In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


COLUMBIA SEMQ 153 (EP 45 rpm) – ITALY, 1960.

It’s a pleasure to relaunch the “Rarity” series of collectable 7” and 10” (45 and 33 rpm). 
It’s even a greater pleasure to restart the series with a contribution by Ernst who has been a key contributor to the Series and to the blog since the early days.

So what do we have here?  A session recorded on November 10, 1959 in Milan, Italy, by the Franco Cerri Quartet composed of .

Franco Cerri, guitar
Renato Sellani, piano
Giorgio Azzolini, bass
Gianni Cazzola, drums

Three standards and a composition by the leader.  No idea who is the Franco to whom the first track is dedicated.  I assume  /hope  it is not the Spanish dictator – he did not like jazz - nor is it Cerri,  I doubt Franco Cerri would dedicate a blues to himself. Photographer Franco  Scheichenbauer perhaps ?


A1. Blues For Franco (F.Cerri)                            3:13
A2. Stella By Starlight (V.Young)                         3:07
B1. Darn That Dream (Van Heusen/Delanoe)     3:05
B2. Just Friends (Klenner/Lewis)                        2:58

Monday, August 7, 2017


HEAD UNDER LEGS”                 
LP VEGA 19.129  - Collection Jazz

France, 1969

 I have the pleasure to share today the first album by the Claude Cagnasso Big Band, dating from 1969.  To the best of my knowledge, it is the first appearance of this rare French album in the blogosphere.  His second album (Five Compact / Plein Jazz) had been posted on the blog LAKASAFUNK a few years back (and , amazingly, the link still works).

Claude Cagnasso (24 October 1939, Maisoncelles-Tuileries (Oise) - 25 July 2015, Montpellier).  
There is a comprehensive biography in the obituary published in Jazz Hot 672 (Summer 2015).  As it is in French, I summarize it hereafter:     
Claude Cagnasso received basic piano training from his sister, at an early age.  His main interest was not the piano but the big band, “the 18 musicians orchestra, the volume of the brass and reeds associated to the rhythmic pulse”.
An autodidact, he learned as a teenager, through sheer perseverance and enthusiasm, to become an arranger – and continued to learn all through his life. 

His first gigs were with “afro-cuban bands”, such as Benny Bennett’s, becoming a specialist of what was then called “rythme typique”. At the same period, he started to work for the recording studios, writing arrangements for popular French singers as different as Joe Dassin, Claude Nougaro,  Jean-Roger Caussimon, Catherine Ribeiro or  Leny Escudéro to name a few.  He wrote his first arrangements in 1959, for the “brasilian singer” Roberto Seto, who had a big hit in 1960 with the famous song «Brigitte Bardot». In the second half of the 60s he met Sonny Grey who was playing in Paris.  Cagnasso wrote two arrangements that Grey accepted, leading to Grey asking Cagnasso to write some original compositions for him.
In 1969, Cagnasso organised a big band that lasted until 1981.  Stan Kenton was a key influence but so were afro-cuban / mambo bands such as Perez Prado’s.

The Cagnasso Big band recorded its first album «  Head Under Legs ” in Decembre 1969, in Paris.   Over its 12 years existence, the Cagnasso Big Band featured a whole array of talented musicians, some already well-established such as Roger Guérin (tp), Georges Arvanitas (p), Teddy Hamelin (as) or Raymond Katarzynski (tb) but also « young lions » at the early stage of their career : trumpetists Michel Bos, Tony Russo, Bernard Marchais, Guy Bodet, François Chassagnite ; trombonists Jacques Bolognesi, Luis Fuentes, Jean-Louis Damant ; saxophonists Patrick Bourgoin, Dominique Soulat (as), Alain Hatot, Jean-Pierre Debarbat (ts), Francis Cournet (bs) ; pianists Maurice Vander and Michel Graillier, bassists Didier Levallet and Pierre-Yves Sorin,  tuba player Marc Steckar, drummers / percussionists Christian Lété, Guy Hayat and Tiboum Guignon (dm, perc).

