In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Halcyon Records, USA, 1975

I just read on the news that Marian McPartland died yesterday.  She was 95.  A great old lady of jazz piano.  She could be an adventurous musician as this album demonstrates.

Originally recorded for her Halcyon label, this unusual set by pianist Marian McPartland finds her playing quite free in spots. Her interplay with bassist Michael Moore and drummer Jimmy Madison (Billy Hart takes Madison's place on two numbers) is very alert, sometimes almost telepathic, and much more adventurous than one might expect. 

Five of the 11 selections are by McPartland, and four are by Moore, but even the standards ("What Is This Thing Called Love" and "Three Little Words") sound as if they are being performed by lyrical avant-gardists. Fascinating music worthy of several listens.
(source AMG).


1.         What Is This Thing Called Love?    Cole Porter     6:03
2          Aspen Marian McPartland  3:08
3          Sounds Like Seven   Michael Moore          3:50
4          Ambiance       Marian McPartland  3:33
5          Rime   Michael Moore          4:16
6          Three Little Words   Bert Kalmar / Harry Ruby   3:29
7          Hide and Seek With the Bombay Bicycle Club     Michael Moore          4:01
8          Afterglow       Marian McPartland  4:39
9          Lost One        Marian McPartland  3:55
10        The Wisdom of the Heart    Michael Moore          2:47
11         Glimpse          Marian McPartland  6:37

It was reissued as a Jazz Alliance CD in 1995 (OOP).  The rip is from an original Halcyon LP found in the medina in Rabat, amazing what I've found here over the years!  Expect some surface noise but it’s perfectly listenable. 


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  3. Could you repost the part 2 of the post? The published links are only for the part 1.

    Thank you, boogieman!

  4. Looks great , i second georges motion , her 1970 duo interplay now on IS.. with more to come!

  5. Part 1:

    Part 2:

  6. thanks boogieman!.. i have one other Marian oop halcyon lp
    its electric piano though,which i confess i like.... if you want it i'll post it.
    my Mother was born in Rabat!!.and lived there until 56..when the French were ousted. sounds like flea market paradise eh!

    1. Hi Sotise,
      yes I'd be interested to hear Marian McP on electric piano. I confess liking the sound of Fender Rhodes, I guess it's a bit of nostalgia for the sound of the late sixties/early seventies.
      Rabat is still a good place to live. I wouldn't call it a flea market paradise (used to be) but I like to stroll thru' the souk, have a thé à la menthe or a nos-nos (strong cafe creme in a glass) and if, on top of that, I find an old LP in listenable condition, it makes my day. Cheers

  7. she plays a wurlitzer electric on about a third , a nice record... i'll do it soon.

  8. Thanks for the Marian McPartland post.

  9. Love to hear her in solo or small group context. Big thanks for this!

  10. Beautiful!
    Marian got a false image of cocktail pianist but all piano players & true music lovers knew she could really PLAY!
    Quite a lady. Witty, sensitive, a beautiful human being. Her PianoJazz sessions are treasures. She will be missed.
    Thks for your sharings

  11. Any chance of a re-up? These links redirect to a google search page.
    Thanks so much for allowing us all to hear so much fantastic music