In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Interjazz 6
Václav Zahradník & Prague Television Orchestra  featuring Rudolf Dašek, Georgi Garanian, Peter Hurt, Albert Mangelsdorff, Jiří Stivín, Jan Talich
Supraphon ‎– 11 0183-1 511 (LP)       Czechoslovakia, 1989

The fifth edition of the CZ Jazz Festival, held in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in 1988, included as part of its program an International Jazz Composers Workshop for which the organizers of the event had commissioned six renowned composers to submit scores.  The individual entries were rehearsed by the Prague Television Jazz Orchestra directed by Vaclav Zahradnik and a majority of them were performed in public at a Festival concert on March 26, 1988.
Studio sessions took place the following days and resulted in this album.
Jri Stivin is absolutely stunning in the first track but the whole album is pretty good.  Not a dud track IMHO.  Get it!  I do not think it had appeared in the blogworld before.


A1     Salut                           ( Alexej Fried)                                    8:12
Soloist: Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Jiří Stivín
A2     Good Morning           (Václav Zahradník)                       5:15
Soloist:  Guitar – Rudolf Dašek
A3     Africana                     (Georgi Garanian)                            4:29
Soloist : Alto Saxophone – Georgi Garanian

B1     Par Pondus                 (Emil Viklický)                                   6:40
Soloist:  Viola – Jan Talich
B2     Touch & Go               (Peter Hurt)                                          7:33
Soloists : Alto Saxophone – Peter Hurt  / Double Bass – Robert Balzar / Piano – Emil Viklický
B3     Des'sch Too Much    (Albert Mangelsdorff)                       6:15
Trombone solo :Albert Mangelsdorff


Prague Television Orchestra featuring : Albert Mangelsdorff, Jan Talich, Jiří Stivín, Peter Hurt, Rudolf Dašek, Georgi Garanian
Conductor – Václav Zahradník
Trumpet – Jan Burian (2), Miroslav Huja, Miroslav Jelínek, Miroslav Šoltész
Trombone – Ivan Matějček, Ivan Zelenka, Jan Hynčica, Jaromír Dušek, Jiří Sušický
Saxophone – Jindřich Němeček, Jiří Jech, Josef Nachtman, Ladislav Odcházel jr.*, Zdeněk Hostek
Flute – Jaroslav Tichý
Guitar – Jan Kučera
Piano, Electric Piano [Fender] – Emil Viklický
Synthesizer – Jakub Zahradník
Double Bass, Bass Guitar – Robert Balzar
Drums – Ivan Smažík

Recorded at the Czechoslovak Television Studio A, Prague, from 27 to 29 March, 1988 and on 19 April, 1988 



  2. This certainly looks too good to miss it! I have Interjazz IV as LP and like it quite a lot.
    I wonder how the music of the present LP might relate to the one I have.
    Was it a series?
    Great share - Thank YOU!

    1. Thanks Onx'. I think this one is "easier" than Interjazz IV which focussed very much on free jazz/ improvised music.
      Even the Mangelsdorf track is fairly swinging.

    2. Yes it is easier but it's fine music as well. Thanks again!

      Interjazz IV is to be found >

  3. Hey guys. Cheers for this boogieman.
    I don't have Interjazz 4 but I have 1-5 if there's a need!

  4. Thanks! Looks interesting. A pity that the scans are so small that are useless.

    1. It's just a photo. My scanner cannot accommodate a LP sleeve.

  5. hey Boogieman, a good starter for me for the new year: dasek & stivin, always worth a lissen [:-) New to me, these interjazz series, so Quimsy don't be shy... (or you Bill Dixon [;-)
    thanks a lot!

    1. Interjazz 3 was posted a good while ago on the Growing Bin.
      I'd be interested to hear the others.
      Quimsy it's time to post something on your blog!! If you can't I'll happily accept your contribution.

  6. Václav Zahradník A Hosté Jazzového Festivalu Praha 1970 - Interjazz
    Supraphon ‎– 1 15 0999
    Recorded October 19–22, 1970, studio Dejvice, Prague.

    1. Merci Quimsy! I'm downloading now. Will let you know what I think of the music. Perhaps I could make a proper post of it.

  7. i have interjazz 5… milan svoboda!

    1. Hey Brian, Svoboda, sounds good! Are you going to post it?

    2. yes, very soon on my blog!


  8. Thanks to all.
    To summarize:
    Interjazz 1: posted on the blog thanks to quimsy
    Interjazz 2: still missing
    Interjazz 3: available @ Inconstant Sol
    Interjazz 4 : still missing
    Interjazz 5 : posted by Brian on his blog
    Interjazz 6: this post

  9. is Interjazz 2 with slide hampton and zahradnik big band! if it is…

    Interjazz 3: still missing
    Interjazz 4 : available @ Inconstant Sol

    1. Yes it is Interjazz 2
      Interjazz 3: was posted at the Growing Bin but link no longer active. The rip was not very good. Does anyone have a better one and the list will be complete! I don't think it goes beyond Interjazz 6.

  10. i'm a foooool….. i have my lp… of interjazz 3… but it is under gustav broom… it will be on my blog soon!

  11. Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski & Gustav Brom •  Interjazz 3
    Jazzový Orchestr Čs. Rozhlasu v Praze
    A1. Hlavní Bod (Krycznik Pierwszy) (J. P. Wróblewski) (10:30)
    A2. Jan Szpargatol (Mahawisnia) (J. P. Wróblewski) (5:05)
    A3. Vedlejší Produkt (Produkt Uboczy) (J. P. Wróblewski) (5:30)
    Gustav Brom Se Svým Orchestrem
    B1. Modus Vivendi (P. Herbolzheimer) (6:35)
    B2. Květy A Slzy (Flowers And Tears) (C. Carter) (8:10)
    B3. Narodilo Se Dítě (A Child Is Born) (Tl Jones) (4:10)
    B4. Letecká Pošta (Air Mail Special) (B. Goodman - C. Christian - J. Mundy) (2:50)

    Laco Deczi, Tomasz Stanko (trumpet A1 to A3)
    Petr Král (tenor saxophone A1 to A3)
    Tomasz Szukalski (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone A1 to A3)
    Karel Růžička (piano A1 to A3)
    Bass – Petr Kořínek (tracks: A1 to A3)
    Josef Vejvoda (drums A1 to A3)
    Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski se Jazzový Orchestr Čs. Rozhlasu (conductor A1 to A3)

    Ack van Rooyen (trumpet B1, B2),
    Peter Herbolzheimer (trombone B1, B2)
    Chick Carter (tenor saxophone B1; flute B2)
    Jimmy Pratt (drums B1, B2)
    Aura Ursiceanu (vocal B3, B4)
    Gustav Brom Se Svým Orchestrem (conductor B1 to B4)

    Side A recorded at the Czechoslovak Radio Studio A in Prague, November 1973.
    Side B recorded by the Czechoslovak Radio Brno in a studio and at live performances: tracks B1 and B2 Brno, June 30, 1969., track B3 and B4 Brno, October 23, 1974.

    Supraphon ‎1 15 1739; Gramofonový Klub ‎1 15 1739