In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Musical Director Bobby Lamb
Associate Musical Director Rick Taylor

LP Jazz Cats 6985 014 - Belgium, 1986

In these times of fashionable euro-skepticism, I remain a firm believer in the ideal of European unity.  Not in its current institutions, unfortunately.  I agree these institutions badly need reforms to be made more accountable and transparent but one should refrain from throwing the baby with the bathwater. 

I remember a time not so long ago when I had to keep at least five different currencies in my wallet if I wanted to venture 100 km out of Brussels, considering that driving about 100 km from Brussels brings you in Holland, in France or on the ferry to Dover.  I had to keep Belgian francs (which were also valid currency in Luxembourg), French Francs, Dutch Guilders, Deutsche Marks and British Pounds.  God bless the Euro and I hope we’ll never revert to that state!

That’s probably the most political statement I’ll ever make on this blog.  Let’s go back to music with this little know European project dating from 1986.  This is the first of two albums by this huge big band (between 26 and 30 musicians) composed of (then) young musicians from different European countries.  You will probably recognize some of the names as several of these players are now well established on their national musical / jazz scene or even internationally (Julian Arguelles …).

It must be pointd out that the idea of an European Youth Jazz Orchestra was first floated by UK in 1981 and it is UK that provided the initial funding.  

The repertoire is made exclusively of pieces by European composers, often written and arranged specifically for the orchestra.

Side 1 features a Suite in four parts, composed /arranged and directed by Rick Taylor

On side 2 are two shorter pieces, directed by Bobby Lamb:
-        I ask you : composed and arranged by Kenny Wheeler
-        No message: composed and arranged by Francis Boland

The ensemble playing is impressive (a big band of over 25 musicians can generate a lot of energy) and there are some great soli.

The two LPs were reissued on a single CD which is now OOP.
This original  LP seems  completely unknown to Google and Discogs, I can't even get a picture of the sleeve from the web.

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  2. Hi there, I just discovered your blog when I came upon the record "Jazz from the Faroe Islands 1"... I also post a great deal of unknown Euro-fusion on my blog, on which I try to add new material at least a few times per week:
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    And thanks for posting these great lost records!

  3. Hi Julian,

    I had a llok at your blog and found it very interesting. I guess I'll be a regular visitor. A link is added in the list on the right side.

  4. Somptuous ! The suite is somptuous ! Great music ! And the sound is perfect !thank you so much, boogieman, for this moment of real happiness !

  5. Thank u my friend - am enjoying this.

  6. Thank you, Boogieman! Another rarity!

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