      angels eyes
8.      all the things you are
9.      i left my heart in san francisco
10.  nuages
11.  kansas city
12.  lonesome road

Biographical notes

Browsing the web for some info on Cavalli I landed on a French blog entitled 
Bide & Musique
where I found these extensive biographical notes written by a musician who knew Cavalli personnaly (actually one of Cavalli's guitar students). 

I also recommend this other excellent French website which has an extensive discography of Pierre Cavalli "rock" EP  (Amour du Rock and Roll)   

Pierre Cavalli  started studying violin at a young age and get quickly interested in the guitar.  In the late 40s, he started to commute between Switzerland and Paris where he began playing electric guitar in the famous Jazz Cellars of St . Germain des Prés, before he was even 20. 

In 1948, he was back in Switzerland, playing and doing some recording sessions with organist Fred Bolher (real name . Fritz Walter Böhler) Then he  moved again to Paris and played with various local and expat jazzmen, among others the American pianist Art Simmons.  He could be seen and heard in all the main jazz clubs of the time (Blue Note-Chat qui Peche..etc.).

Around 1955-1956  he met the blind singer-pianist François Charpin.  They formed a trio with the famous double bass player Michel Gaudry and recorded for the Barclay label.

Pierre Cavalli lead for a while his own Orchestra playing the hits of the day and recorded under his name a series of instrumental cover versions of popular tunes (When, Rebel-Rouser..etc) on Barclay and on on Bel-Air, a Barclay’s subsidiary.  He became a mainstay of the Barclay Studio, working often with bassman Pierre Cullaz, backing popstars of the day He often backed female singers such as Franca Di Rienzo and wrote arrangements for  Dalida.

He can be heard on numerous Hazy Osterwald records but always as a studio musician. 

In March 1962 (7-8 March to be precise), he was in a recording studio with Sréphane Grappelli for an album that will be entitled “Feeling + Finesse = Jazz”.    The rhythm section is among the best you could find on the old Continent:   Daniel Humair –another Swiss – is on Drums, Guy Pedersen on double bass, Léo Petit on rhythm guitar.  

The repertoire was Django influenced.  Pierre Cavalli demonstrates that he is a redoutable technician (this album was issued on Atlantic and was reissued on Collectables).   Cavalli had met and knew Django quite well, they were frequent visitors of the same jazz caves and clubs in the Paris of the late 40s , early 50s.

In 1964 he recorded with Austrian pianist Friedrich Gulda and a.o. the Italian guitarist/bassplayer Franco Cerri (MPS).  He made session with Hans Koller.

Between 1966 and 1978 Cavalli records several albums for nearly forgotten (often budget) 
labels such as 

Activ.(Pierre Cavalli

and a fine Bossa Nova album on the Sunset label (Souvenirs from Brazil).

In addition to being a studio musician , Pierre Cavalli ran his father’s Musical Instrument Shop in Zurich.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


LP Cherry Red Records CHLP3622,  NL, 1988

OK, the tracklist may not be especially enthralling, a collection of old jazz blues warhorses (hence the “Golden Bluessongs” of the album title) but this album has its moments.

It was recorded before it became fashionable for aging rock singers to record an album of jazz standards as a mark of respectability.  As it goes, this album works pretty well.  Kaz Lux‘s voice is well suited to the material and the Guidelines Quartet is top, they really swing these numbers!  No wonder when you look at the credentials of the four musicians making up the Guidelines Quartet:

Peter Guidi is one of Europe’s great jazz flautists (listen to his soli on “Need you by my side” or “What I want”).

Rob van Bavel is a well regarded Dutch jazz pianist and educator with extensive jazz credentials. In the late eighties he was a member of the Ben Van Den Dungen-Jarmo Hoogendijk Quintet (see my old post on the Brand New Orleans album to get the idea how those guys sounded).  

Hans Mantel is a well-known Dutch bassist, musicologist, producer and presenter for jazz on Dutch radio and television.

Drummer Hans van Oosterhout has performed with almost everybody, from Toots Thielemans to Randy Brecker  He has played on over 60 albums.

Vocalist Kaz Lux was the lead singer of 60s Dutch beat band Brainbox.  He also collaborated on a few albums with guitar virtuoso Jan Akkerman

Kaz Lux                      vocal
Peter Guidi                  sax & flute
Rob van Bavel            piano
Hans Mantel                bass
Hans van Oosterhout   drums

  •       I’m walking
  •       Lost and looking
  •       Ain’t nobody’s business
  •       Need you by my side
  •       Please send me someone to love
  •       You are my sunshine
  •       Route 66
  •       Counting my tears
  •       What I want

Recorded in Tilburg, NL - 1988

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


EP METRONOME MEP 1039, Germany, 1955

I have the feeling this blog is becoming the leading resource on Helmut Brandt recordings.
It started about 18 months ago with Rarity #7, an EP from Paul D.  I was at the time pretty ignorant of the musical achievements of Mr Brandt.  Then onxidlib came onboard with a whole load of obscure EP and even bootlegs featuring Brandt.  This one is a new addition to the series courtesy of onxidlib again.  It was an education to me to discover a musician of such caliber.  Thanks to all the blog collaborators!

