In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, June 8, 2013



Several legends of Belgian Jazz have left us recently for the great Jam Session.
Albert Langue & his Dixie Stompers (source: RTBF website)
Trumpet player Albert Langue died aged 92 in Mons, he is well remembered for recording with Sydney Bechet the famous (at least in Belgium) folk theme Le Doudou (a carnival song which was the anthem of his native town of Mons, in the coal mining region known as Le Borinage).

Charlie Calmeyn career as a jazzman goes back to the late thirties. He lead for many years the Brussels Big Band - a swing big band in the Basie tradition, featuring some of the better local talents (Edmond Harnie, Al Goyens, Jean Blaton ...).  It was proclaimed European Best Big Band in its style in Paris in 1976.  The Brussels Big Band can be heard on a Vogue LP recorded in 1980.
(sorry, I could not find any picture.  Still looking though.  But you can hear him on one 78 rpm track - Rythm Stomp - see comments )

Joop Ayal was born in Dutch Indonesia.  He arrived in Holland as a stoveaway in 1948 and started working with various  local artists such as Rita Reys.  In 1951, he moved to Brussels, Belgium, where he started playing the baritone sax with Francis BAY in the famous Brussels club Au Gaity. 
Joop Ayal (Source Joop's MySpace)

Until 1965 he stayed clubbing in the city, than started a long collaboration with Flemish television. He played with his quintet at Jazz Middelheim in 1976. 

Joop Ayal received a master's degree in Counterpoint from the Académie Royale de Bruxelles and in Arranging and Orchestration from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

 He played a.o. with the WASO (Django style band) and the RETRO JAZZ ORCHESTRA. 
Joop AYAL appears on several albums.  In the 90s he was often playing with the little big band of singer/guitarist Vicky Down.

Joop was a great saxman very much influenced by Ben Webster.  Check in on MySpace: and listen to his rendition of I remember Ben (recorded with Waso Quartet).


  1. Orchestre Charlie Calmeyn: Rhythm Stomp (78T)

  2. I love the oldie sound. Thanks 4 this one! :)

  3. There's just something wrong when a jazzman dies. It doesn't seem right that the music just stops. Bittersweet then to hear so many recordings of these folks. I guess it's as close to immortality as you can get..... RIP gents. Thanks for the tunes.