In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Friday, July 8, 2011

JAZZ AUX OUDAYAS (Morocco, EU, 2002)

 Since 1996, the Festival JAZZ AU CHELLAH (formerly JAZZ AUX OUDAYAS) in Rabat is a unique occasion for European Jazzmen to present their music to a Moroccan audience and to play with local, musicians.  Morocco has a very rich musical heritage.  As a gate between Europe and Africa, it has always been a cultural melting pot: African, Arabic, Berber, Sufi, Andalousian,  Sephardic  and Western influences can be found in the various styles.  Moreover the musical traditions are very well alive as is demonstrated by the many festivals all through the country.

The JAZZ at the CHELLAH Festival takes place every year during the month of June.  Today I'm posting a promotional CD with highlights of the 2002 Festival.  As far as I know this CD is not commercially availalble.

  1. Trio Mirabassi meets Taifa Issaouiya Mouwahada
  2. D'3 meets Balabil Al Andalous Quartet
  3. Jesse van Rullen Trio meets Nasser Houari
  4. Muthspiel & Muthspiel meets Youssef El Fadil
  5. Trio Vaiana/Kaiat/La Rocca meets le duo Ihiri / Mazouz
If you liked the Noon in Tunisia album posted a while ago on OIR, you should be interested by this post.

My favorite tracks?  Muthspiel & Muthspiel meets Youssef El Fadil, (I've always been a fan of the Vienna Art Orchestra) and the last one, for Jo Kaiat's piano, Sal La Rocca's drumming and because I think the fusion works especailly well in this track.

Les Oudayas - Rabat
Link in comments. Scans with details of sessions.


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