In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Arkadi Figlin - Parts of a Whole -
(Jazz Portrait, Russia, 1992)

 Another fairly obscure record gathered from a discount bin, this post will probably appeal more to fans of classical piano music, especially of the Russian school of piano, than to the usual jazz heads.  Beautiful music though!
Arkadiy Figlin had been shifting between classical and jazz piano since his early childhood until finally after collecting several awards at both classical and jazz competitions he came up with an idea to record an album displaying both sides of his musical identity. His long-time friendship and collaboration with Alexander Rosenblatt, one of the most gifted Moscow composers of his generation resulted in such a recording. Alexander Rosenblatt was born in Moscow in 1956 and graduated from the Moscow Conservatory as a pianist and composer. His compositions include a Mass for Choir and Orchestra, seven concertos for solo instruments and orchestra, a Sextet for Winds and Piano, "Kamarinskaya" for orchestra, three piano sonatas, the Sonata for Cello and Accordion, the "Beatles Symphony," the Ballet "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland",etc...Mr.Rosenblatt has also written a great deal of theater music as well as numerous instrumental pieces, songs and choral compositions.
Very much a jazz enthusiast,Alexander Rosenblatt has worked as a composer with Oleg Lundstrem's Big Band, and as arranger for such jazz legends as Red Mitchell-bass and Horace Parland-piano. Many of Mr.Rosenblatt's works and arrangements have been performed by the "Vocal-Band," one of the winners at the 1995 Montreux Jazz Festival. In 1993 world renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma performed a program of Alexander Rosenblatt's compositions at the Concertgebow in Amsterdam.
"Parts of a Whole" presents two world premieres of Mr.Rosenblatt`s works-Variations on a Themes of Chopin and Second Piano Sonata -explosive romantic virtuoso music of the young master influenced by Sergei Prokofiev, Samuel Barber and Chick Corea. And the jazz part of the album, stylish and sophisticated collection of both standards and originals, is guaranteed to bring you pleasure and desire to listen to this album over and over again.

Track List
Variations on a Theme of Chopin
Sonata for Piano No. 2 Parts 1, 2 and 3
All of You
There is No Greater Love
Love Letters
Hard Blue Suit
Stella by Starlight
Here's that Rainy Day
Waltz for Natasha

( Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Label - Catalogue Number MK437061 )
Released in Russia in 1992.  OOP to the best of my knowledge.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


(rare US bluesy prog).
 This one is not for the Jazzers but should please the Prog Heads / psychedelic blues freaks.  As you may have noted I have pretty catholic tastes.  This album was for a long time a mystery to me.  I remember hearing one track on the radio, probably on José Arthur’s Pop Club.  I enquired around, in specialised record shops and among friends but nobody had heard of the band.  A few years later I thought I had found it but it was a completely different Dr Feelgood, the UK pub rock band, very enjoyable but nothing to do with the music of “my” Doctor Feelgood”.
I would define the music as blues-based prog rock with mild jazz influences. It has vocal parts and lot of sax or flute-driven instrumental parts.   It sounds at time like a UK prog / Canterbury-influenced band, an unusual sound for an American band.  Think to early Jethro Tull or Gravy Train.  If you like bands like Delivery or Backdoor (UK), or the Colwell-Winfield Blues Band (US), you may give this one a try.
It seems that the original album released in 1971 is pretty rare indeed.  A bit of research on the net yielded some scarce info on the band. It hailed from Massachusetts. Members came from at least two local pop/ garage rock bands (Teddy and the Pandas and The Sensations).
…  Bill Corelle's further disenchantment with the direction the group (i.e. The Pandas) was heading led in 1969 to him forming his own blues and jazz band. ... Sharing Corelle's views, Paul Rivers decided to join him and, too, left the Pandas. Hooking up with Dick Winters and Ralph Cooper - both original members of the Sensations but at this time playing together in the Warlocks - the quartet then formed Dr. Feelgood. Dr. Feelgood later recorded an LP, titled 'Something To Take Up Time', on the Number One label.

