In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, October 21, 2017


I woke up this morning, feeling round for my shoes
I got up this morning, feeling round for my shoes
You know by that,  people , I must have got them walkin' blues again ....

I'll resume posting as from January

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Middelheim (Antwerp) - 1973

M'BOOM Repercusion
Joe Chambers, Roy Brooks, Omar Clay, Max Roach, Warren Smith, Freddie Waits
Middelheim Festival - Antwerp - 1973

I was very fortunate to attend the concert that M'Boom Repercusion gave at the Middelheim Festival in the summer of 1973.

Looking through some old concert memorabilia and archives, I found this folder presenting the band members.

I'm not posting the Strata East album.  It has been posted some years ago on the old Strata East Fan Club blog and copies are probably still floating around.

It was a disappointing album (Max Roach did not want it released), not representative of what I saw and heard at the concert.

If you want to have an idea of what it sounded like, the concert was filmed by the BRT (Flemish Radio & Television).  The video is no longer available on the Canvas website but someone has posted it on YouTube.  

Many thanks to the uploader for salvaging this video.  Wish someone had saved the other Middelheim videos that were on the Canvas website (Nucleus, ... ).

Friday, September 22, 2017


The Chris Hinze Combination 
Who Can See The Shadow Of The Sun
CBS, Netherlands, 1972

 And now something completely different.  Some Dutch “fusion jazz” for a change.  
Christiaan Herbert "Chris" Hinze (born June 30, 1938, Hilversum) is a Dutch jazz and New Age flautist.

Hinze initially performed publicly as a pianist until the mid-1960s, when he began studying flute at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague and then at Berklee College of Music. As a pianist, he played with Boy Edgar until 1966, but by 1967 was playing flute professionally with the bassist Dick van der Capellen. His first releases as a leader were issued in 1969, and in 1970, Hinze was awarded the Best Soloist prize at the Montreux Jazz Festival. In the 1970s, he formed his own ensemble, the Chris Hinze Combination. He also founded the record label Keytone Records in the mid-1970s.

 Chris Hinze may be considered as a pioneer in World Music and New Age, gradually moving away from the jazz fusion he developed in the early 70s.  This tendency is already apparent in some of the tracks on the LP.  Some visitors may question whether the term “jazz” still applies to some of those songs.  I do not want to be part of this pointless debate and I don’t really care.  

There is some surface noise.  I did not try removing it as I was afraid to remove part of the music with the noise, flute is very “aerial”.

A1 Lullaby For A Locomotive 8:33
Piccolo Flute, Flute [Bamboo] – Chris Hinze
Voice – Letty de Jong
A2 Steps To Giulia (Parts 1 & 2) 9:30
Flute, Alto Flute – Chris Hinze
A3 Surface 3:57
Alto Flute – Chris Hinze
Voice – Letty de Jong
B1 Lullaby For Dewi (Parts 1, 2, & 3) 13:34
Alto Flute, Flute – Chris Hinze
B2 Six (Venus) 2:37
Piccolo Flute – Chris Hinze
B3 Who Can See The Shadow Of The Sun 5:40
Flute [Bass], Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] – Chris Hinze

Chris Hinze        Leader, arranger, various flutes, Fender Rhodes
Wim Stolwijk        Grand Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Voice
Roger Cooke        Bass 
Jimmy Shaaperoe Drums
Cees See         Percussion
Wim van der Beek Percussion, Voice
Letty de Jongh           Voice
Recording dates: February 27 & 28, 1972

Printed on the back cover is a handwritten note: Who can see the shadow of the sun - Herbie Hancock
I don’t think this album was ever reissued on CD.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


LP Free Lance ‎– FRL 004          FRANCE, 1983

 A no-nonsense, straight modern bop / post-bop album by a quartet led by French “tough tenor” Richard Raux, featuring Alain Jean-Marie (piano), Alby Cullaz (bass) and US / French resident drummer, George Brown.

Side A contains four compositions by the leader.
Side B contains four compositions, respectively by Charlie Parker (Confirmation), Monk (Locomotive), Coltrane (Miles Mood) and Ellington/Bigard (Mood Indigo).

Richard Raux is a French saxophonist / flautist born in Madagascar in 1945. He studied with luminaries such as Phil Woods, Nathan Davis and George Russell a.o.

He was a member of the innovative French band “Magma” and played on the debut album “Magma” (1970, reissued as KOBAIA).
A big tone tenor, inspired by "honkers" such as Hal Singer with whom he had the opportunity to play when Singer was living in France, as well as by modern / new Things musicians (Coltrane, Shepp ...), he’s especially at ease in a blues / rhythm and blues context. He has accompanied and toured with several bluesmen a.o. Willie MABON - Memphis SLIM - Jimmy JOHNSON - Luther ALLISON.  