1 Head Under Legs 6:35
Composed By – C. Cagnasso*
2 Little Blade Of Grass 5:57
Composed By – C. Cagnasso*
3 Theme For Granek 6:51
Composed By – C. Cagnasso*
4 I'm Beginning To See The Light 3:58
Composed By – D. Georges*, D. Ellington*, H. James*, J. Hodges*
5 That's My Cigarette 5:05
Composed By – Michel Bos
6 Blue Sky 3:56
Composed By – I. Berlin*
7 Doesn't Matter 6:00
Composed By – C. Cagnasso*
8 Grande Avenue 3:53
Composed By – G. Gasquet

Conductor and arranger:  Claude Cagnasso
Trumpet – A. Loustalot, A. Perucca, B. Dujardin, G. Bouron, O. De La Taille*
Trumpet [Solo] – Michel Bos
Trombone – A. Vernay, B. Camus, M. Cevrero*, P. Devincre
Trombone [Solo] – J. Bolognesi*
Tuba – D. Landreat or Dzierla
Saxophone – D. Ventosa, H. Poulet, J. Net, J.-L. Vignaud*, L. Canillar
Saxophone [Solo] – A. Hatot except on 8 : D. Ventosa*
Piano - M. Graillier ( – G. Gasquet (4,6,8)
Bass – D. Levallet
Drums – D. Carlier - C. Conord

Cagnasso recorded his second album in Paris between 9 June 1976 and 5 January 1977. It was released under the title Five Compact in 1977 (Un-Deux-Trois ‎– N°12) and reissued in 1982 as “Plein Jazz” (Disques Vendémiaire ‎– VD093).

Saturday, July 29, 2017


CLAUDE GUILHOT + Georges Arvanitas Trio

TRAFICOS (Owl 02, France, 1975)

Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed Paul Piot and his Orchestra, We continue today with French Jazz but in  a different style. A small combo playing modal jazz. 

I do not think this album has ever been posted in the blogosphere.  It was the second album issued on the highly-respected OWL label (OWL 01 was African Nite by Randy Weston).  A great deal of the original OWL catalogue was reissued on CD in the 90s but, for unknown reasons, this one never made it to the CD format.  And for once, there is a good reason to try and find a copy of this album beside its relative rarity. The music is outstanding!

Claude Guilhot (September 2, 1929 - December 15, 1990) was a French jazz vibraphonist and drummer.

Guilhot was born in Toulouse to a family of music pedagogues. Initially a professional drummer, he worked with Charles Barrié, Jacques Gauthé, and Mezz Mezzrow before switching to vibraphone late in the 1950s. He and Michel Roques shared leadership of an ensemble which included appearances from
Don Byas, Buck Clayton, Bill Coleman, Sonny Grey, and Lucky Thompson. In 1962 he relocated to Paris, where he played with Kenny Clarke, Alix Combelle, Champion Jack Dupree, Pierre Dutour, Jimmy Gourley, Henri Renaud, and Hal Singer.  In 1970, he taught music in St. Germain-en-Laye, and in the 1980s worked with Georges Arvanitas and in his own ensemble with a.o. Sylvain Beuf and Stéphane Belmondo as sidemen.
(source: Wikipedia)

Track list:
A1         Traficos             9:06
A2         Old Days            6:03
A3         Pepita  5:09
B1         Xyxophoiles     6:50
B2         Ballade A Genève         5:58
B3         Blues For Pele 6:00

Recorded in Paris, France, May 13 to 25, 1975 Studio Palm
Engineer – Jeff Gilson

Vibraphone – Claude Guilhot
Piano – Georges Arvanitas
Bass – Jacky Samson
Drums [Hollywood] – Charles Saudrais

(covers and label shots taken from DISCOGS)

Discography as leader (tentative):

1965     Claude Guilhot              Bach on Vibes               (Columbia UK / Pathe Canada)
same as “Claude Guilhot joue Bach au vibraphone” (Music for Pleasure, France & Benelux)
and “Das temperierte Vibraphon” (Columbia, Germany)

