In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Thursday, February 28, 2013


At the request of visitors, I am in the process of re-posting:

  • Glenn Terry - Cyclonic Woman  (second and last re-post!  Get it while it's there!)
Funky blues rock from the island of Mauritius

  • Cape Jazz Classics

The link can be found in the comments of the original posts.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


SADI at the vibraphone – MORE VIBES
LP Jazz Club Records– JC 6008, Belgium 1967

Original cover
A classic Sadi album, unfortunately out of print. It was reissued in the seventies as half of a double LP, the other LP being Swing a Little (that I intend to post later on).
The 10 Tracks are from 3 different sessions featuring the usual suspects (Freddy Rottier, Jean Warland, Roger Vananerbeek, Al Jones and Jean Fanis).  Discogs mentions also the pianist “Roland Ronchand” but it is most likely a misspelling of the name of the French pianist Roland Ronchaud who has recorded  a.o. with Rene Thomas.
About half of the numbers feature string arrangements but don't let that put you off, the strings are discreet and well orchestrated.

Alternate cover
Numbers such as the superbly swinging Petite Suite and the humorous Polka Dope and More Beer (typical Belgian nonsense) are among the highlights of this record and match the best tracks on Ensafinado (which remains, IMHO, Sadi’s best recorded works, ever).  
La Maitresse was given lyrics by Claude Nougaro (see below) but it is the original  instrumental version that is featured on the LP.

A1 Petite Suite 3:30
A2 Blue Sunrise 4:58
A3 Polka Dope And More Beer 4:29
A4 L'Amant 3:56
A5 Hegor 4:40
B1 Paris Je T'Aime D'Amour 2:30
B2 La Maîtresse 4:20
B3 I'll Remember 3:40
B4 Old Lady 5:15
B5 Good-Bye 4:32

Detailed credits (thanks to Paul D.)

Les trois sessions qui composent le "More Vibes".

Sadi Quartet : Fats Sadi (vib,comp) Roland Ronchaud (p) Jean Warland (b) Freddy Rottier (d)
Brussels, c. end 1960/early 1961
Old lady

Sadi Quartet : Fats Sadi (vib,comp-1) Philippe Decae (p) Roger Vanhaverbeke (b) Freddy Rottier (d) + unknown orchestra : no details except unknown string section with Willy Albimoor (dir)
Brussels, September   1963
Paris, je t'aime d'amour
Good bye
I'll remember April
Blue sunrise (1)

Fats Sadi (vib,arr,comp) Jean Fanis (p) Roger Vanhaverbeke (b) Al Jones (d)
Brussels, c. August   1966
La maîtresse
Polka dope and more beer
Petite suite

Front cover of the reissue (70s - double album)

With thanks to Paul D. for the rip (lossless sound as usual from the Master himself)

Paroles / Lyrics: Claude Nougaro
Musique :  Sadi

Mais... qu'est-ce
Tu laisses
Ma laisse
Traîner sur le tapis
A l'heure du pipi...

Ça presse,
Je dresse,
Je presse
Mon nez
Sur ta main inerte
Mais en pure perte,

Tes doigts sont exsangues
Sous mes coups de langue...
Je sens confusément
Flotter une menace,
Et mon flair d'allemand
A discerné

Les traces,
Les traces,
De lui,
Nif nif nif nif nif nif,
J'ai le sens olfactif...

Tout cesse
Que ce type louche
T'a mordu la bouche

Et m'a fait descendre
De ton lit si tendre...
J'aurais pu lui trancher
Le noeud de sa cravate
Tu m'as dit: "Bas les pattes!
Allez coucher!"

Tant pis...
Moi qui ne suis qu'un chien,
Je partage mon bien,

Et courbant mon échine,
Je pisse dans la cuisine.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


LP Sandra SMP2103 – Germany, 1979

For once a German Jazz record that does not come from onxidlib’s vault ! I found this LP during my recent visit to Brussels which yielded also the Steve Bauer Orchestra, the Charles Davis Super80 LP and a few other albums of interest that I’ll post in the near future.  I wasn’t familiar with the band but recognized at least one familiar name: Wolfgang Engstfeld whom I knew in relation to Michel Herr, and from the band CHANGES’.  Actually Mallet Connection has the same line-up as the CHANGESHome Again LP (1979 also) with the added bonus of vibraphonist Wolfgang Lackerschmid and saxophonist Christof Lauer.

