In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Friday, February 28, 2014


LP GRITS GR2002         USA, 1981

Elmer Parker McDougal, (August 6, 1924- July 18, 1994), Chicago "tough tenor" jazz saxophonist, was the founder of Chicago Hard-Core Jazz Inc. and owner of Grits Records.  He played the blues with various groups (Sonny Thompson, a.o.) and performed with many outstanding Chicago tenorists, including Johnny Griffin, Von Freeman and Gene Ammons.

E. Parker McDougal recorded only two albums, both on his own GRITS label.  No nonsense, straight-ahead jazz in the purest Chicago tradition.  I haven’t heard the first one (Initial Visit – GR2001, recorded in 1975) but this one is a very satisfactory album featuring strong playing by pianist Willie Pickens (on side A) and guitarist George Freeman (on side B).  To the best of my knowledge, these albums were never re-issued on CD.

Tenor saxophone: E. Parker McDougal
Piano: Willie Pickens
Bass: Dan Shapera
Drums: Robert Shy
A1.      Blues Tour (E. Parker McDougal)
A2.      Irma’s Waltz (E. Parker McDougal)
A3.      All too soon (Ellington)

Tenor saxophone: E. Parker McDougal
Guitar : George T. Freeman
Bass: Eddie Calhoun
Drums: Jim Cottrell (B1 & B3) / Robert Shy (B2 & B4)

B1.      P’s Blues
B2.      For Cuz
B3.      Love Tap
B4.      Skokie Swift
(B1 to B4: composed by E. Parker McDougal)


And I renew the request below:
If anyone has the album GR 2001 "Initial Visit", I'd love to hear it / post it.  Thanks.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


LP CSULA 579      USA 1980  (Private pressing)

Superb contemporary big band LP recorded by the California State University Jazz Ensemble in 1979 (LP released in 1980).  The first track – Crusade – is an absolute killer full of congas and solid drumming.  Other favorites are Les Hooper’s Shuffluphagass, Jeff Holmes’ Manstae II and Bob Curnow’s Tenth Planet.  The spirit of Stan Kenton is never far, no surprise considering Curnow's closeness to Kenton.

Side A
A1.      Crusade          composed and arranged by Bill Holman.
            Soloists:         drums: Gregg Hall
                                   trombone: Eric Jorgensen
                                   congas: Andy Webster
A2.      Of Another Time       composed and arranged by Bob Curnow
            Soloists:         vibes: Andy Webster
                                   flugelhorn: Bob Taylor
A3.      Manstae II      composed and arranged by Jeff Holmes
            Soloists:         soprano sax: Gary Bias
                                   trumpet: Bob Taylor

Side B
B1.      Shuffluphagass          composed and arranged by Les Hooper
            Soloists:         trumpet: Larry Gillespie
                                   trombone: Rocky Robles
                                   flute: Howard Cespedes
                                   tenor sax: Jim Pollock
                                   piano: Sam Garcia
B2.      A Time For Love       composed by Jonny Mandel / arranged by Hank Levy
            Soloists:         flugelhorn: Tony Mack
B3.      The Tenth Planet        composed and arranged by Bob Curnow
            Soloists:         soprano sax: Gary Bias
                                   trumpet: Bob Taylor
                                   bass: Larry Muradian
                                   the trumpet section
                                   piano: Sam Garcia

Gary Bias: alto (lead)
Kennan Miller: alto
Howard Cespedes: tenor
Jim Pollock: tenor
Robin Taniguchi: baritone
Tony Mack (lead) / Bob Taylor / Larry Gillespie /Jan Kendrick / Tony Martinez
Eric Jorgensen (lead) / Rocky Robles / Neal Finn / Blaine Herbert
Jim Paoletti
Sam Garcia: piano
Larry Muradian: bass
Gregg Hall: drums
Andy Webster: percussion

Recorded May 12, 1979 at the United/Western Recorders, Hollywood, CA


Thursday, February 20, 2014


The European Community Jazz Orchestra
Musical Director: Rick Taylor
LP JAZZ CATS 6985 015               BELGIUM, 1986

This is the second “Eurojazz” LP.  This one was recorded in 1985, the composition of the orchestra is slightly different from the one on the fist LP, still a huge big band (26 players) and a typically European sound (I think).

Tracks :

Side 1 - 1: The wrong button
Composed and arranged by Bert Joris (Belgium)
Soloists: Peter Vandendriessche / Matthias Schubert / David Jones

Side 1 - 2: A girl from Trigwell's Planet
Composed and arranged by Django Bates (UK). 
Soloists: Julian Arguelles / Andrea Pazza / Tommy Smith / Riccardo Bianchi / Soren Christensen / Frank Michiels.
Feat. Django Bates: prepared piano in opening and closing sections and piano in drum / percussion solos.