The album was released on the Number One label (their own?) with no number on the label, but dead-wax number DFCR-1.
01. Number ten (2:47)
02. The roach did it (3:03)
03. Smoke dream (8:49)
04. Mr. Bojangles (2:32)
05. Medicine man (4:04)
06. Nasal greens and toe jam (3:10)
07. Hey gyp (5:17)
08. 5 x r.v.w. (6:10)
09. Something to take up time (7:41)
10. Junk (5:28)

Dick Winters: flute, tenor, baritone and soprano saxophones, maracas
Ralph Cooper: drums, conga, maracas
Bill Corelle: bass, cow bell
Paul Rivers: guitars

 The album was reissued on CD a few years ago, I got my copy from the now defunct Freak Emporium.  It’s OOP again but if you search the web, you’ll  still find it. Buy it !

Saturday, January 14, 2012


FREDDIE DERONDE (Sept.20, 1938 - Jan.6, 2012)

A sad news fell earlier this week.  Belgian double bass & electric bass player Freddie Deronde has left us on Jan.6.  Perhaps not well known outside of Belgian and European jazz circles, Freddie was nevertheless a great musician who played with the biggest European and US names. He had a long association with Rene Thomas, Chet Baker and J.R. Montrose (with whom he worked in the US).

He played with Lloyd Miller's IJQ in Brussels . He was a member of Solis Lacus (with Michel Herr,Richard Rousselet etc. but was not the featured bass player on the album), was a member of Michel Herr Trio (“Ouverture Éclair”), played on the mythic “Stream” album (Philip Catherine, Marc Moulin), played briefly with various Belgian prog rock aggregations (Wallace Collection, and the short-lived Casino Railway) … A more comprehensive biography can be found on the Lundis d’Hortense website and on the Jazz Hot website (in French).

Miller's IJQ with Lennart Jansson & Freddie Deronde at the Rose Noire in Brussels, 1960

The Richard Rousselet Quartet.
Freddie Deronde (bass), Richard Rousselet (trumpet), Michel Herr (piano) and Félix Simtaine (drums).
Backstage in 1978, when they played with US baritone saxophone player Pepper Adams.
Source:   (Michel Herr website) 

If you are unfamiliar with this musician, you can check him on YouTube playing electric bass with René Thomas Trio, HERE (Felix Simtaine on drums).

Quimsy posted "Ouverture Eclair" a while ago (here)
On the radio (see RTBF website)
Philippe Baron reviendra sur la carrière de Freddie sur "Musique 3" du vendredi 13 au mardi 17, de 18 à 19h. - (rencontre de 2004) et  sur "Le Grand Jazz" de 21 à 22 h. (La Première  RTBF) à partir du 19 janvier (interview réalisée en 1993).

P.S. : I was considering posting his  excellent 1989 album Spontaneous Effort - feat. Philip Catherine,  JR Montrose and Jan de Haas - but this album is still available in CD format from IGLOO.  Get it HERE.

Monday, January 9, 2012


FATS SADI ‘S COMBO (VOGUE, 25 cm, 1953).

 1.      The Man
"Fats" Sadi was for some six decades Belgium’s most popular jazzman. He was born in Andenne on 23 October 1927 and died in Huy on 20 Februaryr 2009. He was among Europe’s best vibraphonists – if not The best of his generation – but was also a master percussionist, a competent piano player and a singer excelling in scat.  In addition he was  a talented composer, arranger and band leader.
He chose Sadi as an artist name as he had an aversion for his last name ("Lallemand" which means "the German" in French).  He discovers jazz around 1938 listening to Louis ARMSTRONG. He starts playing the vibraphone as of 1941.During World War II, he works as semi-professional, then becomes professional in 1945, He tours American bases in Europe with one of the first European Bop agregation, "the Bob Shots", a band featuring Bobby Jaspar, Jacques Pelzer, Francis Boland and René Thomas. .
An American GI stationed in Germany who was very impressed by Sadi's percussion works was a young New Yorker of Porto Rican descent named Ray Barreto .... He traced his interest to percussions to this encounter in Germany.

