In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, April 30, 2011

RARITY # 5 : ALEX SCORIER & HIS MADISON COMBO (45 RPM, HEBRA Records, Belgium, 1962)

 For PLACEBO’s fans. This is where it all began.

Alex SCORIER studied at the Brussels Royal Conservatory. He started his musical activity at age 18. In 1952 he formed his first big band with two American musicians - Sax player Jay CAMERON who was the soloist of the Woody HERMAN Orchestra and Slide HAMPTON, and Jimmy GOURLEY (guitar). During 1954 to 1956 he was a member of the Fred BUNGE and Werner MULLER Orchestra in Germany as well as that of Fud CANDRIX. Back in Belgium, Alex SCORIER plays with famous American soloists, passing through the country, such as Buck CLAYTON, Taps MILLER, Bill COLEMAN, Clark TERRY, Steve LACY, Ernie WILKINS, Richard BOONE, Don BYAS. He also took part in a jam session with Duke Ellington, at the Faun (Hambourg), in 1955 and played with Slide Hampton.
From 1964 to 1991 he is a member of the BRT (Flemish radio & TV) big band under Francis BAY and Freddy SUNDER. He is a member of Marc MOULIN's "PLACEBO" from 1973 to 1975, with Richard ROUSSELET, Philip CATHERINE and others.  You can hear him play in the St Tropez Jazz Octet album posted by Bacoso in April (highly recommended).
This EP was recorded in 1962 for the HEBRA Label (the same label as Soeur Sourire / the Singing Nun!).  As a dance record, it’s a good example of “jazz –rock & roll” i.e. rock / RnB themes (in this case Madison) played by seasoned big band jazzers. It swings and it rocks! So put on your two-toned shoes and do the Madison with Alex & his gang.

Personnel :
Alex Scorier (ten), Nicolas Fissette (tp), Roger Desmet (tb), Roland Thyssen (p), Nicolas Kletchkovsky (b), Hervé Capelle (dms). Brussels, 1962

By the way, Scorier, Fissette et Nic Kletch … that’s half of the future PLACEBO!

With thanks to JC who unearthed this rare single from a Brussels' Brocante a couple of weeks ago and took time to rip and scan it.  Lossless files, great sound.
And thanks to Claude for the discographical infos (from Robert Pernet's monumental work). Enjoy the music!

Friday, April 29, 2011



BILL FRISELL - KERMIT DRISCOLL - VINNIE JOHNSON recorded Live in a small club in Belgium in 1978-1979.  It ain't the Holy Grail perhaps but it ain't far.  
Blogging is just fantastic. A few weeks ago after posting the ACT Big Band LP, a visitor (ushaped) asked whether by any chance I'd have the first TRIODE LP that was recorded in Belgium. I didn't but another visitor (sunbop) saw the request and sent me a rip of the album.  That's what blogging is all about!  
A big thanks to SUNBOP.  Amazing album and pretty rare too.  Sunbop wrote "unfortunately the copy is not always satisfying. but at least you will have a good impression of the music. the files are lossless with front and cover image. I kept the sides complete. I heard some drum'n bass in one song, the kids will go crazy." 

The rip sounds pretty good to me and where else would I get a chance to 
hear this marvel?

Link: check in the comments section of the Act Big Band posting.

Now if you say thanks I 'll try to convince my friend JC to rip his rare album of Michel Herr with TRIODE ... ain't that a treat!!!

If you like this music, try also this  one at the Growing Bin (Okno) and don't forget to say thanks to Basso.

Monday, April 25, 2011


 I swear it was unintentional and that Zoot didn't play an alto.  It just happen that the Zoot meets Hans EP posted on April 1st was ripped at 45rpm while it was supposed to be played at 33 rpm.
I have reposted. (see comments)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I've re-posted Nueva Manteca "Porgy & Bess" at Jazzman's request.  Get it while it lasts 'coz ain't gonna re-post it for a third time. I'll do occasional re-post at the request of fellow bloggers and regular visitors (people who leave comments) only.
Go to the post for the link.

