In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


25 cm Barclay (France) – 1962

A fairly rare French 10” featuring Twist songs – vocal and instrumental - done in a very French manner by very competent (studio) bands (Eddie Barclay, Jean Bouchety) with obvious jazz chops and lotsa honking sax.   The overall sound his often closer to Louis Prima’s than to rockabilly this is sax-based rock and roll rather than guitar rock.

Les Play Boys were leather-rocker Vince Taylor’s backing band.  Their take on Artistry in Rhythm (renamed Artistry in Twist) is well worth the price of admission.  The tracks by Eddie Barclay Orchestra are very enjoyable also, I really enjoy this type of “big band” rock and roll.   “Play The Thing” sounds very much like Night Train. 

Harold Nicholas was an American expat' with a long career in dancing. See here.

No idea about the identities behind The Daniels, probably a studio band “de circonstance”.  They were obviously French-speakers (listen to “Wee Wee” which sounds like “Oui Oui”) but French or Belgians?  The compositions are credited to J. Evans – N. Byl … two Belgians ! (for more info on jazz pianist Jean Evans, check here).

A better known  band is Les Chaussettes Noires feat. lead singer Eddy Mitchell who was to become a huge star in France and French speaking countries and played a major role in popularizing rock and roll, country music in France and, later on,and American B-series thru’ his TV programme La Derniere Séance in the 80s.

Play it loud and do the twist!

A1       Harold Nicholas           La Grande Twist Party (Rock'n Roll Call)         composed by: D. Gérard, R. Bernet, Hammer, Toombs
A2       Harold Nicholas           Ya Ya Twist     composed by G. Aber, Lee Dorsey
A3       The Daniels      Wee Wee         composed by J. Evans, N. Byl
A4       The Daniels      Scotch Twist    composed by J. Evans, N. Byl
A5       Les Play-Boys  Raunch Twist   composed by Singleton, Ogerman, Larry Coleman
B1        Les Chaussettes Noires Peppermint Twist (1ère Partie) composed by G. Aber, Dee, Glover
B2        Les Chaussettes Noires Peppermint Twist (2e Partie)    composed by G. Aber, Dee, Glover
B3        Eddie Barclay & Les Twisters   5th Avenue Twist        composed by G. Aber, J. Bouchéty
B4        Eddie Barclay & Les Twisters   Play The Thing      composed by   M. Morris
B5        Les Play-Boys    Artistry In Twist          composed by Stan Kenton

Monday, January 27, 2014



LP Solid State, 1968  (USA)

Being at home for a few weeks, after years overseas,  I have the time to listen to some of my “forgotten” LPs, albums that I hadn’t listened to for many years.  It is always pleasant to rediscover an album such as this one.  

When I bought it (on a flea market, as usual) some thirty years ago if not more, I was familiar with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra - I had been lucky to catch them live at one of the Middelheim jazz festivals in the seventies – and I knew Ruth Brown as a Rhythm & Blues singers, thru’ her classic sides on Atlantic in the 50s.  But I didn’t know her as a jazz singer.  And a fine jazz singer she is, and a great song stylist also.  The combination with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra works perfectly. The big band sound never overwhelms Brown’s voice.  Coming from a RnB background, Miss Brown is not one to be scared by some solid - but never overloud - big band arrangements.

AMG review (Steve Loewy): It was a great, even inspired idea to pair diva Ruth Brown with the Thad Jones & Mel Lewis Orchestra. Although the solid results speak for themselves, the listener is left with a distinct sense that more might have happened. As it is, these studio sessions showcase the vocalist to reasonably good effect, belting out several numbers with which she was intimately familiar. Whether the big band sound (with its loud brass) overwhelms Brown's voice is open to conjecture, but what isn't at issue are the fine, tight arrangements performed by a group of seasoned veterans, some of the best in the field. Jazz enthusiasts might have wished for more (or longer) solos, but the essential style and straight-ahead quality of the band are never compromised. Brown gives powerful renditions of well-known tunes such as "Bye Bye Blackbird," "Yes Sir, That's My Baby," "I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town," and others. Highlights include short improvisations by Thad Jones on flugelhorn, Pepper Adams on baritone sax, and Eddie Daniels on tenor. Brown fans should be pleased, as she booms forth soul and blues in her own characteristic way.

