In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Erich Kleinschuster Sextett + Dusko Goykovich

Recorded on January 15, 1970 at the Austrophon Studio, Vienna.

Erich Kleinschuster c. 1970
By popular demand … of one visitor ...  here is a second instalment of unreleased Kleinschuster-Goykovich sessions, this one dating from 1970. 

The session was supposedly for a LP but the record never materialised. I got the file from onxidlib who got it from someone else who got it from ... doesn’t matter.  May the gods and related entities bless the good and generous onxidlib for his invaluable contributions to this blog (and may, by the same occasion, the blessing extend to all other generous contributors).

Look at the cast. The names speak for themselves. Need I say more?   Get it while it lasts!

Dusko Goykovich c. 1970
Session 2
Dusko Goykovich,      trumpet, fluegelhorn
Robert Politzer            trumpet
Erich Kleinschus         trombone
Hans Salomon             soprano & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Fritz Pauer                   piano, electric piano
Jimmy Woode              bass
Erich Bachträgl            drums

1. It's About Time (E. Kleinschuster) 5:47
2. Sega se Karame (E. Kleinschuster) 7:28
3. Night in Skoplje (D. Gojkovic) 5:20
4. Tell It Like It Is (F. Pauer) 5:29
5. Old Fisherman's Daughter (D. Gojkovic) 5:48
6. Madison Walk (E. Kleinschuster) 4:36

Hans Salomon
Fritz Pauer

Jimmy Woode

Erich Bachträgl
All pictures googled from the web.  Does anyone have a  picture of trumpet player Robert Politzer?

I hope this set will inspire some more comments than the first onet ( 1 comment in three months)


  1. In glorious FLAC

    Merci onxidlib!

  2. I'm happy someone asked for a re-up. Fritz Pauer was Art Farmer's European pianist of choice, and for good reason!
    Many thanks for this gem.

  3. Finally! (I had looked every week for the promised 'coming up soon' installment.)
    Any more to follow?

    1. Well, you shoulda left a comment, that's what they're for. If nobody says anything, I assume no one's interested.
      As for your question, see below. onxidlib is pretty good at unearthing these rare files, so perhaps ...

  4. many thanks. not least for Hans Salomon, one of the best euro tenors.

  5. dear boogieman,

    thnx for fullfilling my wish promptly. as mentioned from your side universal austria released a vast part of this kleinschuster sessions via 2 doublecd`s years ago, but some very interesting stuff - like these gyokovich sessions, john surman, karin krog and unfortunately a fantastic phil woods session (as the story goes this session was already remastered from original tapes without kleinschuster`s comments and incl. the full version of "riot"- SO IT HAS TO BE SOMEWHERE - to be included in the 2nd universal cd before phil woods cancelled his allowance this to be released....)
    in case you could post the karin krog session - which is making it`s rounds via collector circles - would be much appreciated.
    thnx for your efforts to keep this side going and therefore enable also a younger generation - beneath us old duds - to wittness this music`s magic.


  6. I have the ones with Phil Woods, Karin Krog, Charles Tolliver etc.
    I shall send the one with Karin Krog to the Boogieman.

    1. Would be great, THNX - I presume the Phil Woods you have is the radio broadcast with "Riot" faded out (that`s the one I have )??

    2. Yes that's the one I have, The two recording sessions contain twelve tracks - not counting the tracks from the radio host.

    3. Thanks onxidlib. Got it. Been pretty busy lately. Will post it this week end, hopefully.

  7. Hey Boogie! thanks for the tunes. Some great stuff here. Looking for another contributor? I'm happy to oblige! Please let me know. ATB Bill

  8. Thanks so much! I'm familiar with Goykovich and Woode, not so much with the others, so I'm looking forward to checking this out!

  9. Thanks for this! I've only recently discovered Kleinschuster, so what you offer is a real find.