In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Monday, June 25, 2012


Back by popular demand ...

See comments in original post.

See comments in original post.

Long overdue!

Give this one a try, if you're curious about "old time" Brazilian music.

Funky blues from Mauritius. Dig dat big bass sound!

Nodoby seems to know this guy or asked for a re-post. Big mistake! You don't know what you're missin'!

Another long overdue re-up

Carnatic Jazz

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


(COLUMBIA 33 WS 508  10", Germany, 1956).

This one's for Paul D.  It's been on his wish list for a long, long time and the original 25 cm is now very rare.

I intended to post it within the Rarity Series but I discovered that it had been re-issued on a CD ""Music, Maestro, Please - Erwin Lehn 1947 - 1959" which is still currently available.  It went under the radar as it is usually filed under schlager / german easy listening, a category I rarely browse (perhaps I should, I might come across unexpected surprises).

MPS collectors will recognize some familiar names for sure!

CREDITS (completed)
Trumpet – Horst Fisher, Georg Ernszt, Franz Bummerl, Eberhard Schnidt-Schultz 
Trombone - Ernst Mosch, Ferencz Lakatos, Mladen Gutesha
Bass Trombone: Kurt Krause
Alto Saxophone, Clarinet: Werner Baumgart, Karl-Heinz Tischendorf
Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Gerald Weinkopf
Tenor Sax, Clarinet: Fritz Dautel 
Barytone Sax, Clarinet:  Ernst Machwitz 
Vibraphone, Leader – Erwin Lehn
Piano – Horst Jankowski
Double Bass – Peter Witte
Drums – Herman Mutschler


A1. Drummer's Holiday (Arno Flor)               3:23
solo: Hermann Mutschler, drums

A2. Lester Leaps In (Lester Young)              2:59
solo: Ernst Mosch, trombone / Gerald Weinkopf, tenor saxophone

A3. Blues Für Tenorsaxophone (Gerald Weinkopf)  3:33
solo: Gerald Weinkopf, tenor saxophone

A4. Stratosphäre (Werner Baumgart)              2:50
solo: Erwin Lehn, vibraphone / Werner Baumgart, clarinet

B1. C-Jam Blues (Duke Ellington)                3:33
solo: Horst Jankowski, piano / Ernst Mosch, trombone / Werner Baumgart, tenor saxophone /
Horst Fischer, trumpet / Peter Witte, bass

B2. South African Clipper (Mladen Gutesha)      3:09
solo: Horst Fischer, trumpet / Hermann Mutschler, drums

B3. The Lady Is A Tramp (Richard Rodgers)       3:21
Solist: Horst Jankowski, piano

B4. Jumping With Symphony Sid (George Shearing) 2:44
solo: Horst Fischer, trumpet / Gerald Weinkopf, tenor saxophone

Recorded on February 23 & 27, 1956 in Stuttgart, Germany

COLUMBIA 33 WS 508  10" (original release)

Erwin Lehn (source: Wikipedia)
Thanks to onxidlib for the rip & to the bloggers who introduced me to the music of Erwin Lehn (Arkadin & Basso if I remember right).
Thanks to Paul D. for the complete discographical information.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


EUROPÄISCHER PHONOCLUB/OPERA 3218 (10", Germany, 1958)

Three rarities in a month!  All German and all three thanks to onxidllib.
Here is another contribution to the discography of forgotten German sax wizard, Helmut Brandt:  this time a rare 25 cm (10") dating from 1958. 

Versatile is the name of the game, Brandt could play in any style.

Side A offers typical fifties jazz, boppish, west coast oriented.

Side B - as the title indicates - is pure swing in the Benny Goodman - Lionel Hampton style.  Enjoyable but already dated in 1958 (IMHO). .


