In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Monday, August 5, 2013


Going for a walk in the central souk is a favorite passtime when we feel a bit bored. 

It's probably not the place one would think of going cratedigging ... unless one knows where to look.  So while my wife looks at the clothes, shoes, bags and perfume shops, I take a stroll to the backstreets of the market and sometimes I get lucky.

Nothing rare this time but not a bad harvest either
- a Lightin' Hopkins album on the UK budget label  Boulevard. I've never been disappointed by Lightin'.
- Stan Getz at Storyville on the French Vogue Label (originally on the legendary Roost label).  A classic early getz recording, with Al Haig on piano.
- Lee Konitz Big Band in the Spanish budget series Los Grandes del Jazz, originally released in the US on Groove Merchant as Chicago 'n All that Jazz.  Featuring the likes of Dick Katz and Mike Longo, it can't be all bad.
- the first Wishbone Ash album, a somewhat unjustly forgotten british band. They were a great live band with twin guitars. I saw them in Brussels around 1970 (Woluwe Shopping Centre if I remenber well).

Then I dug a few EP and singles, some of them to swap with other collectors. I love those French 4-tracks EP. Los Bravos was a pioneer Spanish beat band, famous thru their song Black is Black, a #1 hit in many countries.  I'm not a great fan of Danyel Gerard but he was a pioneer of French Rock&Roll  (Memphis Tennessee), I'm pretty sure I'll be able to swap it easily for something more to my taste. 
The Matt Lucas EP (no, not the Little Britain guy!) features an excellent version of "I'm movin' on".  Will probably keep it. Same for Georgie Auld Sax in Satin. Schmalzy but nice.

I could not resist buying The Chakachas "Jungle Fever", an unexpected world hit for this aggregation of Belgian jazz and studio musicians.  A fun record for the juke box!

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