In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Sunday, May 29, 2011


LURE OF DESERT - PT Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (India, 1994)

I do not like the term World Music which means anything that's not "Western". It's a typical "us" and "them" mindset.
I guess that for, say an Indian or an Ugandese, the Rolling Stones or Count Basie must sound like some kind of "World Music".. 

However, I do like traditional music (it used to be called "ethnic music" in the old days which was probably a much more accurate and neutral description). And I have a special liking for Indian music ... thanks to the Sixties and Ravi Shankar I assume.

Well, this here musician studied with Pt Ravi Shankar. 

I found this CD at Curepipe Market (Mauritius) about 10 years ago,  It's on an Indian label (pretty unusual as most CDs on the market were pirated copies). 

Pt Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is well-known in the West for his collaboration with Ry Cooder a.o. but I prefer him in a purely indian / tradional setting as is the case in this recording.
Two long ragas (over 20 minutes each) and three "shorter" tunes (well over 6 minutes each).

He his supported by Salil Bhatt (second guitar) and Sandeep Das (tabla).


This is my first posting of Indian music, there will be some more, occasionnally.

Dedicated to my friend Pradip, wherever you may be!


This year saw the tenth edition of the Mawazine – Rhythm of the World Festival in Rabat (Morocco).
As usual an ambitious programming mixing big international names  (Kanye West, Shakira, Quincy Jones, Earth-Wind & Fire  …), African (Femi Kuti, Salif Keita, the Mahotella Queens, Papa Wemba …) and Middle-East big names, and some “classic-rock/has-beens" (Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam, Joe Cocker). All that mostly FREE!!
As a jazz fan, I went to see Joachim Kuhn who was playing with Gnaoua Master Majid Bekkas and his band, and Argentinian drummer Minino Garay.  Kuhn and Bekkas have already recorded a couple of CD together but I wasn’t convinced, I think the “fusion” did not occur.
Joachim Kuhn - Majid Bekkas, from : blog Afropop

Quincy Jones?  Too much World Music, too little jazz … sorry Quincy.
I missed the concert of Hindi Zahra, a talented singer but more “jazzy” than Jazz, in the Norah Jones, Madeleine Peyroux vein  spiced with Berber / oriental influences.
Read more about Mawazine HERE
Next month we’ll have Jazz at the Chellah with a.o. Portico Quartet I haven't seen them yet but my artistic daughter was very enthusiastic about this band so I'll give it a try.  In the wonderful setting of the Chellah this ethereal music should be quite magic! 

The Chellah in Rabat, wonderful setting for a jazz festival!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


GOOD BUDDIES (Belgium / USA - 1979)

About a month ago I posted the first album of TRIODE (Frisell, Johnson, Driscoll) recorded Live in a small club in Brussels in 1978.  Here is what could be considered as the second TRIODE album eventhough the band is not referred to as "Triode" any longuer. It is a Quartet effort with Belgian keyboard wizard Michel Herr generously contributing to this forgotten but outstanding album.
It is hard to understand how such a fantastic album has never been re-issued on CD.

Tracks :

1. Acapulco bells (M. Herr)
2a. Frog legs vampin' in the moonlight
2b. I think I know what you mean (K. Driscoll)
3. Sans blues thank you (B. Frisell)
4. What do you mean, what do you mean ? (B. Frisell)
5. Good buddies (B. Frisell)

Musicians :
Michel Herr - piano, synthesizer
Bill Frisell - guitar
Kermit Driscoll - electric bass
Vinton Johnson - drums, percussion

Recorded at studio Shiva, Brussels. Released in 1979, LP (EMI 1 064 63568).

With a massive thanks to JC for the superb rip of this rare LP from his collection.

If you're interested in Michel Herr's music (and if you're reading this, you are), get a copy of The Music of Michel Herr by the Brussels Jazz Orchestra.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


feat. ROLF BILLBERG - (EP HMV 7EGS89, Norway, 1958)

A rare treat again from the vault of Paul D. Scandinavian jazz this time. A pretty rare EP on HMV Norway dating from 1958 which, to the best of my knowledge, is not available on any CD.

Carl-Henrik Norin, 1920-67, jazz musician (tenor saxophonist and arranger). Norin emerged during his time with Thore Ehrling 1941-48 as one of Sweden's foremost saxophonists. He played in the radio band 1956-57. During the years 1948-62 Norin had his own big band at Nalen, after which he led a popular dance-oriented band. Norin wrote, inter alia, "Zero-Zero", theme song of the TV show "Hylands Corner".  For more details on Norin's life and career, Paul D. has added some interesting biographical notes in the file.