Track listing

LP side A:
"Yes Sir, That's My Baby"
"Trouble in Mind"
"Sonny Boy"
"Bye Bye Blackbird"
"I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town"
LP side B:
"Black Coffee"
"Be Anything (but Be Mine)"
"You Won't Let Me Go"
"Fine Brown Frame"

Ruth Brown – vocals
Thad Jones – flugelhorn / Snooky Young – trumpet / Richard Williams – trumpet / Jimmy Nottingham – trumpet / Danny Moore – trumpet / Bill Berry – trumpet
Garnett Brown – trombone / Jimmy Knepper – trombone / Cliff Heather – trombone / Jimmy Cleveland – trombone
Jerome Richardson – alto saxophone / Jerry Dodgion – alto saxophone
Eddie Daniels – tenor saxophone / Seldon Powell – tenor saxophone
Pepper Adams – baritone saxophone
Roland Hanna – piano
Richard Davis – bass
Mel Lewis – drums
Produced by Sonny Lester

Ripped from the original - well played - LP.  I kept the noise reduction to a minimum, it sounds like an LP ...  If you want a cleaner sound, get the CD reissue if you can find it (as part of the OOP Mosaic set "The Complete Solid State Recordings of TJ ML  Orchestra")

Tuesday, January 21, 2014



I haven’t seen this album anywhere in the blogsphere so far (except the track “Samba Song”).  It’s a fairly decent album.  Nice melodies, good playing, a couple of songs groove nicely (“Samba Song”).  All in all, it sounds very European / Nordic/ mid-eighties with obvious ECM influences.  Give it a listen!

Niels Thybo is a Danish pianist and composer.  His musical interest and activities encompass a wide range of  musical styles.

“... One of Denmark’s leading jazz pianists and composers.. Thybo is a world class musician with strong ties to the jazz tradition but very European roots...” (The Tenor Clef, London jazz festival)

Band members

Jan Zum Vohrde : alto & soprano saxophone / flute
Lars Togeby: flugelhorn
Bo Stief : bass
Niels Thybo: piano
Henrik Simonsen: drums
(The sleeve picture names two Henrik Simonsen, the bassplayer and the drummer but Brian pointed out that the bassman on the picture is Bo Stief.). 

Side one:
De Chuva a Sole (8:12)
Samba Song (6:08)
Gratitude (8:10)

Side two
Welcome Home (5:15)
Small Changes (5:55)

Lyon Love Song (4:10)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

cratedigging again


Big Bands: CSULA Jazz Ensemble / Les Hooper Big Band
The ladies wanted to look at the sales in Antwerp main street stores ... I told them it was a good idea as it would leave me ample time to look for records. 

Dutch Jazz:  Henny Vonk / Gijs Hendriks 4tet feat. Michel Herr

Here come the Belgians: Sadi Big Band / Fud Candrix 
Boogiemen (NL / CH / UK)

Jap-Jazz (Jam Session  @ JUNK feat Sleepy Matsumoto) / Steve Kuhn Live in NY

A recommended address if you visit Antwerp: 

And after the cratedigging, nothing beats a "bolleke"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


S&P Records (LP) – DENMARK       1984

Another one not to miss!  And a premiere in the blogsphere, methink!

The album Still Around is the first record Rudy Smith made under his own name, and it is considered a classic and one of his best. In the long history of Pan music, both in Trinidad and internationally, this is one of the very few albums to feature Pan as the leading voice in a pure jazz setting.

His group the Modern Sound Quintet played disco/reggae/jazz fusion, changing their name to the Modern Sound Corporation in the late 1970s. After extensive touring throughout Europe, they broke up in 1980. Rudy Smith moved to Denmark in 1983, where he decided to return to the music he loved, jazz and be-bop, forming the Rudy Smith Quartet. The group included Ole Mathiessen (piano), Niels Præstholm (bass) and a South African drummer, Gilbert Matthews. There is an international inspiration for the music on the 1984 album Still Around, featuring an Asian element, mixed with a dash of European, as well as American jazz. Rudy Smith is referred to as the jazz king of steel pans, and in Denmark as the father of the steel pan.


1. Blues L Armoise
2. Ursia    (Soprano sax: “Pe We”)
3. Elise
4. Blues For Bradick
5. Be Bach
6. Still Around
7. El Vito   (acoustic guitar: Costa Apetrea)

Produced by s & p records
Recorded at montezuma recording ab, stockholm, march 28-29, 1984.