1967     Claude Guilhot Quartet  Serenade de Mephisto
(EP 45 rpm Pathe, France)

1969     Claude Guilhot              Belbology         (LP VEGA  (France)

1975     Claude Guilhot + Georges Arvanitas Trio       Traficos          (LP OWL 02, France)

1979     Claude Guilhot - Patrice Caratini - Charles Saudrais - Marc Fosset  Petit Voyage
LP Open OP13, France)

1986     Georges Arvanitas / Claude Guilhot     Qu'est-Ce Qu'on Joue ?    (LP Sign, France)

With thanks to my good friend Paul P. for lending me his copy to rip.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The Free Form's Sextet (1966) 
Contemporary Music 
Music by Paul Lambert and Francis Joan

7" - 45 rpm - METEOR GV1536

I have updated the text and posted a new link (FLAC) for this extremely obscure Belgian free jazz 45.
See original post HERE

Monday, July 17, 2017


FRANCE, 1962, LP 305 V 035, série populaire, Ducretet-Thomson (MONO)

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time!  It took me longer than expected to be ready to rip and post again, but here I am with a first “new” post. 
If you’re into French Jazz or Jazzy “Varietes” orchestras from the 60s - think of Jacques Denjean, Jean-Claude Pelletier, Daniel Janin, Eddie Barclay, Eddie Vartan, Ivan Jullien, Claude Cagnasso … - this is for you. 
A fairly rare LP that I found recently in a box with cheap easy listening records of limited interest, and that, to the best of my knowledge, has never been posted on the web before and never made it to CD format.
The track list is a well-balanced mix of standards and originals with a French touch, composed and arranged by “Bill Ivory” (an alias for Paul Piot),
Paul Piot is better known as an arranger for many French singers and this album is – as far as I could find – his only “Jazz” album.  French Jazz aficionados will recognize several names in the personnel, well-known and respected jazz instrumentalists / soloists such as Guerin, Paquinet, Verstraete, the Hrasco brothers, Alf Masselier ….):

·       Fred Gerard
·       Maurice Thomas
·       Roger Guerin
·       Vincent Casino (replaces Guerin in Self Service & Up to date)
·       Rene Leger
·       Andre Paquinet
·       Charles Verstraete
·       Alto: Joe Hrasco & Rene Nicolas
·       Tenor: Pierre Gossez & Marcel Hrasco
·       Baryton: William Boucaya
·       Pol Peguillem
·       Rene Duchossoir (replaces Peguillem in I can’t get started & Too Close For comfort).
·       Very discreet and not listed: Paul Piot (I assume)
Double bass:
·       Alf Masselier
·       Arthur Motta
·       Armand Molinetti (replaces Motta in Lovely & N’importe Quand).

A1            Just One Of Those Things                      1:50

A2            Self-Service *                                            2:25

A3            Bewitched                                                  2:50

A4            N'importe Quand *                                   2:10

A5            Too Close For Comfort                             2:20

A6            Suspense *                                                  2:45

A7            Out Of Now Here                                       2:10

A8            Lovely *                                                       2:50

B1            Up To Date *                                                2:50

B2            There'S A Small Hotel                                2:20

B3            Twentieth Century *                                   2:35

B4            I Can't Get Started                                     2:25

B5            September In The Rain                              2:00

B6            The Kart *                                                   1:45

B7            The Lady Is A Tramp                                 2:20

B8            Jennifer *                                                     2:15

(*) composed and arranged by Paul Piot (as Bill Ivory).

I hope you’ll enjoy it.  I have a few more French, Belgian and Dutch / pan-European big band albums that I plan to post shortly. As usual, comments are much appreciated.

N.B.  Track 13 was corrupted in initial folder. I re-post the individual track 13 for those who have already downloaded the whole folder and I replace the folder by a new one with all the tracks.

Saturday, April 15, 2017


See you there!
I'll be back soon posting new rare albums and reposting enhanced rips of previously posted albums.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This will be my last post ... for a while.

