In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Friday, July 8, 2011

Atelier MOZART (Mauritius)

Jose Therese, saxophonist & educator
 If you’ve enjoyed the Ernest Wiehe 10-piece Jazz  Ensemble posted earlier on this blog, you may wish to learn some more about the Mauritian Jazz scene and especially about Atelier Mozart, a fantastic Jazz School founded some 15-years ago by saxophonist José Thérèse – with some assistance from the EU Delegation and other donors at the beginning,  to purchase instruments.  The project aims specifically at training young kids from underprivileged neighborhood in playing an instrument and becoming professional musician and jazz performers.
The result is absolutely amazing!

I’ve found a couple of videos on Youtube and this website from photographer Julien Girardot with superb photos (here).

I used to catch them playing live every Saturday at the Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis when I was living in Mauritius in the early '00s.

Here they are playing some funky stuff you'll easily recognize. 

According to Jose Therese, they are in dire need of sponsors!
If there ever was a development initiative worth suppporting, here it is.

There is an excellent interview of Jose Therese in French here 

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