Friday, April 22, 2011



For many years, visiting neighbourhood's  "brocantes" and browsing thru' boxes of old LPs, CDs and books has been a favorite week end activity.  I reckon the good years are gone by and real finds and bargains have become increasingly rarer.  I guess e-Bay is partly responsible for this sad state of affairs.  Anyway talking a morning stroll thru' a brocante is good exercice (especially if I plan to have a couple of beers afterwards) and I'm still hoping to find some Collector's Holy Grail one day but in the meantime I have to satisfy with more modest finds. I'm always intrigued by "exotic" bands so when I came accross a CD by the UPPSALA BIG BAND, priced at a very modest 2 €, I decided to give it a try.  Nothing revolutionnary but an enjoyable modern big band, with some funk / Pop / RnB leaning and featuring various local guests (I could have done without Claes Janson).  The Uppsala Big Band - also known as Uppsala Storband - was founded in 1990 ... that's almost all I could understand from their website (here) ... all in Swedish.

Guesting on this album are:
- trombonist / pianist Ulf Johansson
- singer Claes Janson
- vocal sextet MeMera

  1.         EG Blues
  2. .      Lady Bird
  3. .      Superstition
  4. .      Maxine
  5. .      Jody Grind
  6. .      Mist nå´t (Misty)
  7. .      Festival de Ritmo
  8. .      Hallelujah, I love her so
  9. .      Harmonic Waltz
  10. .    A night in Tunisia   / And the melody still lingers on  

CD OOP.  Link in the comment as usual  

Monday, April 18, 2011


 (Lansdowne Jazz Series, UK, 1961 - 7" EP)

Last week Paul D. sent me this picture of an old EP by "a little known, long forgotten British trumpet / fluegelhorn player" , a present from the late Ed Dipple of Mole Records  "... would I be interested to post it on my blog? 
That came as a real surprise.  Let's go back in time... 1978, I joined the United Nations Volunteer (the UN equivalent of the Peace Corps) to work on an agricultural development project in the Eastern Caribbean.  I am posted on the island of St Vincent (which is still an "Associated State" (to UK) and not yet the independent nation of St Vincent & the Grenadines). 
At that time, Shake Keane was living in St Vincent, writing poetry, helping aspiring musicians, writing arrangements for local soca bands and playing his horn every Tuesday night at the Aquatic Club, in Villa Bay.  I became a regular and eventually got to meet Shake Keane thru' a mutual friend, the late writer, poet and critic Travers Phillips. I remember chatting with him at a party at Philip Nanton's place in Ratho Mill. A gentle giant sipping scotch and talking quietly. I wasn't much aware of Keane's body of work, his seminal recordings with Joe Harriott had been long out of print.  I knew his name from his membership in the Clarke Boland Big Band.  Actually I am not sure Shake had copies of these recordings, the only album i remember seeing in his house was a battered copy of a Kurt Edelhagen dance album.

Shake Keane, trumpet & flugel horn
Joe Harriott, alto sax
Pat Smythe: piano
Coleridge Goode : bass
Tommy Jones : drums

Watch Shake Keane live with Kurt Edelhagen Big Band (also featuring Wilton Gaynar and Derek Humble) :

Recommended reading:
On Shake Keane's music :
On his poetry
You'll find poetry by Shake Keane, Travers Phillips and other Vincy poets in this anthology, available here.

UPDATED LINK (04/07/2017)  with thanks to Ernst. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011




Le SWEET AND HOT organise une 

WHEN ?  Samedi/Saturday/Zaterdag 14 mai 2011 de 10h30 à 16h.
WHERE ? JAZZ STATION, 195 chaussée de Louvain, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
(en face du boulevard Clovis, entrée derrière le coin par la rue Wauwermans). Bus STIB 29, bus De Lijn 318, 410 (arrêts Clovis). 

Ouverture de la porte à partir de 9h30 pour les vendeurs uniquement. La Jazz Station invite cependant les exposants qui le peuvent à venir déposer leur marchandise la veille, le vendredi 13/05 de 16H30 à 20h00.

Belgian (but also French and Dutch) record collectors and jazz fans have known for many years that rare treasures and real bargains can be found at the Sweet & Hot Records Fair which is held twice a year in Brussels.

If you happen to be in or near Brussels on that date, don't miss it !  

