In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Monday, January 9, 2012


FATS SADI ‘S COMBO (VOGUE, 25 cm, 1953).

 1.      The Man
"Fats" Sadi was for some six decades Belgium’s most popular jazzman. He was born in Andenne on 23 October 1927 and died in Huy on 20 Februaryr 2009. He was among Europe’s best vibraphonists – if not The best of his generation – but was also a master percussionist, a competent piano player and a singer excelling in scat.  In addition he was  a talented composer, arranger and band leader.
He chose Sadi as an artist name as he had an aversion for his last name ("Lallemand" which means "the German" in French).  He discovers jazz around 1938 listening to Louis ARMSTRONG. He starts playing the vibraphone as of 1941.During World War II, he works as semi-professional, then becomes professional in 1945, He tours American bases in Europe with one of the first European Bop agregation, "the Bob Shots", a band featuring Bobby Jaspar, Jacques Pelzer, Francis Boland and René Thomas. .
An American GI stationed in Germany who was very impressed by Sadi's percussion works was a young New Yorker of Porto Rican descent named Ray Barreto .... He traced his interest to percussions to this encounter in Germany.

In the early fifties, Sadi moved to Paris where he found regular work playing in the orchestras of Michel Legrand, Aimé Barelli, Jacques Helian and Sacha Distel. He regularly plays in Paris’ most famous jazz clubs such as the  Club Saint-Germain and le Blue Note.
In the sixties he is recruited by the RTB, the French-speaking Belgian Radio & Television. He hosts  a radio programme from 1961 to 1965, with the orchestra of Henri Segers and had his own television show from 1969 to1974.  He was a very popular and well-liked TV personality.
In 1996, he was awarded a Djangodor and was nominated best european vibraphonist in a referendum organized by both the French speaking and Dutch speaking Belgian Radio network (RTBF and VRT).
Sadi became seriously ill in January 1995 and subsequently appeared rarely on stage.

2.      The record:

"Fats" Sadi's Combo

Roger Guerin (tp-1,tu) Nat Peck (tb) Jean Aldegon (b-cl) Bobby Jaspar (ts,arr)
Fats Sadi (vib,arr,comp-1) Maurice Vander (p,arr) Jean-Marie Ingrand (b)
Pierre Michelot (b,arr) Jean-Louis Viale (d) José Bartel, Francy Boland (arr)
Paris, May 8, 1953

Side A
SWEET FEELING (*,pm arr,comp)
BIG BALCONY (bj arr,comp)

Side B
KARIN (1,jb arr,comp)
AD LIBITUM (fb arr,comp)
RIDIN' HIGH (1,mv arr)

Note : (*) On this title Guerin, Peck, Aldegon and Jaspar out.
According to Sadi the above session was recorded at 2 dates
one with Ingrand and the other with Michelot on bass.

This combo is a real who's who of French and Belgian boppers in the early fifties, Thanks again to Paul D. for this rare 10 " from his vault and the usual excellent sound quality, which has become his trademark!.

For more SADI, check Magic Purple Sunshine.

Essential reading (in French) : 
Histoire du Jazz en Belgique et en Wallonie (available from Amazon)
Bass Hits : an autobiography of bassman Jean Warland: 


  1. Enjoy and don't forget to say thanks to Paul D. if you want to see more rarities from his amazing collection.

    FATS SADI COMBO_1953.rar (82.8 MB)

  2. Paul D. Thanks for the Fats Sadi. This is music that I would never be able to hear in my lifetime were it not for your generosity. A HUGE thank you!

  3. Thank you, Paul D and BM. A most welcome rarity indeed and a mystery - to me - solved about his name. Exactly the kind of music I like too. This has made my day.

  4. Wow! Love Sadi! This is most welcome, many thanks!

  5. What a treat! So rare to see something by the wonderful Fats Sadi!!! Thanks

  6. Incredible ! all these merveilles at your place ! And of course thousands thanks to Paul !

  7. wonderful ! I'm again listening to it...I'm at Heaven !

  8. Je le cherchais, je ne dois avoir qu'un ou 2 albums de cet excellent VibesMan. ;-)

  9. Wow! This was licensed to Blue Note in the US, and is one of the very few early Blue Notes that have not come out on CD. The sound is excellent as is the music. I think the track order of the Vogue release works better than the one of the Blue Note release.

    An important post and splendid in every way! Many thanks, Paul D. and boogieman!

  10. hello Boogieman...
    ahh j'aimerais trop pouvoir écouter ça...
    mais les liens ne fonctionnent pas chez moi...!
    (j'ai par contre uploadé Janot Morales et Jacques Pelzer sans aucun problème)
    j'étais un ami de Roger Guérin et de Poppy Aldegon et j'aimerais vraiment avoir ces enregistrements...
    y'a qq chose à faire..?
    je n'ai pas trouvé le moyen de t'envoyer un message perso...

    1. Je l'avais re-posté en fevrier avec les autres 10 premiers "rarities". Le lien fonctionne toujours:


  11. ...Boogieman : Merci..!
    ah , décidément , ce blog est une mine d'or..!
    ( j'ai du créer un google account pour pouvoir entrer en communication ..mais pas trouvé le moyen de me défaire de ce vilain nom de "Unknown".... dsl..!)

    quelle vitalité dans le jazz européen des années 50/60 , notamment en Belgique..!
    et que dire de Francy Boland...?!

    au plaisir et merci encore

  12. Dear Boogie man,
    I'm looking for all the music recorded by Bobby Jaspar and was really very happy when I found this record on your marvellous blog. But unfortunately the last link you give is now also dead. Could you post a new link. That would be great ! Thanks, Secolo

    1. I'll do it but I'm currently travelling, no access to my files.

    2. Voila!

  13. Great album, and if anyone is after a copy, there's one on discogs at the moment...

  14. many thanks for the recent re-up. having got back into gallic jazz after blitzing my ears for many years with german free form its great to hear things like this with obscure (to me) French players