He fits especially as well in hard bop and postbop contexts, playing and recording with the likes of  Aldo RUMANO - Daniel HUMAIR - Sonny GREY Big Band et Quintet - - Eddy LOUIS (Combo - Histoires sans Paroles) – - Clifford THORNTON - Roy BURROWES - Mal WALDRON - René URTREGER - Siegfried KESSLER - Charlie HADEN - Bobby FREY – Sonny MURRAY – Stephen McCRAVEN -  Bernard LUBAT …

His skills are also in demand as a session played and he has recorded and/or toured with Pierre VASSILIU (Déménagements) - MELMOTH (Prix Académie Charles Cros) - Jacques HIGELIN - - Georges MOUSTAKI - Mamma BEA - Eddy MITCHELL … 

Alain Jean-Marie : French pianist born on the island of Guadeloupe in 1945.   Refered to as “the most discreet of the French jazz pianists (“Le plus discret des pianistes”) in Le Monde (18.08.2017), Alain Jean-Marie is considered by many to be France’s – if not Europe’s – top living jazz pianist. Born in the Carribean island of Guadeloupe, Alain established himself in Paris in 1973 and quickly became a ‘first-call’ pianist. From 1976 on, he toured and recorded with such jazz legends as Chet Baker, Sonny Stitt, Art Farmer, Johnny Griffin, Lee Konitz, Bill Coleman, Max Roach, Abbey Lincoln, Barney Wilen and Benny Golson..  


Alby Cullaz  (Paris, 25-6-1941 / Paris, 08-02-1998).

Alby Cullaz was the brother of guitarist Pierre Cullaz, and son of Maurice (1912-2000), who chaired the French « Académie du Jazz » until 1992. Alby started his professional career in 1963, as double bass player in the Johnny Griffin Quartet for two years, while playing regularly with Eddy Louiss and Art Taylor. In 1965, he joins the Jef Gilson Big Band and tours all through Europe with Jean-Luc Ponty, Michel Graillier or Aldo RomanoIn 1969 he’s a member of Hank Mobley’s sextet.  He has played and recorded with an impressive roster of jazz luminaries, Americans and Europeans: René Thomas, Dizzy Gillespie, Stéphane Grappelli, Philly Joe Jones, Kenny Clarke, Dexter Gordon, Daniel Humair, Slide Hampton, René Urtreger, Sonny Grey, Guy Lafitte, Raymond, Fol, Christian Escoudé, Gérard Badini, Mal Waldron, Lee Konitz, Chet Baker, Christian Vander (Alien Quartet ) just to name a few.

George Brown (Paris, 2012?): there isn't much info on this musician on the Net and Lord's discography is a mess as it mixes up the outputs of at least different drummers all named "George Brown".   I only have limited faith in the Lord ... 

This George Brown started his career along with Mel Rhyne in the Trio of Wes Montgomery. In this group, he can be heard on the disc "Portrait Of Wes" on the Riverside Label. After that he played with almost every famous Jazz musician. He toured extensively with Sonny Rollins, Roland Kirk, Chet Baker and J.J.Johnson. 20 years ago he settled in Paris where he established himself immediately as "the house drummer" in the biggest Jazzclub's of the French Capital. He played regularly with with Archie Shepp, Steve Grossman and Alain Jean-Marie.


Obituary (in French): 

A1 Morning Blues Raga R. Raux 5:37
A2 With Love Inside R. Raux 4:28
A3 Ballad For Jeremy R. Raux 4:27
A4 Feel Good At Last R. Raux 3:47

B1 Confirmation C. Parker 3:59
B2 Locomotive T. Monk 5:28
B3 Mood Indigo B. Bigard, D. Ellington 4:39
B4 Miles Mode J. Coltrane 4:38

Recorded August 16 and 17, 1983 at STA studio, Paris.  Mastered at Translab studio, Paris.

Check also an earlier post on Raux here  (updated link)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


FAFASIFA               CBS, France, 1967

No need to present Martial Solal I assume. 
However this album is rather unusual.  Tracks A1 to A6 and B1 are “standard” Martial Solal Trio (as far as one could call Solal’s music “standard”). B2 is solo Solal.  What to say?  The man is probably the greatest European contribution to jazz piano.  A truly original musician.