The track Samba di Commerce appears also on the Changes' Home Again LP.

This is top-notch German Jazz!

Recorded in December 1978 in Stuttgart, mixed and released in 1979.

A1 Samba Di Commerce 8:32
Composed By – Wolfgang Engstfeld
A2 Waiting 6:30
Composed By – Ed Kröger
A3 Balzwaltz 8:21
Composed By – Wolfgang Lackerschmid
B1 Springtanz 11:48
Composed By – Ed Kröger
B2 Anika 7:48
Composed By – Wolfgang Engstfeld

Saxophone – Christof Lauer, Wolfgang Engstfeld
Vibraphone, Marimba – Wolfgang Lackerschmid
Piano – Ed Kröger
Bass – Peter Bockius
Drums – Peter Weiss

If you like this album, try and find the CHANGES “Home Again” album.  It has been seen floating around in the blogsphere.  Highly recommended!

And a word of thanks to the guys at the Growing Bin who got me interested in German Jazz of the 70/early 80s by posting many interesting and rare albums.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


45 RPM (EP) - BERTELSMANN 66 000, GERMANY  c.1961?

This one is for the completists only. I warn you as it is much less exiting than my previous Rolf Kuhn post (EP Holiday in Europe).  There were always two sides to Rolf Kuhn’s musical talent: on the one side the pure, hard swingin’ jazzman and on the other the easy-listening,  commercial,  schlager band leader.  Jazz is nice but I guess one has to eat sometimes …

Rolf Kuhn Septett feat. 
Rolf Kühn, clarinet
Horst Jankowski, piano
Wolfgang Schlüter, vibes
others unknown

Side A:
1. Ain't She Sweet (Ager/Yelen)  2:51
2. My Yiddishe Momme (Yellen/Pollack)  2:47

Side B:
1. Dizzy Fingers (Zez Confrey)  3:01
2. Sweety (Fr. Schoder/R. Kuhn)  2:10

Recorded probably 1961/62. 
Label: Bertelsmann Schallplattenring (record club)
Catalog#: 660000

With thanks to onxidlib.

Thursday, February 7, 2013



The companion EP to Rarity #9 posted in July 2011 … 18 months ago already, ain't time flying quick!

This one is from Onxidlib's bottomless box of rarities.  

If you’re visiting this blog you’re probably familiar already with the blokes playing on this EP.   
Names like Michael Naura or Heinz von Moisy are household names among Eurojazz / Krautjazz collectors. .  If you’ve never heard of them, you're probably on the wrong blog ... or Google ‘em if you're in an inquisitive mood! I’m feeling lazy today, so no extensive biographical notes.  One of the reasons – apart from my laziness - is that most of the info you’ll find on the Web will be in German.  Great! Isn’t that a wonderful opportunity to learn a foreign language?  That’s what blogging is all about.  Not only will you discover obscure records you never ever knew existed but you’ll learn one of the great European languages.  Very soon you’ll be reading Goethe in the original text and listening to the Niebelungen while actually understanding the lyrics!  All that thanks to yours truly, the Boogieman! 


Michael Naura, piano
Klaus Marmulla, alto saxophone
Wolfgang Schlüter, vibes
Hajo Lang, bass
Heinz von Moisy, drums


1. Mike's Blues (Naura)         3:27
2. Night At Tony's (Gryce)      3:34
3. A Smooth One (Goodman)       3:13
4. Ack Värmeland (Traditional)  4:30

Recorded on February 17, 1958 in Hamburg, Germany.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


LP Nilva Records (France 1982)

Charles Davis is a musician who was brought to my attention thanks to the fondly remembered STRATA EAST FAN CLUB blog.   Long gone unfortunately! Those were the golden days of jazz blogging …  For a long time I thought I knew a lot about jazz until these specialized blogs made me realize there was so much I did not know.