Mixed at montezuma studio by r.s.q.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


JIMMY SMITH - I’m Gon Git Myself Together
Released on MGM  (1971, USA)

Liner notes:
This is the album that answers the question “can a down-home earthy, gutsy, swinging, blues-drenched jazz giant like Jimmy Smith find happiness in that spastic, hard beat, heavily amplified, eternally youthful world on the other side of the (generation) gap – Rock and Roll?” The album is successful for a number of reasons: basically, Jimmy Smith is the type of consummate artist who never gives less than his best in live or recorded situations; secondly, Jimmy has never isolated himself in any one bag because he is too aware of other idioms, other styles, other musicians, and much too hip to the reality of change; furthermore, Jimmy’s style is so close to the nitty gritty of communication that no gap is unbridgeable (…). No doubt about it, there’s a happy Jimmy Smith contained in this album – a later-day rocksmith who has his mojo working in any style he commands it to  (Harvey Siders - edited).

Review on Soul Strut blog
Released in 1973 (actually 1971), the liner notes to the record state that it was Smith’s attempt to mold Rock with Jazz, something that was a bit in vogue in the late 1960s/early 1970s. I Know What I Want was written, conducted, arranged and produced by Johnny Pate. His band also backed up Smith. The song starts off with a funky guitar line before Smith’s singing, organ and the horns join in to turn the song more towards a soulful big band sound, although a big guitar solo towards the end makes sure the Rock influences are still apparent. Next up, Smith takes on a cover of Otis Redding’s (Sittin On) The Dock Of The Bay. Despite some wah wah guitar in the background, Smith’s singing really fails him on this rendition of the Soul classic. To make up for things, Uh Ruh starts off with a jammin’ little open drum break before going into an upbeat Soul-Jazz number.  Dirty Roosta Booga is another fast-pace groover, and there’s another drum break intro to Need Mo, which is also good. A cover of Sugar, Sugar makes a nice end to the record as well.

I may add that I quite like the title track (I'm Gon' Git Myself Together), a solid blues and that Smith’s singing fails him again badly in Spill the Wine.  Overall an uneven album but still interesting if you want to understand where the process started that yielded the fabulous live album Root Down (listen to Need Mo’).

Jimmy Smith ‎– I'm Gon' Git Myself Together (1971)

A1       I Know What I Want    5:21
A2       (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay        5:15
A3       Uh Ruh            2:45
A4       I'm Gon' Git Myself Together   5:30
B1        Dirty Roosta Booga      5:00
B2        Spill The Wine 5:50
B3        Need Mo'         6:16
B4        Sugar, Sugar    5:15

No detail on the personnel (Johnny Pate Orchestra).

Saturday, January 11, 2014


JUAN DOCANTEZ y sus companeros
25 cm Fiesta Records 10010      Belgium, c. 1953-54

Juan Docantez is an alias for Belgian guitarist Jean Douchamps.  
Douchamps(1915-1976) had a prolific career recording swing jazz, hawaian novelties, proto-rock and roll novelty, exotica, and anything in between.  He was quick to spot a trend:  When he spotted that South American / brasilian rhythms were the next big thing (following the success of Brasilan movie O Cangaceiro in 1953-54), he didn’t hesitate to reinvent himself and his band as Juan Docantez y sus companeros (in a previous incarnation they were Hawaians ...).   He was among the first ones in Belgium to record “proto-rock and roll” (Crazy man, crazy – 1953)  The fashion was to "englicize" names:  Jean Douchamps and band became … John Sweetfield & his Petrolians!

Four tracks, four medley

Side 1
A1:  Tropical – O cangaceiro – la Fete des Fleurs – Somebody had stole the wedding bells
A2:  Baiao cacula – Brasileirinho – Pourquoi la Casbah a brulé
Side 2
B1 : Sway – Comedie – El negro zumbon – Delicado
B2: Uska Dara –Rio de Janeiro – Caceres – Signal Samba

Musicians : Jean Douchamps (leader, guitar)
no info on the others. Not listed in the Belgian Jazz Discography (outside the scope of the work).
Probably: Georges Clais (tp), Frans L’Eglise (as, fl?), Emile Chantrain (ts), Marcel Picavet or Gus Decock (piano), Jean Warland (bass), Jeff Deboeck or Jo Demuynck (drums) ... just on educated guess based on the composition of the Petrolians in 1953.

Yes it is the same Jean Warland who played with the Clarke-Boland big band, Peter Herbolzheimer Brass Combination & Rhythm and on countless MPS albums.