The unusual tracks are B3 to B6 where Solal plays harpsichord (B3,5,6) or both organ and piano (B4)

A1          Fafasifa                            2:17
A2          Reflets Mobiles               2:58
A3          Indianapolis                     2:40
A4          Atmosphère                    3:07
A5          Aquaplane                      2:33
A6          Henri's                            3:00
B1          Musique En Cinq Sets    3:15
B2          Faux Fuyants                  2:59
B3          Volez, Balles                   2:56
B4          A Pas De Loup-Garou    3:13
B5          Virevoltant                      3:06
B6          Billes De Joie                 1:25

A1-6, B1 :            Martial Solal, piano
                             Gilbert Rovere, contrebasse
                             Charles Bellonzi, percussion
B.2:                      Martial Solal, piano solo
B3,5:                    Martial Solal, harpsichord
                             Gilbert Rovere, contrebasse
                             Charles Bellonzi, percussion
B4:                       Martial Solal, electric organ and piano
B6:                       Martial Solal, harpsichord solo

These unusual tracks on side B should be of interest to collectors of Library Music.
Production M.P.I. Also released as different 10" on the French library label Musique Pour L'Image.

To the best of my knowledge and after some research on the Web, it seems that this album has not been re-issued on CD.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

(Covers taken from Discogs)

Thursday, August 24, 2017


78 rpm era Records Fair - 1900-1960

The Record Memory Club will hold its annual Records Fair on Saturday 28th September at the Excelsior in Jette (Brussels).   

There will be a  "buvette" (bar) in the room to have a drink, eat a sandwich, meet other collectors and chat about obscure records.  In addition to the usual range of sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks there will be a choice of craft beers from the small artisanal brewery KOMPEL  (from  Maasmechelen in the Province of Limburg, a former coal mining region).


Looking forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


COLUMBIA SEMQ 153 (EP 45 rpm) – ITALY, 1960.

It’s a pleasure to relaunch the “Rarity” series of collectable 7” and 10” (45 and 33 rpm). 
It’s even a greater pleasure to restart the series with a contribution by Ernst who has been a key contributor to the Series and to the blog since the early days.

So what do we have here?  A session recorded on November 10, 1959 in Milan, Italy, by the Franco Cerri Quartet composed of .

Franco Cerri, guitar
Renato Sellani, piano
Giorgio Azzolini, bass
Gianni Cazzola, drums

Three standards and a composition by the leader.  No idea who is the Franco to whom the first track is dedicated.  I assume  /hope  it is not the Spanish dictator – he did not like jazz - nor is it Cerri,  I doubt Franco Cerri would dedicate a blues to himself. Photographer Franco  Scheichenbauer perhaps ?


A1. Blues For Franco (F.Cerri)                            3:13
A2. Stella By Starlight (V.Young)                         3:07
B1. Darn That Dream (Van Heusen/Delanoe)     3:05
B2. Just Friends (Klenner/Lewis)                        2:58

Monday, August 7, 2017


HEAD UNDER LEGS”                 
LP VEGA 19.129  - Collection Jazz

France, 1969

 I have the pleasure to share today the first album by the Claude Cagnasso Big Band, dating from 1969.  To the best of my knowledge, it is the first appearance of this rare French album in the blogosphere.  His second album (Five Compact / Plein Jazz) had been posted on the blog LAKASAFUNK a few years back (and , amazingly, the link still works).

Claude Cagnasso (24 October 1939, Maisoncelles-Tuileries (Oise) - 25 July 2015, Montpellier).  
There is a comprehensive biography in the obituary published in Jazz Hot 672 (Summer 2015).  As it is in French, I summarize it hereafter:     
Claude Cagnasso received basic piano training from his sister, at an early age.  His main interest was not the piano but the big band, “the 18 musicians orchestra, the volume of the brass and reeds associated to the rhythmic pulse”.
An autodidact, he learned as a teenager, through sheer perseverance and enthusiasm, to become an arranger – and continued to learn all through his life. 

His first gigs were with “afro-cuban bands”, such as Benny Bennett’s, becoming a specialist of what was then called “rythme typique”. At the same period, he started to work for the recording studios, writing arrangements for popular French singers as different as Joe Dassin, Claude Nougaro,  Jean-Roger Caussimon, Catherine Ribeiro or  Leny Escudéro to name a few.  He wrote his first arrangements in 1959, for the “brasilian singer” Roberto Seto, who had a big hit in 1960 with the famous song «Brigitte Bardot». In the second half of the 60s he met Sonny Grey who was playing in Paris.  Cagnasso wrote two arrangements that Grey accepted, leading to Grey asking Cagnasso to write some original compositions for him.
In 1969, Cagnasso organised a big band that lasted until 1981.  Stan Kenton was a key influence but so were afro-cuban / mambo bands such as Perez Prado’s.

