In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Monday, August 12, 2013


Rediffusion LP – RIM ZS 26 (UK, 1969/70?)

A bit of an obscurity this one! No details on the sleeve and little information on the net.

Denys Justin Wright (6 May 1924 – 8 February 1992), better known as Denny Wright, was a jazz and skiffle guitarist who performed with Stephane Grappelli, Lonnie Donegan, Johnny Duncan (bluegrass musician), Digby Fairweather, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Eckstine, Fapy Lafertin and many other musicians, including young rising stars such as Bireli Lagrene and Nigel Kennedy (Wikipedia).

Denny Wright's free-flowing improvisational style came to the forefront through his work with Lonnie Donegan in the 1950s. Wright was a pioneer in establishing a fresh lead guitar style in the context of the folk and blues roots from which Donegan drew his song repertoire. Drawing upon and transcending the jazz blues elements in his own background, and the vital influence of Django Reinhardt, Wright produced constantly innovative lead breaks and solos for Donegan's live work and recordings on both acoustic archtop and electric guitar.

In the 1960s, in addition to a great deal of session work providing backing for many top artists including Mary Hopkin and Tom Jones, Denny was working with his friend Keith Cooper to keep the jazz flag flying; Tribute To The Hot Club by the Cooper-Wright Quintet [Rediffusion] is a wonderful example of their work together. (id.)
I guess the violinist is Johnny van Derrick.   That makes three names but who are the two remaining ones (a bass player and, I assume, a rhythm guitar?). 

In the comments, Zoot suggests,  Ike Isaacs as third guitar player and Len Skeat on double bass, by association.   I had suggested Diz Disley (gtr) and Coleridge Goode (bass) but it was just an educated guess.  Will we ever know?

The record had not been reviewd in Jazz Journal (Zoot) and is not even listed in Walter Bruyninckx extensive discography (Paul D.). 

I found my copy in a small shop in Schaerbeek (Brussels) some 15 years ago.  Not exactly a mint copy, it was in pretty bad shape.  It costed 50 FB (less than 1 £), I took a chance. Therefore don't expect CD quality.  It's in WAV so perhaps someone among you,with some time to spare and patient enough, may wish to give a try at cleaning it better. 

Denny Wright (source: )
A1.  After You've Gone
A2. Miss Annabelle Lee
A3. Just a Little Love a Little Kiss
A4. Daphne
A5. Nagazaki
A6. HCQ Strut

B1. Sweet Georgia Brown
B2. Shine
B3. Body & Soul
B4. Nuages
B5. Limehouse Blues
B6. Running Wild
Johnny van Derrick (source:web)
Excellent article on UK Jazz Guitar pioneers HERE


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  3. much appreciated. quite a bit of cheapo UK jazz on rediffusion. this is pretty ersatz but musicianly. by association, the other guitar would be Ike Isaacs and the bassist Len Skeat.

    1. Thanks Zoot, I shall correct the post.

    2. from the number, the album would seem to date from end 1969 or 1970. Wright made a number of albums for Rediffusion in various genres. Isaacs also made albums for the label but his and Skeat's association with Wright is from later 70s. It could also be Dizley or just about anybody. not reviewed JJ 69 or 70.

    3. spell correction -- Disley who also played with Grappelli but was also a friend and associate of Wright -- I read. Both could do a Django.

  4. This looks pretty promising, many thanks, Boogieman!

  5. Many thanks for this real obscurity.

  6. please repost this! I would love to hear it!