Helmut Brandt, baritone saxophone, clarinet
Conny Jackel, trumpet
Gerhard Mann, piano, vibes
Klaus Gernhuber, bass
Heinrich Schroeder, drums

Brandt und Jackel

Side A "SOUNDS":

1. 'S Wonderful (Gershwin/Brandt)          03:12
2. Love For Sale (Cole Porter/Brandt)     05:54
3. Good-bye Blues (Brandt)                       03:23
4. Atlantic (Brandt)                                       02:58


1. Some Of These Days (Shelton Brooks/Brandt)   03:03
2. Reminiscences (Brandt/Jackel)                            03:29
3. Tin Roof Blues (Melrose/Brandt)                          03:33
4. Sweet Georgia Brown (Ben Bernie/Brandt)       02:49

Recorded on December 17, 1958 in Stuttgart, Germany.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Vier Temperamente
Frankfurt Allstars 
Albert Mangelsdorff / tb - Emil Mangelsdorff / as - Joki Freund / ts – Dusko Gojkovic / tp - Charly Petri / bass cl – Karl Blume / bar sax - Louis Freichel / p – Harry Schell / b – Karl Sanner / dm.

EP BRUNSWICK,10 059 - Germany, 1956

Another rare artefact from a bygone era which is not much documented or even known outside of germanic countries: German Fifties Modernist Jazz.

Vier Temperamente” is a four part-piece, each part featuring a different solist: 1 has E.Mangelsdorff, 2 has A.Mangelsdorff, 3 has D.Gojkovic and 4 has J.Freund.
Rare and essential document of Europe’s unique mid 50ies Jazz. Outstanding soli.

Dusko Gojkovic (tp), Albert Mangesdorff (tb), Charles Petri (bcl), Emil Mangesdorff (as), Joki Freund (ts), Karl Blume (bars), Louis Friechel (p), Harry Schell (b), Karl Sanner (ds)

Vier Temperamente (Joki Freund) 
1. Satz feat EM (as)  2'48 
2. Satz feat. AM (tb)  2'46 
3. Satz feat DG (tp)  3'10 
4. Satz feat JF (ts)  1'34

RECORDED 22 May 1956, Frankfurt/Main, Germany 
ORIGINAL Brunswick 10 059 EPB, Germany
RE-ISSUES Columbia CL1246 / Philips  840046BY (Holland)

This post is very special and is an illustration of the kind of collaboration made possible thru' bloggers who share a common passion for music. "Vier temperamente" - actually four jazz lovers - in three different countries collaborated to this post. 
onxidlib, in Germany, borrowed the rare EP from a collector friend.  He ripped the record and sent the files to sound wizard Paul D. somewhere in the deep and dark forest of southern Belgium. Paul D.worked his magic and sent the result to yours truly, Boogieman, in exotic Morocco to post it.   
Now wherever in the world you may be, you can enjoy this beaufully restaured music.
Isn't that magic!
And don't forget to say thanks to the four characters who made it possible.

And by the way, if you dig this type of jazz, support the small labels who work hard to re-issue forgotten gems.  I especially recommend the LP Now's the Time - Deep German Jazz Grooves on the Sonorama label. Get it here (OK the word "Grooves" is somewhat misleading but hey, one has to grab the attention of a new generation of jazzfans, with a different musical background and terminology. They probably wouldn't recognise BOP but Groove they know!).

Friday, June 8, 2012


 If you happen to be in Rabat. Morocco next week, don't miss this festival!


Great programme this year.  See you there!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


(original BRUNSWICK LP # 87914, FRANCE, 1963)

I always wondered why there is so little Raph Schecroun / Errol Parker posted in the blogworld.
There are many reasons probably.  First of all he was never that well-known outside of France. His earlier recordings as a bop-influenced pianist (and organist) under his real name of Raph Schecroun or as Errol Parker have often been overlooked and rarely re-issued. 