Side 2 - 1: Song for Micheline
Composed and arranged by Michel Herr (Belgium)
Soloists: Fabio Morgera / Julian Arguelles

Side 2 – 2: Up country
Composed and arranged by Rick Taylor (UK)
Soloists: Mark Godfroid / Johan Vandendriessche

Musicians :
Peter Vandendriessche - alto sax, sop sax, fl
Julian Arguelles - alto sax, sop sax, fl
Matthias Schubert - tenor sax
Tommy Smith - tenor sax, fl
Johan Vandendriessche - baritone sax, fl
Simon Gardner - trumpet
Rüdiger Baldauf - trumpet, flugelhorn
Ingolf Burkhardt - trumpet, flugelhorn
Karl Farrent - trumpet, flugelhorn
Fabio Morgera - trumpet, flugelhorn
Marc Godfroid - trombone
Neil Sidwell - trombone
Jilt Kansma - trombone
Dick Bolt- bass trombone
Ingo Luis - bass trombone
Murray Hardie - tuba
Helena Spencer - French horn
Stanley Van Wel - French horn
Richard Few - French horn
Beatrice Driver- French horn
Gary Hamilton - French horn
Andrea Pazza - piano
Riccardo Bianchi - guitar
David Jones - bass guitar
Soren Christensen - drums
Frank Michiels - percussion     

Recorded at Swan Studio, Buizingen (B), August 15, 1985. Released in 1986 in Belgium. LP (Jazz Cats/René Gailly 6985 015)

NEW LINK (28/08/17)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Musical Director Bobby Lamb
Associate Musical Director Rick Taylor

LP Jazz Cats 6985 014 - Belgium, 1986

In these times of fashionable euro-skepticism, I remain a firm believer in the ideal of European unity.  Not in its current institutions, unfortunately.  I agree these institutions badly need reforms to be made more accountable and transparent but one should refrain from throwing the baby with the bathwater. 

I remember a time not so long ago when I had to keep at least five different currencies in my wallet if I wanted to venture 100 km out of Brussels, considering that driving about 100 km from Brussels brings you in Holland, in France or on the ferry to Dover.  I had to keep Belgian francs (which were also valid currency in Luxembourg), French Francs, Dutch Guilders, Deutsche Marks and British Pounds.  God bless the Euro and I hope we’ll never revert to that state!

That’s probably the most political statement I’ll ever make on this blog.  Let’s go back to music with this little know European project dating from 1986.  This is the first of two albums by this huge big band (between 26 and 30 musicians) composed of (then) young musicians from different European countries.  You will probably recognize some of the names as several of these players are now well established on their national musical / jazz scene or even internationally (Julian Arguelles …).

It must be pointd out that the idea of an European Youth Jazz Orchestra was first floated by UK in 1981 and it is UK that provided the initial funding.  

The repertoire is made exclusively of pieces by European composers, often written and arranged specifically for the orchestra.

Side 1 features a Suite in four parts, composed /arranged and directed by Rick Taylor

On side 2 are two shorter pieces, directed by Bobby Lamb:
-        I ask you : composed and arranged by Kenny Wheeler
-        No message: composed and arranged by Francis Boland

The ensemble playing is impressive (a big band of over 25 musicians can generate a lot of energy) and there are some great soli.

The two LPs were reissued on a single CD which is now OOP.
This original  LP seems  completely unknown to Google and Discogs, I can't even get a picture of the sleeve from the web.

NEW LINK (26/08/17)

Sunday, February 16, 2014


EP "BONGO JAZZ"  -  Germany, 1959

Another rarity thanks to onxidlib.  Actually, it is not the first occurrence of this record in the blog sphere, it was already posted on the Berlin Beatet Bestes blog in 2010.  By the way, it's an excellent blog that I recommend highly. And I’m very jealous of Andreas who manage to buy this EP for 2 €   (read his story, it’s great fun.  Aren’t we – collectors - all like him?).  Man, you’re lucky! These European Jazz EPs have become highly collectable and can fetch unreasonable prices in auction.  This one is no exception. 

What I did not know was that it had been reissued in the late sixties on a budget LP.  It’s our man onxidlib who found out and ripped it directly from the LP.  

You will find more info on the Berlin Beatet Bestes blog where you can also download the single “Bongo, Bongo, Bongo” by Sam& the Saxtones (aka Jack Sels).  Ils sont fous, ces Germains!

Lucky Thompson, tenor saxophone & soprano saxophone (2)
Jack Sels, tenor saxophone
Ado Broodboom, trumpet (3 + 4)
Fats Sadi, vibes
Jean Fanis, piano (3 + 4)
Benoit Quersin, bass
Rudy Frankel, drums (3 + 4)
Ghana M'Bow, bongos (1 - 3)

Tracks titles
1. One Cool Night (Lucky Thompson) 2:22
2. The World Awakes (Lucky Thompson) 3:50
3. Ginger (Jack Sels) 2:58
4. Minor Works (Jack Sels) 3:37

Recorded in Köln, Germany on February 7, 1959.


MANHATTAN C 66126 # 7"

(vinyl rip from BACCAROLA 79325 ZT - 1969)

I love these sexy covers of budget LPs ! And the music's good too!
Those were the days ...