P.S : another pioneer of proto-rock n roll in Belgium was guitarist Freddy Sunder who recorded a series of great boogie in 53-54 on Ronnex records, sounding pretty close to American hillbilly boogie.  


Václav Zahradník A Hosté Jazzového Festivalu Praha 1970 - Interjazz
Supraphon ‎– 1 15 0999   (Czechoslovakia - 1971)

Fellow blogger Quimsy posted a link to this album in the comments of Interjazz-6.  I think the quality of the music is such that it deserves a full post (and Quimsy deserves a big thank!).  

Not seen often in the blogsphere, if ever!
Fantastic music!
Some of the most innovative European Jazz in the Seventies come from Eastern Europe ... and it took me half a century to discover it.

Thanks to all the fellow bloggers who introduced me to "Iron Curtain Jazz" (with a special mention to Quimsy and the Growing Bin team).


A1                   Foukej!            Written-By – Rudolf Dašek             7:15
A2                   Jaumeau         Written-By – Václav Zahradník      12:45
B1                   Intima               Written-By – Miljenko Prohaska    5:05
B2                   Rituál               Written-By – Andrej Tovmosjan    5:20
B3                   Podzimní Slunce        Written-By – Milčo Leviev  9:35


Arranged By, Conductor – Václav Zahradník
Trumpet – Jiří Izera, Miloslav Bureš, Václav Týfa
Trombone – Andrzej Brzeski, Hubert Katzenbeier, Zdeněk Pulec
Alto Saxophone – Ozren Depolo
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Mihály Ráduly
Tenor Saxophone – Dan Mindrilla*, Rajmond Raubiško*, Václav Maňas
Flute, Piccolo Flute – Simeon Štěrev*
Tuba – Petr Fleischer
Piano, Piano [Preparé] – Laco Gerhardt*
Guitar, Sitar – Rudolf Dašek
Contrabass – Klaus Koch
Timpani [Kotle] – Petr Šprunk

Drums [Bicí] – Andrzej Dabrowski*

Friday, January 10, 2014

RE-POST 2014

Get' em while the links work

Rarity #13 - Innovation en Jazz - 2 (Pelzer etc.)
Joe Beck - Nature Boy
Steve Bauer Orchestra - Living Dreams
Emil Mangelsdorff Old Fashion-New Style
SOK (rare German jazz rock - recommended)
Frankfort All Stars (double LP German bop/fusion/soul jazz - recommended)
Fountainhead (US big band jazz-rock - recommended)
Janot Morales - Miles Inspirations (jazz belge)
McCoy Mrubata - Hoelykit (SA Jazz)
Kleinschuster-Goykovic (unreleased session - 1969)
Charles Davis - Super80  (tough tenor, hard bop, ex-Strata East).
In the same comments, I have added a link to INGIA (Strate East)
Indo-Jazz Fusion (rare one)

The link is always in the comments of the original post.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


original issue: 1989, LP DEBS HDD 2464 (Sonodisc Distribution)
re-issue: SONODISC MUSISOFT 52463

This album is very different from the previous ones featuring Andre Condouant posted on this blog (Brothers Meeting and the Leo Wright albums).  It is an attempt at mixing (smooth) jazz and rhythms from the French West Indies: beguine, zouk.  I’m not especially keen on zouk, nor am I a fan of Midi guitar, drum programming and other synthetic sound.  That being said, there is some good playing especially by Andre Condouant.  So if you’re not averse to some Caribbean smooth jazz, give it a try.  

Overall I found the album rather disappointing.

ANDRÉ CONDOUANT (midi-g, dr progr.);
BIBI LOUISON (p, strings, solo on #A2);
JOSÉ VULBEAU (el-p on #A3);
HENRI DEBS (prod.; engineer, assisted by DANIEL KISSOUN)
Recorded: 1989 at Studio La Terreur in Guadeloupe

 Side A
1. Blues For Laurence
2. None´s Like You
3. Touloulou  (Al Lirvat / Martinales)
4. Zafé Melé

 Side B
1. Fly Me To Rio
2. Thanks For All
3. Etius
4. Chauffe Biguine La  (Al Lirvat)