And if you're living in Brussels, you may be interested by the weekly meetings:

N'OUBLIEZ PAS NOS RÉUNIONS DU VENDREDI SOIR À 20H15 (AUDITIONS DE DISQUES COMMENTÉS) (adresse de notre local: 14 rue Wauwermans, 1er étage, juste en face de l'entrée de la Jazz Station). Programmes: voir la brochure de la Jazz Station, la rubrique jazz dans le supplément MAD du journal Le Soir ou le site
Pour toute information complémentaire vous pouvez  vous adresser à

p.s. : I haven't posted any music this week end because I was traveling but stay tuned ... Rarity # 4, a rare EP by the SHAKE KEANE QUINTET (1961),  from the vault of my friend Paul D., is on its way.  Coming soon too, some blues tracks from Dr Robur-Loos & Mr Jay, recorded live in a Brussels' bar.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


FULL FAITH & CREDIT BIG BAND - DEBUT (Palo Alto/TBA 80001 - 1980)

This album was the first release on the Palo Alto label, a label that specialised in West Coast Big Band. The Full Faith & Credit Big Band was (is?) a North California Big Band led by composer / arranger / trumpet player Ray Brown (no, NOT the bass player), a former Kenton alumnus.  The band was the baby of  Jim Benham, a succesful businessman who was also a competent trumpet player in his spare time ( "Jim Benham of Behnam Capital Management has his own jazz band called Full Faith and Credit. He plays trumpet, and about five times a week he goes into a room -- he has a special room for this -- and he just improvises on the trumpet. He says if you know anything about meditation -- he speaks like a jazz man -- it's very much a breathing scene. So he says in playing the trumpet you have to get all this air through this tiny hole, and he says he gets just tremendous numbers of ideas if he just improvises for an hour or so, and this happens.").
Apart from the above, there is little info on this band on the Web.  I do have another album,  JazzFaire (1988), featuring the singer Madeline Eastman making her debut on record but I do prefer this first album.
If you like West Coast Big Band, you'll love this one.

Album currently OOP to the best of my knowledge

Friday, April 1, 2011


ZOOT MEETS HANS (EP:Brunswick - 10814 EPB, GERMANY, 1958)

Rejoice!  Thanks to my good friend Paul D., collectionneur extraordinaire, here is a very rare EP recorded in Germany by Zoot Sims and Austrian saxman Hans Koller in 1958.

While Koller's seventies work (on MPS mostly) is well documented in the blogworld, thanks to the contributors to the Magic Purple Sunshine blog, his earlier work is much more difficult to come by. An added bonus is the presence of the late Peter Trunk on bass. 

Side 1

1.Blues Arund Joe
2.Minor Meeting

Side 2
1.Cohn's Limit

Zoot Sims (ts), Hans Koller (ts), Hans Hammerschmid (p), Peter Trunk (b), Rudi Sehring (ds)
Recorded on 1958.8.10 in Germany.

While Zoot Sims does not need any introduction, I assume that jazzfans outside of Europe (esp. outside of Germany / Austria) may not be familiar with Hans Koller.
Here is a small biography, taken from an obituary in 
The Independant (2003).

Hans Koller, saxophonist, bandleader, composer and painter: born Vienna 12 February 1921; died Vienna 22 December 2003.

Normally jazz musicians bemoan the inability of their audiences to appreciate the music. This was not a problem, during the Second World War, for the Austrian tenor saxophonist Hans Koller.
Drafted into the German Wehrmacht in 1941, he was taken prisoner by the US Army. He formed a band in the prison camp. Mistake. It became so popular with his captors that when the war ended they were loath to let him go. Consequently he was one of the last prisoners to be released. It was only fair that after the war his playing should become popular in the United States but, despite many offers, he preferred to stay in Europe. He moved to live in Germany in 1950.
So the Americans came to him, and he toured Europe with, amongst others, Dizzy Gillespie, Lee Konitz, Bill Russo, Stan Kenton and Eddie Sauter. In 1958 he played in Benny Goodman's band at the World Festival in Brussels. He was lauded by the American critics and top musicians, although his work made little impact in Britain. In the middle of 1965 he and his regular guitarist partner the Hungarian Attila Zoller made a trio album with the French-Algerian piano virtuoso Martial Solal that was regarded as one of the most trenchant of its time.
Hans Koller
Although he played all the saxophones and clarinet, it was as a cool tenor saxophonist of the Lennie Tristano school that Koller made his name. He admired, recorded and worked with Tristano's most prominent disciples, Konitz and Warne Marsh, and Koller's free thinking drew in to his orbit many of the best modern Europeans.
Capable of swinging, blues- inspired tenor solos, he gravitated in later life to esoteric unaccompanied music on the soprano saxophone. His music by then reflected his interest in other arts. He composed several longer works and wrote the ballet New York City (1968), all influenced by contemporary art music. He was a respected abstract painter whose work was included in exhibitions in France, Germany and Austria. Koller made his last recording in 1991 and retired from music shortly afterwards.
Links in comments. Say a big thanks to Paul D. for making this rare EP available in lossless.  Full scan included!