(with thanks to onxidlib for the rip and the pictures).

UPDATED LINK 19/07/2017

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Rerootin' Henny Vonk ‎
Timeless Records (LP)‎– SJP 164           Netherlands, 1982

It’s Quimsy who draw my attention to the Dutch vocalist Henny Vonk when he posted on his blog, a few years ago, her (rare) first album  -simply titled Vonk First – dating from 1969.  Henny Vonk – who worked for several years as vocalist with the Chris Hinze Combination -  had to wait 12 years to record a second album.  But it was worth the wait, she’s working with a dream rhythm section: Clint Houston on bass and Billy Higgins on drums.  A mention too for the remarkable but most underrated Dutch pianist / arranger Rob Vandenbroeck, currently pianist of the European Jazz Ensemble.

In addition to singing, Mrs Vonk wrote the lyrics, played bass guitar on two tracks, wrote poems and liner notes and made the stitchery on the front cover photo.

A1       Frandance        (Miles Davis)    7:04
A2       Circle   (Miles Davis / arranged by Rob Van Den Broeck)         3:08
A3       Nefertiti           (Wayne Shorter)           5:35
A4       Dolphin Dance (Herbie Hancock)         4:05
A5       The Blessing - Jazz Version      (Ornette Coleman)       3:29

B1        A Tribute To Someone (Herbie Hancock / arrangt by R. Van Den Broeck)        5:23
            Bass Guitar – Henny Vonk
B2        Cloud Of Knowledge    (Henny "Vonk" Tjong Ayong II / arrangt by R. Van Den Broeck)            4:02
Bass Guitar – Henny Vonk
B3        Pompeii           (Bobby Hutcherson)     4:21
B4        The Blessing - Latin-Jazz Version        (Ornette Coleman) 6:50

Vocals, Lyrics – Henny "Vonk" Tjong Ayong II
Piano– Rob Van Den Broeck
Bass – Clint Houston
Drums – Billy Higgins

Recorded at "Studio 44", Max Bolleman, Monster, Holland.

Recording date: November 18th, 1981 (A1-A5, B3, B4) and January 4th, 1982 (B1 & B2)

Rip in WAV, from original LP.  Pictures found on Discogs.

Sunday, February 9, 2014



JVC LP CD4B-5049E (4 channel stereo)– Japan 1973

Sleeve notes:
“JUNK” in Your Living Room
At JUNK on the Ginza in Tokyo, famous combos entertain jazz fans with programs stretching from old standard numbers to modern jazz.  Foreign jazz artists too drop in on swings through Japan for visits and off-the-cuff performance.  The club is always filled with Japan’s most fascinated and fascinating jazz fans.
JUNK is also the place where Japan’s leading jazz artists often gather to jam, and this LP is the result of a recording of one of those sessions using the breadth of CD-4 to capture the fans’ excitementas well as the players unbeatable performance.
The moment you put this record on, your living room will be filled with the sounds and excitement of jazz at JUNK.
Makoto Hasegawa

Hidehiko Matsumoto : tenor sax
Eiji Kitamura : clarinet
Akio Mitsui : trumpet & vocals
Koichi Kawabe : trombone
Shuzo Kibo : guitar
Ryusei Matsuzaki : vibraphone
Yuzuru Sera : piano
Hachiro Kurita : bass
Isamu Harada : drums


A1       Love Is Here To Stay
A2       Rose Room
A3       Just A Gigolo
A4       Star Dust

B1        By The Time I Get To Phoenix
B2        I'll Remember April
B3        Stars Fell On Alabama

B4        Take The "A" Train

I did not separate the tracks because it is a jam session and there are spoken parts by the musicians between the songs.  In Japanese, of course!
You will get two files, one for each side.
Ripped in WAV from original japanese LP .

Saturday, February 8, 2014



LP  Paddle Wheel ‎– K28P 6313  (Japan, 1984)

The Manhattan Jazz Quintet was formed in 1983 at the suggestion of Japanese jazz magazine Swing Journal and the King record label.  It was an unusual group in that they very rarely performed as a unit in the United States (much less Manhattan) but were a major hit in Japan, both for their recordings and occasional tours.

To everyone's surprise, its first recording (simply called Manhattan Jazz Quintet) became such a big seller that it was awarded Swing Journal's annual 1984 Gold Disk Award as the #1 album in Japan.   The quintet consisted originally – and on this album - of David Matthews on piano, Lew Soloff on trumpet, George Young on tenor sax, Charnett Moffett on bass and Steve Gadd on drums.  There were subsequent changes on later albums.

Due to the group's extremely limited distribution in other countries, it is not well known outside of Japan.  However this album was obviously distributed in Europe as my copy was manufactured by Bellaphon in Germany.

A1       Summertime
A2       Rosario
A3       Milestones
B1        My Favorite Things
B2        Airegin
B3        Summer Waltz

Trumpet – Lew Soloff
Tenor Saxophone – George Young 
Piano – David Matthews
Bass – Charnett Moffett
Drums – Steve Gadd

(LP rip in WAV).