The Cagnasso Big band recorded its first album «  Head Under Legs ” in Decembre 1969, in Paris.   Over its 12 years existence, the Cagnasso Big Band featured a whole array of talented musicians, some already well-established such as Roger Guérin (tp), Georges Arvanitas (p), Teddy Hamelin (as) or Raymond Katarzynski (tb) but also « young lions » at the early stage of their career : trumpetists Michel Bos, Tony Russo, Bernard Marchais, Guy Bodet, François Chassagnite ; trombonists Jacques Bolognesi, Luis Fuentes, Jean-Louis Damant ; saxophonists Patrick Bourgoin, Dominique Soulat (as), Alain Hatot, Jean-Pierre Debarbat (ts), Francis Cournet (bs) ; pianists Maurice Vander and Michel Graillier, bassists Didier Levallet and Pierre-Yves Sorin,  tuba player Marc Steckar, drummers / percussionists Christian Lété, Guy Hayat and Tiboum Guignon (dm, perc).

1 Head Under Legs 6:35
Composed By – C. Cagnasso*
2 Little Blade Of Grass 5:57
Composed By – C. Cagnasso*
3 Theme For Granek 6:51
Composed By – C. Cagnasso*
4 I'm Beginning To See The Light 3:58
Composed By – D. Georges*, D. Ellington*, H. James*, J. Hodges*
5 That's My Cigarette 5:05
Composed By – Michel Bos
6 Blue Sky 3:56
Composed By – I. Berlin*
7 Doesn't Matter 6:00
Composed By – C. Cagnasso*
8 Grande Avenue 3:53
Composed By – G. Gasquet

Conductor and arranger:  Claude Cagnasso
Trumpet – A. Loustalot, A. Perucca, B. Dujardin, G. Bouron, O. De La Taille*
Trumpet [Solo] – Michel Bos
Trombone – A. Vernay, B. Camus, M. Cevrero*, P. Devincre
Trombone [Solo] – J. Bolognesi*
Tuba – D. Landreat or Dzierla
Saxophone – D. Ventosa, H. Poulet, J. Net, J.-L. Vignaud*, L. Canillar
Saxophone [Solo] – A. Hatot except on 8 : D. Ventosa*
Piano - M. Graillier ( – G. Gasquet (4,6,8)
Bass – D. Levallet
Drums – D. Carlier - C. Conord

Cagnasso recorded his second album in Paris between 9 June 1976 and 5 January 1977. It was released under the title Five Compact in 1977 (Un-Deux-Trois ‎– N°12) and reissued in 1982 as “Plein Jazz” (Disques Vendémiaire ‎– VD093).

Saturday, July 29, 2017


CLAUDE GUILHOT + Georges Arvanitas Trio

TRAFICOS (Owl 02, France, 1975)

Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed Paul Piot and his Orchestra, We continue today with French Jazz but in  a different style. A small combo playing modal jazz. 

I do not think this album has ever been posted in the blogosphere.  It was the second album issued on the highly-respected OWL label (OWL 01 was African Nite by Randy Weston).  A great deal of the original OWL catalogue was reissued on CD in the 90s but, for unknown reasons, this one never made it to the CD format.  And for once, there is a good reason to try and find a copy of this album beside its relative rarity. The music is outstanding!

Claude Guilhot (September 2, 1929 - December 15, 1990) was a French jazz vibraphonist and drummer.

Guilhot was born in Toulouse to a family of music pedagogues. Initially a professional drummer, he worked with Charles Barrié, Jacques Gauthé, and Mezz Mezzrow before switching to vibraphone late in the 1950s. He and Michel Roques shared leadership of an ensemble which included appearances from
Don Byas, Buck Clayton, Bill Coleman, Sonny Grey, and Lucky Thompson. In 1962 he relocated to Paris, where he played with Kenny Clarke, Alix Combelle, Champion Jack Dupree, Pierre Dutour, Jimmy Gourley, Henri Renaud, and Hal Singer.  In 1970, he taught music in St. Germain-en-Laye, and in the 1980s worked with Georges Arvanitas and in his own ensemble with a.o. Sylvain Beuf and Stéphane Belmondo as sidemen.
(source: Wikipedia)