Track listing:
A1. Stella by Starlight (Carl-Henrik Norins Orkester – solist: Rolf Billberg)
A2. Mumin (Carl-Henrik Norins Orkester – solist: Rolf Billberg)
B.1. Blue and Sentimental (solist: Carl-Henrik Norin)
B.2. This can’t be love (Carl-Henrik Norins Orkester)

Carl-Henrik Norin (leader, tn) Jan Allan (tp) Rolf Billberg (as) Torsten Wennberg (bar) Lars Bagge (p) Lars Pettersson (b) Sture Kallin (d)

Recorded in Stockholm in 1958.

Monday, May 9, 2011


 NO VIBRATO - CINQ DE COEUR (Belgium, 1997).

As a pianist Etienne Richard is no virtuoso, nor is he a great improviser.  He knows his limitations (he was 32 when he decided to become a musician) and leaves ample rooms for his fellow band members to stretch and shine. Mind you, Etienne  ain’t no slouch either but his real talent is somewhere else.  Etienne Richard is a composer.  He has a rare talent for writing beautiful melodies, simple and luscious at the same time.  He serves  the melody line to his companions and let them take it and develop it.  It works pretty well.  Listen to the melody of “Epate-Moi” (litteraly “Amaze me!” but also a wordplay as the theme is reminiscent of a Pat Metheny’s musical phrase).  Saxophonist Fabrice Aleman shines through these eight compositions which flow naturally from one to the other.  Beautiful album, well balanced, very musical. 

Highly recommended.

  Track list: 
1. Call Me 
2. Cinq De Coeur 
3. Fais-Moi Mal 
4. I Hate Flies 
5. Un Jour Bleu 
6. The Revenge 
7. Epate-Moi 
8. Prétexte Pour Un Mineur Blues 

All songs composed by Etienne Richard.

Etienne Richard (p), Fabrice Alleman (ts, ss), Bart Zegers (acoustic bass), Bilou Doneux (d, perc)

CD currently OOP.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have noted that my Belgian Jazz posts are among the most visited.  Since many of you seem to be interested in Belgian Jazz, here are a few links of interest:

More Belgian Jazz coming soon.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


FOUNTAINHEAD (Florida, GWP Label, 1970)

  Here is a pretty obscure album from Florida.  They probably got their name from Ayn Rand’s book but that should not deter you from giving them a listen.  If you like late sixties / early seventies progressive big bands in the line of Don Ellis Orchestra or Maynard Ferguson’s MF Horn, you’re in for a treat.  This album is pretty rare and if it wasn’t for Redtelephone66, I’d probably never have had a chance to know about it. 
Fountainhead is a Southern Florida jazz-rock group consisting of Gus Mas (tenor saxophone), Eddie Crane (alto saxophone), Vinnie Tanno (lead trumpet), Phil Gilbert (trumpet), Ken Faulk (trumpet), Dolphe Castellano (piano), Lee Schwartz (drums) and David Glatts (bass).
The album, which only contains four selections, was arranged by Mike Lewis and produced by Teo Macero and includes two Mike Lewis originals (“Orchestration 70″ and “Ballet”) which are the two long tracks, and two covers (“Mac Arthur Park” and “Honky Tonk Woman”).
These guys were seasoned Florida jazz players,  with extensive big band credentials:
  • Both trumpet players Phil Gilbert and Vinnie Tanno had played in Stan Kenton Orchestra. 
  • Ken Faulk had already played with Buddy Rich and will become a successful studio musician recording with the likes of Jaco Pastorius, Dr John, Barbra Streisand or the Pet Shop Boys.
  • Gus Mas a tenor sax, was already active in Miami in the late 50’s and had been a member of Woody Herman’s  Thundering Herd and the Modern Jazz Orchestra (album VSOP #104, 1960)
  • Pianist Dolphe Castellano had recorded with Ira Sullivan 

In the Seventies, Vinnie Tanno, Ken Faulk and Mike Lewis rode the Disco Wave and became key members of famous Florida Disco aggregation KC & the Sunshine Band.

Track Listing
1.      Mac Arthur Park
2.      Orchestration 70
3.      Ballet
4.      Honky Tonk Woman

A short but very enjoyable album! With thanks to Leonard at Redtelephone66.