Charles Davis is one of those players that deserves to be better known.  His discography as a leader is very modest:

Discography as leader (source Wikipedia)

1974: Ingia! (Strata-East Records, with Ronnie Mathews, Louis Hayes, David Williams, Andrew "Tex" Allen, Gerald Hayes, Louis Davis) 
1979: Dedicated to Tadd (West 54 Records)[2]
1982: Super 80 (Nilva Records) with Walter Booker, Gene Adler, Michael Carvin
1990: Reflections (Red Records) with Barry Harris, Peter Washington, Ben Riley
2003: Blue Gardenia (Reade Street) with Cedar Walton, Peter Washington, Joe Farnsworth
2007: Land of Dreams (Smalls Records)

This 1982 set for Nilva is one of the best records he ever cut! Davis' has a way of setting an edge in his saxophone right away – marking his sound, then his solos, as quite different from the rest – full of feeling, but often in a subtle way – burning with the sort of quiet fire we love in Clifford Jordan, a player who Davis matches for sound and style on this set. 

The date's a quartet one, with lots of room for Charles' horn – and the rest of the group includes Gene Adler on piano - who plays some inspired soli, the ever reliable Walter Booker on bass, and Michael Carvin on drums (Dusty Groove).

An interesting choice of tracks mixing originals by Davis and pianist Gene Adler, a Billy Strayhorn standard and a latin-tinged Kenny Dorham composition. 

  1. Super 80, 
  2. Chelsea Bridge
  3. Mother Pearl sister Ruth
  4. Blue Gene's
  5. Hi Fly
  6. Una Mas

Friday, February 1, 2013

"Even if it doesn’t sound modest, I think that one must listen to my music several times because of its density"

LP GAUMONT 753.804 – France, 1981

I can’t understand why this fabulous album has not been re-issued yet.   The 1984 Big Band LP was re-issued by Dreyfuss but not this one.  

There is no contest that Martial Solal is Europe’s most original jazz pianist and probably one of the true geniuses of jazz piano.  His works as a band leader is much less documented.  Actually his first incursions into big band territory date from the fifties.

The following is quoted  from the JAZZPAR website.

To label Martial Solal is close to impossible - and futile too. Generally speaking, he is some kind of a "modern" player, but one that sometimes reminds you of the "classic" jazz masters, sometimes pioneers the future. You may find traces of Tatum, Garner, Ellington, Monk, Powell, Evans, Peterson a. o., as well as a certain undertone of both French-North African folklore and European art music - but all of it as ingredients of a digested and unified whole sounding unmistakably as Solal.
Solal, a piano virtuoso and a great improviser, is a serious and self-disciplined artist. The attendant serenity and maturity during later years are certainly not attempts of explaining away anything like artistic stagnation. On the contrary, Solal continues to expand his musical language. He is not just staying on firm ground but is as any creative improviser taking risks every now and then.

Some of these extraordinary powers and capabilities also form part of the basis of Martial Solal as a composer and arranger. Important achievements have been music written for and performed by larger groups, in most cases conducted by himself. These works are often catchy at first as well as substantial and ambiguous, revealing more facets at each hearing. 

In continuation of his piano playing the composer Martial Solal is in an even higher degree not limited to stylistic conventions, his work often characterized by deviations from what one would expect, by sudden contrast and deliberate discontinuity. Equal original is the sounds, the shadings, and the orchestral colors he is bringing to light writing for the standard big band instrumentation. He deserves full credit as one of the great jazz composers of today. 

Solal's imposing stature, as a piano player mainly presented in solo, duo and trio contexts, has overshadowed his remarkable big band achievements. This situation is one of several reasons justifying the election of Martial Solal as The JAZZPAR Prize Winner 1999.

Martial Solal Big Band ‎– Martial Solal Big Band

A1 Texte Et Prétexte 7:55
A2 Valse A Trois Temps 6:26
A3 Tango 8:48
B Suite 21:38

Arranged By, Composed By, Piano, Conductor – Martial Solal
Trumpet – Eric Le Lann, Roger Guerin*, Tony Russo
Trombone – Hamid Belhocine, Jacques Bolognesi
Tuba – Marc Steckar
Reeds – Francis Cournet, François Jeanneau, Jacques Di Donato, Jean-Pierre Debarbat, Philippe Maté, Pierre Gossez
Guitar : Christian Escoudé
Violin – Pierre Blanchard
Cello – Hervé Derrien
Bass – Cesarius Alvim
Drums – André Ceccarelli

Recorded June 15-17, 1981 at Studio Davout, Paris. 
Mastered at Master One.

If you like adventurous modern big band and enjoyed the recently posted Steve Bauer Orchestra, this one is for you!