In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


EP METRONOME MEP 1039, Germany, 1955

I have the feeling this blog is becoming the leading resource on Helmut Brandt recordings.
It started about 18 months ago with Rarity #7, an EP from Paul D.  I was at the time pretty ignorant of the musical achievements of Mr Brandt.  Then onxidlib came onboard with a whole load of obscure EP and even bootlegs featuring Brandt.  This one is a new addition to the series courtesy of onxidlib again.  It was an education to me to discover a musician of such caliber.  Thanks to all the blog collaborators!

Conrad "Conny" Jackel, trumpet
Helmut Brandt, baritone saxophone
Luwdig Ebert, piano
Klaus Gernhuber, bass
Hans-Dieter Taubert, drums

A1. The Breeze And I       2:51
A2. Sun                    3:55
B1. Salute To Lars Gullin  3:37
B2. Berlin Calling         4:01

Recorded in Berlin, Germany on July 31, 1955.

Last week end I was zapping among the numerous satellite channels on the telly and landed on BR-Alpha, a German public channel, in the middle of an old black & white show entitled Deutsche All Stars 1963 starring ... well everybody in 60s German Jazz: the Mangelsdorf brothers, Hans Koller, Helmut Brand, Yoki Freund, Klaus Doldinger with Ingfried Hoffman, Michael Naura, Rolf Kuhn with Horst Jankowski etc ... I could n't believe my eyes.  I could actually SEE all those blokes I had posted on my blog.  Unfortunately I only saw half of the programme.  Does anyone knows whether it is available on DVD or could be downloaded from somewhere? Couldn't find anything on Google.



  2. Hi Boogieman - I will get the Deutsche All Stars 1963 from BR Alpha soon....

  3. you can see the german all stars 1963 again on br-alpha on 09.march at 00:05 again. look here:

    keep boppin´

    1. Thanks Marcel but I missed it completely this time ... was sleeping. Don't have any possibility to record. I'm not at home. Anyhow, I'll try to stay awake for the next one: 6.04.2013, vsl. 00.30 Uhr
      Jazz oder nie! - "Jazz made in Germany"
      20. NDR Jazzworkshop: That bluesy Sound
      Klaus Doldinger (ts, ss, bcl), Albert Mangelsdorff (tb),
      Emil Mangelsdorff (as, fl, cl), Peter Trunk (b, vc), Ingfried Hoffmann (p, org),
      Manfred Schoof (tp, flh), Volker Kriegel (g), Helmut Brandt (s, cl),
      Ack van Rooyen (tp. flh), Cees See (dr)
      (Doku / NDR / 1966)

    2. boogieman you don´t miss it yesterday! it is today! saturday! at 00:05 (in fact it´s sunday morning!) the next great is on 12.03. (in fact in between 12./13.03) at midnight: quincy jones and his orchestra 1960, rare from j.e. berendt´s jazz gehört und gesehen. very rare!! and the ndr jazz workshop you´ve mentioned is first aired on sunday, 31.03. at 20:15!

  4. more Brandt is much appreciated and nice to see that he acknowledges the guv'nor.

  5. good to see, that Helmut Brandt is not forgotton.
    thank you very much (from Berlin)

  6. Thanks, onxidlib and boogieman!

    I love these rare Euro EPs (and LPs). This was a particularly good one, with some excellent arrangements that stand up well to what was coming from the US at the time. By the way, I think the second tune actually is called "Sum".

    When searching for info I found this new Helmut Brandt release from a label called Sonoroma, which I had not heard of before, but which seems to have some pretty interesting stuff. The release is called "Berlin Calling", and while most of the song titles seem familiar, this is not a compilation of the original recordings, but previously unissued 50s radio and live recordings from the Helmut Brandt estate. One wonders if the interest in Helmut Brandt on this blog has somehow contributed to this release.

    That page also has some info from contemporary articles on Brandt. His group had apparently been a big sensation at the German Jazz Festival in May 1955, which probably was what prompted the recording of this rewarding EP.

    It is also mentioned that after the Helmut Brandt Combo played its last performance in December 1958, the group was to continue without Brandt under the name "Berlin Jazz Quintet" and under the leadership of trumpeter Conny Jackel. There does not seem to be any recording of this edition though; perhaps it was rather shortlived.

    "Jazz From Berlin" was actually not Brandt's first release; Lord informs that he cut a 78 for the Metrophon label in October 1949: "Blues in the night" coupled with "Dixieland-Jazzfantasie uber, ich freue mich, das ich geboren bin". No reissue of it is mentioned, and it is probably insanely rare, but wouldn't it be nice if it turned up in blogland?

  7. Dear Chu,

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