In the early fifties, Sadi moved to Paris where he found regular work playing in the orchestras of Michel Legrand, Aimé Barelli, Jacques Helian and Sacha Distel. He regularly plays in Paris’ most famous jazz clubs such as the  Club Saint-Germain and le Blue Note.
In the sixties he is recruited by the RTB, the French-speaking Belgian Radio & Television. He hosts  a radio programme from 1961 to 1965, with the orchestra of Henri Segers and had his own television show from 1969 to1974.  He was a very popular and well-liked TV personality.
In 1996, he was awarded a Djangodor and was nominated best european vibraphonist in a referendum organized by both the French speaking and Dutch speaking Belgian Radio network (RTBF and VRT).
Sadi became seriously ill in January 1995 and subsequently appeared rarely on stage.

2.      The record:

"Fats" Sadi's Combo

Roger Guerin (tp-1,tu) Nat Peck (tb) Jean Aldegon (b-cl) Bobby Jaspar (ts,arr)
Fats Sadi (vib,arr,comp-1) Maurice Vander (p,arr) Jean-Marie Ingrand (b)
Pierre Michelot (b,arr) Jean-Louis Viale (d) José Bartel, Francy Boland (arr)
Paris, May 8, 1953

Side A
SWEET FEELING (*,pm arr,comp)
BIG BALCONY (bj arr,comp)

Side B
KARIN (1,jb arr,comp)
AD LIBITUM (fb arr,comp)
RIDIN' HIGH (1,mv arr)

Note : (*) On this title Guerin, Peck, Aldegon and Jaspar out.
According to Sadi the above session was recorded at 2 dates
one with Ingrand and the other with Michelot on bass.

This combo is a real who's who of French and Belgian boppers in the early fifties, Thanks again to Paul D. for this rare 10 " from his vault and the usual excellent sound quality, which has become his trademark!.

For more SADI, check Magic Purple Sunshine.

Essential reading (in French) : 
Histoire du Jazz en Belgique et en Wallonie (available from Amazon)
Bass Hits : an autobiography of bassman Jean Warland: 

Saturday, January 7, 2012



First album  by Holland-based FRA FRA SOUND, an International  little big band composed of musicians from Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles, Mexico (tenor sax Efraim Trujillo) and the US (trumpet/ fluegelhorn player Charles Green).

What does FRA FRA mean?
There is no literal translation for the concept of "Fra Fra Sound".  It has to do with balance, equilibrium.  The balance within the variegated Surinam culturethat is connected with the country's multiracial character, its history of coming into existence and the unique location between the Caribbean and the Latin-American hinterland. Additionnally, there is an ethnic group in northwestern Ghana known as "Fra Fra", which refers to the strong historical and cultural ties between West Africa and Surinam. (from the CD notes)
Band members:

Charles Green   trumpet & fluegelhorn
Efraim Trujillo   tenor saxophone (1 & 8)
Patrick Sedoc    guitar
Vincent Henar  bass
Robin van Geerke  piano & keyboards
Carlo Ulrichi     conga, timbales, bells & percussions
Guno Kramer   drums


Ponda O'Bryan : percussions (2-3-9)
Kenrick Gunther: conga & percussions (7-9)
José Lopretti: piano & synthetiser (7-8)
Jeff Gordon : tenor sax on all tracks except 1 & 8
Sharif Wagidhossain: alto sax (7)
Ronald Esseboon: tenor tuba (7)


1. Rhythm for the Fox
2. Pikin'Uma
3. Jangaman
4. Tuckayana Shout
5. Kooked Little Man
6. Little People
7. All Blues
8a A Zulu Folktale
8b. When the crocodlie smiles, beware!
9. Szopo

Check YouTube for live performances of Fra Fra Sound and Fra Fra Big Band.

Next post will be a rare 25 cm of Belgian 50s Be Bop feat. Bobby Jaspar ... coming soon!