Conrad "Conny" Jackel, trumpet
Helmut Brandt, baritone saxophone
Luwdig Ebert, piano
Klaus Gernhuber, bass
Hans-Dieter Taubert, drums

A1. The Breeze And I       2:51
A2. Sun                    3:55
B1. Salute To Lars Gullin  3:37
B2. Berlin Calling         4:01

Recorded in Berlin, Germany on July 31, 1955.

Last week end I was zapping among the numerous satellite channels on the telly and landed on BR-Alpha, a German public channel, in the middle of an old black & white show entitled Deutsche All Stars 1963 starring ... well everybody in 60s German Jazz: the Mangelsdorf brothers, Hans Koller, Helmut Brand, Yoki Freund, Klaus Doldinger with Ingfried Hoffman, Michael Naura, Rolf Kuhn with Horst Jankowski etc ... I could n't believe my eyes.  I could actually SEE all those blokes I had posted on my blog.  Unfortunately I only saw half of the programme.  Does anyone knows whether it is available on DVD or could be downloaded from somewhere? Couldn't find anything on Google.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

JAZZ RECORDS FAIR - Brussels - May 2013


The Sweet & Hot Jazz Club 
(Brussels' oldest  jazz appreciation and debating club)
is holding its Spring Jazz Record Fair 

from 11h15 to 16h00
(doors open at  10h15 for the sellers only)


Jazz Station ASBLChaussée de Louvain, 193a-1951210 Bruxelles

le samedi 11 mai 2013 de 11h15 à 16h.
195 chaussée de Louvain, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (en face du boulevard Clovis, entrée derrière le coin par la rue Wauwermans). Bus STIB 29, bus De Lijn 318, 410 (arrêts Clovis).
Ouverture de la porte à partir de 10h15 pour les vendeurs uniquement


Op zaterdag 11 mei 2013, van 11u15 tot 16u
gelegen Leuvensesteenweg 195 te 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Noode (rechtover de Clovislaan, ingang achter de hoek via de Wauwermansstraat). 
Vervoer: bereikbaar via bus MIVB 29, bus De Lijn 318, 410 (halte Clovis). 
Voor de verkopers enkel gaan de deuren open om 10u15

If you want to attend as a seller:  contact



EP 45 rpm - Disc'AZ,France, 1967?

Here is the another EP from Mickey Baker, this one dating from 1967/68. Probably not that rare in France and neighbouring countries.

Side A is entirely dedicated to Baker’s version of the famous Adagio d’Albinoni.  The Adagio was one of the “tartes a la crème” of the late sixties.  You will probably want to skip this side.  By the way, this famous Adagio was not composed by Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1751) but by a XXth Century musicologist, Remo Giazotto (1910-1998).   The genesis of the piece makes for some interesting reading (just google these names). It became a global hit in the mid sixties and is among the most recorded pieces of music ever.

On side B we have a barely recognizable instrumental version of Love is Strange, a hit for Mickey and Sylvia in 1957.    The song is not by Mickey Baker as credited but was written by ... Bo Diddley, under his wife’s name, Ethel Smith (the credits were also claimed by Diddley’s then guitarist, Jody Williams).

Then we have a rocking version of Camp Meeting, again credited to Baker while it was a composition of former Ray Charles’ tenorman and Blue Note recording artist, Don Wilkerson.  The original song was well known in France at the time as it was the theme song for a popular Jazz programme (Pour ceux qui aiment le Jazz) on Europe No1.

So here we are with an EP with three songs all credited to the wrong composers!
As in the previous post, the rip is mine but the cover shots are from the web, found them here with some interesting info on the songs (in French, loosely translated here).

Friday, March 1, 2013



45 rpm (EP) Versailles, 90 S 370, France, 1963

Let’s start the month of March with some fun music, a French EP by US Rhythm & Blues guitarist (and long time French resident) Mickey “Guitar” Baker.   
It‘s my late tribute to Mickey Baker who left us in November 2012.

I do not have any discography details on the session, done in France with studio musicians See the post on Tony Milton - Rarity # 38 -  to have an idea of musicians who took  part in these sessions.  It was probably recorded around the same time.

Great sixties popcorn / Madison instrumentals.  Very enjoyable if you like that kind of stuff.  I do!

Back sleeve notes by Kurt Mohr.

The rip is mine, the cover pictures are from the web (better than those I took).

A1       Zanzie
A2       Baker’s Other Dozen
B1       Baby Let’s Dance
B2       Oh Yeah Ah Ah Ah

Trivia – meeting with remarkable men
Mickey Baker is the only bluesman I ever met on a tramway in Brussels.