In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Vier Temperamente
Frankfurt Allstars 
Albert Mangelsdorff / tb - Emil Mangelsdorff / as - Joki Freund / ts – Dusko Gojkovic / tp - Charly Petri / bass cl – Karl Blume / bar sax - Louis Freichel / p – Harry Schell / b – Karl Sanner / dm.

EP BRUNSWICK,10 059 - Germany, 1956

Another rare artefact from a bygone era which is not much documented or even known outside of germanic countries: German Fifties Modernist Jazz.

Vier Temperamente” is a four part-piece, each part featuring a different solist: 1 has E.Mangelsdorff, 2 has A.Mangelsdorff, 3 has D.Gojkovic and 4 has J.Freund.
Rare and essential document of Europe’s unique mid 50ies Jazz. Outstanding soli.

Dusko Gojkovic (tp), Albert Mangesdorff (tb), Charles Petri (bcl), Emil Mangesdorff (as), Joki Freund (ts), Karl Blume (bars), Louis Friechel (p), Harry Schell (b), Karl Sanner (ds)

Vier Temperamente (Joki Freund) 
1. Satz feat EM (as)  2'48 
2. Satz feat. AM (tb)  2'46 
3. Satz feat DG (tp)  3'10 
4. Satz feat JF (ts)  1'34

RECORDED 22 May 1956, Frankfurt/Main, Germany 
ORIGINAL Brunswick 10 059 EPB, Germany
RE-ISSUES Columbia CL1246 / Philips  840046BY (Holland)

This post is very special and is an illustration of the kind of collaboration made possible thru' bloggers who share a common passion for music. "Vier temperamente" - actually four jazz lovers - in three different countries collaborated to this post. 
onxidlib, in Germany, borrowed the rare EP from a collector friend.  He ripped the record and sent the files to sound wizard Paul D. somewhere in the deep and dark forest of southern Belgium. Paul D.worked his magic and sent the result to yours truly, Boogieman, in exotic Morocco to post it.   
Now wherever in the world you may be, you can enjoy this beaufully restaured music.
Isn't that magic!
And don't forget to say thanks to the four characters who made it possible.

And by the way, if you dig this type of jazz, support the small labels who work hard to re-issue forgotten gems.  I especially recommend the LP Now's the Time - Deep German Jazz Grooves on the Sonorama label. Get it here (OK the word "Grooves" is somewhat misleading but hey, one has to grab the attention of a new generation of jazzfans, with a different musical background and terminology. They probably wouldn't recognise BOP but Groove they know!).



  2. Thank you Boogieman for posting and - Merci beaucoup Paul D pour tirer le son excellent de cette EP dans une condition très piètre!

    Hope my french isn't too strange - but all this is great fun!

  3. A magnificent offering. Thank you all so much.

  4. Thank you very much Boogieman for this rare recording.
    Since I heard the first part on the Sonorama CD, I always wanted to hear the complete work.

  5. Wow, another treasure of German jazz! I doubt, though, that my fellow Germans are really aware of our jazz history...
    Many thanks to all involved!

  6. many thanks rare german jazz

  7. Oui Boogie Man, c'est un petit miracle ! Merci au Fabulous Quartet pour cette chaîne de la solidarité swinguante !

  8. Wonderful ! Never seen or heard before.
    To all parties involved: THANKS very much !

  9. Thanks onx'! You're fast.
    Merry Xmas!