All tracks written by André Condouant except where indicated

Original liner notes
Jazz, Jazzouk, Biguine Jazz, Zouk Blues, André nous offre ce savoureux cocktail de sons Caribéens. Des thèmes de toute beauté, magistralement interprétés, avec sa guitare midi, André nous entraine dans son ouragan musical. "None´s Like Him". Avec ce disque, il nous fait découvrir la sensibilité et la fougue des racines de son art. Bravo André !!! Thanks For All,

Laurence Carril

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Interjazz 6
Václav Zahradník & Prague Television Orchestra  featuring Rudolf Dašek, Georgi Garanian, Peter Hurt, Albert Mangelsdorff, Jiří Stivín, Jan Talich
Supraphon ‎– 11 0183-1 511 (LP)       Czechoslovakia, 1989

The fifth edition of the CZ Jazz Festival, held in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in 1988, included as part of its program an International Jazz Composers Workshop for which the organizers of the event had commissioned six renowned composers to submit scores.  The individual entries were rehearsed by the Prague Television Jazz Orchestra directed by Vaclav Zahradnik and a majority of them were performed in public at a Festival concert on March 26, 1988.
Studio sessions took place the following days and resulted in this album.
Jri Stivin is absolutely stunning in the first track but the whole album is pretty good.  Not a dud track IMHO.  Get it!  I do not think it had appeared in the blogworld before.


A1     Salut                           ( Alexej Fried)                                    8:12
Soloist: Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Jiří Stivín
A2     Good Morning           (Václav Zahradník)                       5:15
Soloist:  Guitar – Rudolf Dašek
A3     Africana                     (Georgi Garanian)                            4:29
Soloist : Alto Saxophone – Georgi Garanian

B1     Par Pondus                 (Emil Viklický)                                   6:40
Soloist:  Viola – Jan Talich
B2     Touch & Go               (Peter Hurt)                                          7:33
Soloists : Alto Saxophone – Peter Hurt  / Double Bass – Robert Balzar / Piano – Emil Viklický
B3     Des'sch Too Much    (Albert Mangelsdorff)                       6:15
Trombone solo :Albert Mangelsdorff


Prague Television Orchestra featuring : Albert Mangelsdorff, Jan Talich, Jiří Stivín, Peter Hurt, Rudolf Dašek, Georgi Garanian
Conductor – Václav Zahradník
Trumpet – Jan Burian (2), Miroslav Huja, Miroslav Jelínek, Miroslav Šoltész
Trombone – Ivan Matějček, Ivan Zelenka, Jan Hynčica, Jaromír Dušek, Jiří Sušický
Saxophone – Jindřich Němeček, Jiří Jech, Josef Nachtman, Ladislav Odcházel jr.*, Zdeněk Hostek
Flute – Jaroslav Tichý
Guitar – Jan Kučera
Piano, Electric Piano [Fender] – Emil Viklický
Synthesizer – Jakub Zahradník
Double Bass, Bass Guitar – Robert Balzar
Drums – Ivan Smažík

Recorded at the Czechoslovak Television Studio A, Prague, from 27 to 29 March, 1988 and on 19 April, 1988 

Monday, January 6, 2014


Lionel Hampton presents … BILL DOGGETT

LP Philips (France) – 1973

This album had been in the blogworld before. A rip was posted by Cheeba in 2009 on his (now inactive) blog Soundological Investigations.  

By 1970, Bill Doggett's name had dropped in relative obscurity, only remembered by Rhythm 'n' Blues and Swing Jazz die-hards. He did some recordings for the French Black & Blues label - a label specialising in forgotten swing players.  
This album is not much different.  It is a mix of revisited old Hampton warhorses (Flying, Home, Midnight Sun), and some more groovy stuff.   There was an attempt at modernizing the sound, e.g. Doggett plays electric piano on some tracks (and it sounds pretty good).

He could not escape revisiting his classic hit "Honky Tonk", he does it in a groovy soul jazz mood but without Billy Butler something's missing  …

There’s some good blowing from Norris Turney and Charles Williams.

The rip is from the French version of the LP.

Norris Turney - Alto Sax
Charles Williams - Alto Sax
David Brooks - Tenor Sax
Larry Luger - Guitar
Lionel Hampton - Vibes
Bill Doggett - Organ, Piano (leader)
Larry Troit - Bass
Howard Overton - Drums
Sam Turner - Conga, Drums

1 Bill's Honky Tonk
2 Pots A Cookin'
3 I Wish You Love
4 Dig The Thing
5 Dug's Pad
6 Midnight Sun
7 Flying Home
8 Charlie's Alley