In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


EP 45 rpm - Brunswick 10062   Germany, 1956

Fans of rare Eurojazz, rejoice! Our man Onxidlib has unearthed another rare EP on German Brunswick.  It is a compilation of four small combos recorded at the occasion of the 4th German Jazz Festival in 1956.  A few (vaguely) familiar names (at least to me): Jean-Louis Chautemps, and the Belgians (Christian Kellens, Marcel Peeters, Alex Scorier)Helmut Weglinski, we’ve already encountered on the Modern Jazz Studio Nr 1 album.  Fred Bunge played with Kurt Edelhagen band in the 50s.  Vera Auer is a mysterious performer, one of the few females involved in the early days of the European jazz scene (read more here). Fritz Hartschub was a member of the Wolfgang Lauth Sextet posted last year (I was a bit hard on him but I really like his playing here).

A.1         FRED BUNGE ENSEMBLE          Basement party
Fred Bunge (tp) Christian Kellens (tb) Marcel Peeters (as) Alex Scorier (bar) Joe Klimm (p) Herbert Winter (b) Teddy Paris (d)
Concert, Frankfurt/Main, May 21, 1956

A.2.        VERA AUER COMBO       Dot's groovy
Jean-Louis Chautemps (ts) Vera Auer (vib) Klaus Sachs (p) Eddie de Haas (b) Shorty Langenbach (d)
Concert, Frankfurt/Main, May 21, 1956

B.1.        SOUND CAVE COMBO     Cool doodle
Egon Denue (ts) Fritz Hartschuh (vib) Wolfgang Wagner (b) Horst Seidelman (d)
Concert, Frankfurt/Main, May 19, 1956

B.2.        HELMUT WEGLINSKI QUINTET         Avalon
Helmuth Weglinski (vln) Flip Gehring (vib,g) Peter Grzescik (g) Jan Thomes (b) Heinz Hoitz (d)
Concert, Frankfurt/Main, May 21, 1956

Tracks 1,2 and 4 recorded on May 21, 1956 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany during the fourth German Jazz Festival.
Track 3 recorded on May 19, 1956 at the same location.

Note: Christian Kellens plays a tuba with five valves in e-flat - which in character and range resembles the bass-trombone.

Christian Kellens (centre) with Jorge Lopez Ruz (left) and Gustavo Bergalli (right) ( 1960s) (photo archive Christian Kellens (found : here )
Read an interview of Attila Zoller and how he met Vera Auer (here)


  1. With eternal gratitude to onxidlib

  2. more eternal gratitude to onxidlib & boogieman. all new to me and a fascinating snapshot of obscure euro charm, quaintness even. man, that tuba is a porker, five valves or not. Bunge was good but hardly heard here. anybody have anything, musical or biographical ? died too young. couple cool pics online, both with shades.

  3. just found -- that is a cover and a title and a label 'belter' !

  4. Thank you very much boogieman and Onxidlib for this rarity.
    I hope we can also find the other EP`s from the 1956 festival, especially 10063-Cool Breeze. 10064-Berlin Jazz &
    10065- Jazz a la carte.

    1. I have a rip of Cool Breeze (and probably also Jazz a la carte). But both EPs were in a very bad condition - I will clean them up - though it will certainly need some time.