The albums he recorded during his second incarnation, as a bandleader / drummer mostly, on his own Sahara label in the US - are perhaps better-known in the small world of adventurous jazz aficionados.  These albums are often better known because of the participation of "names" - or future "names" as they weren't all that well-known at the time (Robin Eubanks, Wallace Roney, Donald Harrison, Steve Coleman, Graham Haynes, Philip Harper, Byard Lancaster, and Jimmy Owens, among others).

Most of the Sahara catalogue - if not all - has been re-issued on CD but is still pretty hard to find.
It is a shame because the two incarnations of Errol Parker are worth listening too.

It is hard to believe that it is the same musician who recorded this album and the one I posted a few months ago (A Night in Tunisia). 

For details of his life and career you can read this obituary published in LIBERATION (in french) or this article in english.
Or, even better provided that you can find a copy, read his autobiography A Flat Tire On My Ass, the Autobiography of Errol Parker also available in french as De bohème en galère : les pérégrinations d'un musicien de jazz à New York, Éditons Filipacchi, 1996.

 The album posted today is probably his most famous album, it contains the track LORRE which was a huge commercial hit. 

Tracklist:  lorre / goody goody / unison / I only have eyes for you / old folks / up and down b side three blind mice / stella by starlight / blue afternoon / I cover the waterfront / satin doll / pick up yoursel

Recorded in Paris May 9 & 10th 1963 with Georges LUCA bass and Kansas FIELDS drums.

Ripped and cleaned by Paul D.  WAV files.  So you know you can expect superb sound quality!
Don't forget to thank him, ripping and cleaning old scratchy LP is a labour of love.

I may post in the near future this other rare ERROL PARKER album that I found last year in a souk in Morocco. 
It still needs a good cleaning though.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


WDR Studio 1, Cologne, May 7, 1965

Here's a nice bit of Woody Shaw playing very straight with some European All Stars (including  a Jamaican).

Edelhagen surely knew how to pick the best players around ...

This bootleg has been floating around for a while in the blogsphere. 

The music was recorded shortly before Shaw's return to the States.
Three months later he will be in Rudy Van Gelder studio recording the famous Cape Verdean Blues as a member of Horace Siver band.

WOODY SHAW & EDELHAGEN ALL STARS - WDR Studio 1, Cologne, May 7, 1965 

Woody Shaw (tp) 
Derek Humble (as) 
Wilton Gaynair (ts) 
Karl Drewo (ts *) 
Bora Rokovic (p) 
Joe Sydow (b) 
Stuff Combe (dr) 

1. Sonnymoon for two * (5:19) 
2. All the things you are (10:01) 
3. When lights are low (8:36) 
4. You don't know what love is (8:08) 

With thanks to onxidlib.

Saturday, June 2, 2012



  The last of the three rare 7” and 10” of German and Austrian Jazz ripped by onxidlib

The Koller’s sides have been re-issued on LP and CD. Onxidlib concedes that he cheated a bit as the four Koller’s sides were ripped not from the original (badly worn out) record but from a more recent LP : HANS KOLLER "THE GERMAN YEARS 1957 - 1964" RST RECORDS 903 219 (LP).

I do not think the Helmut Brandt sides have been reissued on CD.

Many thanks to onxidlib for making these sides available.


Side A:
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
Attila Zoller, guitar
Johnny Fischer, bass
Rudi Sehring, drums

A1. Short Cut (= All Of Me)        3:48
A2. Storyville                     4:18
A3. Sonett                         3:44
A4. Serpentinen                    3:53

Recorded in Frankfurt, June 29, 1957.

Side B:
Helmut Brandt, baritone saxophone
Conny Jackel, trumpet
Ludwig Ebert, piano
Klaus Gernhuber, bass
Hans-Dieter Taubert, drums

1. Berlin '56 (Brandt)             3:13
2. Yesterdays (Brandt?)            4:43
3. Friedrichs Lied (Brandt?)       4:10
4. 11 Mal 50 Kilometer (Brandt)    5:01

Recorded in Frankfurt, Germany on June 29 & 30, 1956.

JAZZTONE J 1038  10" (Released in 1956)