JAN JANKEJE ‎– Zum Trotz feat. B. LAGRENE

LP Jazzpoint Records ‎– 1016 Germany, 1983

 This is not gypsy jazz despite the presence of Birelli Lagrene and a violinist.  It is high-energy contemporary jazz with hard bop and latin jazz influences.  The themes are all original.  Highly recommended!

Piano – Klaus Wagenleiter
Violin, Viola – Matthias Buck
Guitar – Bireli Lagrene (guest)
Bass – Jan Jankeje
Drums – Werner Braun

A1       Doo In Peru     3:58
A2       Zum Trotz       3:00
A3       Mitti    3:53
A4       Rue De Pierre   4:41
A5       Paris     4:14
B1        Berga   3:50
B2        Reinsburgstrasse          3:56
B3        Down In Town 2:27
B4        3rd Type Blues 4:15
B5        Elsa-Marie        3:16

Recorded at Studio Westend Ton, Stuttgart

See updated link in comments (17/07/17)


This will be my last post for quite a while I’m afraid.  I have taken a new long term overseas job which will leave me with little free time for the blog.  Moreover all my LPs will remain in Belgium, I won’t be able to rip anything any longer.

I wish to thank the "old" bloggers who've inspired me (Bacoso, Simon, El Rezah, Ish, Katonah, Arkadin, Inconstant Sol , E-mile, Rodney at BritJazz and many more...), all the contributors, friends and fellow bloggers who have contributed to the success of this blog (onxidlib and Paul D. especially), all the visitors, the regulars who always left a comment … but also the (more numerous) anonymous visitors (about 15 000 every months, sometime even more).

I will continue to visit the blogworld and see how it develops.  If circumstances permit I may revive the blog at a later date, I still have a good number of obscure albums never seen in the blogs to this date.  In a few years, I’ll have much more free time  and, hopefully, improved equipment and skills.

In the meantime, farewell every one, thanks for your support.

Monday, April 7, 2014



This one is pretty obscure.  Swiss vocalist / pianist / composer Christine Schaller recorded in Belgium in 1980 in big band format (with ACT Big Band) on side A and in quartet format on side B.  The quartet features the inspired guitar of the late Paolo Radoni (listen to his superb playing in the title track -"Real Life" or in “Jonction” a.o.). 
This album is also the first featuring the ACT Big band (led by drummer Felix Simtaine)

side 1 + ACT 12 Big Band
1.      Ventura (Pavel Pesta)               3:53
2.      Fidji (C. Schaller)                    4:56
3.      New One (C. Schaller)             4:10
4.      Scoubidou (C. Schaller)           4:55

Christine Schaller: vocal
Richard Rousselet: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Nicolas Fissette: trumpet
Jean-Pol Danhier: trombone
Paul Bourdiaudhy: trombone
Steve Houben: alto sax, flute
Robert Jeanne: soprano and tenor sax
John Ruocco: tenor sax
Henry Solbach: barytone sax
Guy Cabay: vibes
Paolo Radoni: guitar
Charles Loos: piano
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse: double bass
Félix Simtaine: drums

side 2 + TRAVELERS
1.      Foxie (C. Schaller)                               3:49
2.      Morning’s Scrawl (C. Schaller)            2:44
3.      Real Life (Paolo Radoni)                      6:11
4.      Jonction (Paolo Radoni)                       6:32

Christine Schaller: vocal, piano
Paolo Radoni: guitar
Pavel Pesta: bass
Philippe Staehli: drums
Recorded in Brussels (May 1980).

(...) Le travail de Christine Schaller s'inscrit dans une esthétique moderne, swinguante, et tend vers des audaces plus contemporaines quand la chanteuse improvise en scat. Celui-ci se caractérise par des passages sans transition dans les différents registres de la voix et s'avère du même coup assez original. La première face voit Christine évoluer en compagnie de l'Act Big Band de Félix Simtaine dont c'est la première manifestation discographique: nous y retrouvons la plupart des solistes dont nous vantions les mérites dans le précédent Jazz-Hot et sur des arrangements efficaces et colorés, chacun donne la pleine mesure de ses possibilités (...)   (Philippe Bourdin, Jazz Hot)

Updated link  (17/07/17).