Track list:
A1         Traficos             9:06
A2         Old Days            6:03
A3         Pepita  5:09
B1         Xyxophoiles     6:50
B2         Ballade A Genève         5:58
B3         Blues For Pele 6:00

Recorded in Paris, France, May 13 to 25, 1975 Studio Palm
Engineer – Jeff Gilson

Vibraphone – Claude Guilhot
Piano – Georges Arvanitas
Bass – Jacky Samson
Drums [Hollywood] – Charles Saudrais

(covers and label shots taken from DISCOGS)

Discography as leader (tentative):

1965     Claude Guilhot              Bach on Vibes               (Columbia UK / Pathe Canada)
same as “Claude Guilhot joue Bach au vibraphone” (Music for Pleasure, France & Benelux)
and “Das temperierte Vibraphon” (Columbia, Germany)

1967     Claude Guilhot Quartet  Serenade de Mephisto
(EP 45 rpm Pathe, France)

1969     Claude Guilhot              Belbology         (LP VEGA  (France)

1975     Claude Guilhot + Georges Arvanitas Trio       Traficos          (LP OWL 02, France)

1979     Claude Guilhot - Patrice Caratini - Charles Saudrais - Marc Fosset  Petit Voyage
LP Open OP13, France)

1986     Georges Arvanitas / Claude Guilhot     Qu'est-Ce Qu'on Joue ?    (LP Sign, France)

With thanks to my good friend Paul P. for lending me his copy to rip.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The Free Form's Sextet (1966) 
Contemporary Music 
Music by Paul Lambert and Francis Joan

7" - 45 rpm - METEOR GV1536

I have updated the text and posted a new link (FLAC) for this extremely obscure Belgian free jazz 45.
See original post HERE

Monday, July 17, 2017


FRANCE, 1962, LP 305 V 035, série populaire, Ducretet-Thomson (MONO)

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time!  It took me longer than expected to be ready to rip and post again, but here I am with a first “new” post. 
If you’re into French Jazz or Jazzy “Varietes” orchestras from the 60s - think of Jacques Denjean, Jean-Claude Pelletier, Daniel Janin, Eddie Barclay, Eddie Vartan, Ivan Jullien, Claude Cagnasso … - this is for you. 
A fairly rare LP that I found recently in a box with cheap easy listening records of limited interest, and that, to the best of my knowledge, has never been posted on the web before and never made it to CD format.
The track list is a well-balanced mix of standards and originals with a French touch, composed and arranged by “Bill Ivory” (an alias for Paul Piot),
Paul Piot is better known as an arranger for many French singers and this album is – as far as I could find – his only “Jazz” album.  French Jazz aficionados will recognize several names in the personnel, well-known and respected jazz instrumentalists / soloists such as Guerin, Paquinet, Verstraete, the Hrasco brothers, Alf Masselier ….):

·       Fred Gerard
·       Maurice Thomas
·       Roger Guerin
·       Vincent Casino (replaces Guerin in Self Service & Up to date)
·       Rene Leger
·       Andre Paquinet
·       Charles Verstraete
·       Alto: Joe Hrasco & Rene Nicolas
·       Tenor: Pierre Gossez & Marcel Hrasco
·       Baryton: William Boucaya
·       Pol Peguillem
·       Rene Duchossoir (replaces Peguillem in I can’t get started & Too Close For comfort).
·       Very discreet and not listed: Paul Piot (I assume)
Double bass:
·       Alf Masselier
·       Arthur Motta
·       Armand Molinetti (replaces Motta in Lovely & N’importe Quand).

A1            Just One Of Those Things                      1:50

A2            Self-Service *                                            2:25

A3            Bewitched                                                  2:50

A4            N'importe Quand *                                   2:10

A5            Too Close For Comfort                             2:20

A6            Suspense *                                                  2:45

A7            Out Of Now Here                                       2:10

A8            Lovely *                                                       2:50

B1            Up To Date *                                                2:50

B2            There'S A Small Hotel                                2:20

B3            Twentieth Century *                                   2:35

B4            I Can't Get Started                                     2:25

B5            September In The Rain                              2:00

B6            The Kart *                                                   1:45

B7            The Lady Is A Tramp                                 2:20

B8            Jennifer *                                                     2:15

(*) composed and arranged by Paul Piot (as Bill Ivory).

I hope you’ll enjoy it.  I have a few more French, Belgian and Dutch / pan-European big band albums that I plan to post shortly. As usual, comments are much appreciated.

N.B.  Track 13 was corrupted in initial folder. I re-post the individual track 13 for those who have already downloaded the whole folder and I replace the folder by a new one with all the tracks.