In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Thursday, July 14, 2011

7 UP


 Here is another album that has not been re-issued so far.  It was recorded between Helen 12 Trees and Crystal Bells, (posted a few weeks ago).  Typical Seventies Mariano, part Jazz Fusion – part South Indian. 

AMG is pretty laconic and not especially informative on this one (not that I expect much from AMG):
A '77 session with onetime Charlie Parker imitator Charlie Mariano now as immersed in Asian and Indian music as he ever was in bop. He's working with a European rhythm section that includes keyboardist Rainer Bruninghaus and bassist Barre Phillips. There are some compositions that reflect Mariano's jazz background, while others have everything from classical strains to Asian scales and instruments
  • Charlie Mariano – alto & soprano saxophones, flute, nagaswaram
  • Rainer Brüninghaus – acoustic & electric pianos, synthesizer
  • Barre Phillips – acoustic bass
  • Hansgeorg Meuser – electric bass
  • Udo Dahmen – drums, percussion
  • Trilok Gurtu – tabla, percussion, drums (7)
  1. Aszù (Rainer Brüninghaus) 8:06
  2. Nagaswarup (Charlie Mariano) 7:47
  3. Earth (Rainer Brüninghaus) 2:47
  4. Out of the Jungle (Udo Dahmen) 4:16
  5. To an Elfin Princess (Charlie Mariano) 7:24
  6. 7 Up (Hansgeorg Meuser) 5:27
  7. Back of J. (Barre Phillips) 2:55
  8. Down the Kaveri (Charlie Mariano) 4:45
Recorded October 5-7, 1977 at Cornet Studios, Cologne, Germany
Mixed October 19-21, 1977 by Wolfgang Hirschmann at Cornet Studios, Cologne, Germany.
Produced by Kurt Renker, supervised by Vera Brandes Released by Contemp (Germany) 2 Stereo | Inner City 1024

 Although not as good as Helen 12 Trees – which rates among Mariano’s best works ever, it’s nevertheless a very enjoyable and varied album.  There’s a bit of everything: fusion, South Indian, ECM-type ballads (Barre Philips'Back of J) and even a solid slab of funk (7 Up).
Ripped by JC from the original album.

Recommended website on Charlie  Mariano: Charlie Mariano Tribute


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  2. ofcourse I will this a try, although the year, personel and the review tell me it's not for me [:-) will say a thank you (or not) after a proper listening
    peace, E-mile

  3. BM, it's turned out to be a " or not" ...
    sorry, but honestly [:-)
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  4. No problem, can't please everybody all the time. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. Just found your blog Boogieman, thanks for this Charlie Mariano...and thanks to JC too.

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  8. Thanks for the repost Boogieman.
    I only just discovered your blog, thru Inconstantsol.
    Have not heard this before, but any new Mariano is likely to be good, especially with Barre Phillips contributing.
    I will get round to sampling some of your other suggestions, but it may take a while. So much good music, so little time to enjoy.
    Thanks again comrade.
    Regards Wally.

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  10. Thanks, I look forward to this. Appreciate all of your posts that relate to Indian music.