Friday, April 4, 2014


OH BOY ...
LP MD035                            BELGIUM, 1979

I’d been looking for this album for a very long time. Earlier this week, I stopped by a vinyl dealer that specializes in 60s-70s rock but also has a small “jazz” section.  The guy behind the counter told me he had recently found a box of Belgian jazz albums and put them all in a small crate labelled “Belgian Jazz”.  I had a look and there, among the usual Toots Thielemans albums, there it was ... Mauve Traffic feat. Bill Frisell!

In 1979, for the second time, Steve Houben brought over some musicians he knew from his days in Berklee, (where he also met Michel Herr) and formed "Mauve Traffic", a fusion band with : Bill Frisell (guitar), Vinnie Johnson (drums), Steve Houben (flute), Kermit Driscoll (electric bass) and Michel Herr (Fender Rhodes).  A second saxophonist, Greg Badolato (also from Boston) soon joined the band, which recorded the LP “Oh boy ...” in Belgium in 1979.

A1       Monsieur Love             Composed by Steve Houben     2:37
A2       Carol    Composed by Bill Frisell          5:02
A3       Doggone It       Composed by Kermit Driscoll   5:37
A4       Francesca         Composed by Bill Frisell          5:19
A5       Extrait Du Second Improptu Pour Une Raison D'être    Composed by Steve Houben     0:30
B1        De Luxe           Composed by Steve Houben     3:53
B2        Sparks  Composed by Magdalena Thora                        3:59
B3        Oh Boy                        Composed by Bill Frisell          6:40
B4        Growing Carrots           Composed by Bill Frisell          5:33

Alto Saxophone, Flute – Steve Houben
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Greg Badolato
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Keyboards – Michel Herr
Electric Bass – Kermit Driscoll
Drums, Voice – Vinnie Johnson

Recorded & mixed at Michel Dickenscheid's Studio, Ougrée, Belgium

NB : there is some surface noise at the beginning of track B1, I assume it could be cleaned but I’m not proficient enough and was afraid that it would dim the sound.

UPDATED LINK (17/07/17)

The next one on my wish list was “STREAM” (Philip Catherine, Marc Moulin, Jiggs Whigham, Freddy Deronde, Freddy Rothier ), another seventies Belgian jazz rarity that never made it to CD.  Have seen the original  a few time but it was way out of my budget!  Luckily it has been (unofficially) reissued on vinyl by Charlevoix Music, Inc. (Canada).
Get it while you can! 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Pierre Cardin Présente Jean-Luc Ponty "Experience"
Live In Montreux 72
Les Disques Pierre Cardin ‎– STEC 133                                    France,  1972

Jean Luc Ponty’s performance in the 1972 Montreux Jazz Festival was on the more experimental side of fusion.  Not the most memorable Ponty’s album but I still prefer it to the more commercial fusion and histrionics he went for later in his career.  This album was released on the short lived Pierre Cardin label, in a sleeve with round corners. 

There are a few other LP on the Pierre Cardin label well worth searching for:  Bernard Lubat & his Mad Ducks / Lubat, Louiss, Engel – Montreux 72 / Jean Claude Fohrenbach – Electronic Band / Phil Woods & his European Rhythm Machine

Sonata Erotica 17:55
A) Preludio     
B) Pizzacato Con Fuocco E Con Echo (Did You See My Bow?)           
C) Appassionato          
Sonata Erotica 23:27
D) Con Sensualita       
E) Accelerando E Rallentando 

Jean-Luc Ponty - Electric Violin, Composer
Joachim Kuhn - Piano [Fender]
J.-F. Jenny-Clark - Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
Nana Vasconcelos - Berimbau, Congas, Gong, Percussion
Oliver Johnson : Drums

Recorded live 19.06.1972 at the Festival International du Jazz Montreux.

UPDATED LINK (18/07/17)