In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, June 8, 2013


METRONOME MEP 107 (EP) – Sweden, 1955

Until recently I don’t think there was much music by Swedish composer / cellist George Riedel floating around the blogsphere.  And suddenly it comes from all directions!

First El Reza sent us the rare RIEDAIGLIA LP – which, by the way, has become  the most visited and downloaded post on this blog!  Merci Reza!

Then about a week ago, a guy named Matthias F provided a copy of Jazz Ballet which was posted on Bacoso's OIR.

And now our good friend onxidlib send us this rare EP dating from 1955, with all the usual suspects you can expect from a Swedish recording of the mid-fifities (Domenrus, Wallin …).

Isn’t music blogging a marvelous media for preserving obscure and forgotten music?
Why then are we considered as vulgar delinquents by Web regulators?   We ain't stealing nothing from no one.

George Riedel, cello
Arne Domnérus, clarinet
Bengt-Arne Wallin, trumpet
Yngve Akerberg, bass
Egil Johanssen, drums

Side A:
1. Cellophan (Riedel)                    3:35
2. Episodes (Wallin)                      2:55

 Side B:
3. Jumper (Riedel)                         3:31
4. Shorty, I'm Sorry (Riedel)          2:41

Recorded in Stockholm, Sweden on February 2, 1955.


  1. Thanks to onxidlib:

  2. another curio by Riedel:

    Gymnastikmusik Georg Riedel, instruktör Bengt Malbert “Puls”

    Bass – George Riedel, Hans Lindholm, Stefan Brolund
    Clarinet, Alto Saxophone – Arne Domnérus
    Drums – Björn Ågeryd, Egil Johansen
    Flute, Tenor Saxophone – Claes Rosendahl
    Guitar – Rune Gustafsson, Rune Larsson
    Piano – Bengt Hallberg, Knud Jörgensen
    Bass Trombone – Olle Lind

    Recorded 22.5 & 1.6. 1970.

  3. looking forward for this musical workout... thank BM & Quimsy!

  4. More eternals. Sweden second only to US as Jazzland and so few folks there too ! Do I hear other candidates ? Britain was bigger -- but better ? Agree purpose of Blogland to preserve such rarities rather than to provide freebies of available material.

  5. wow, this really is a treat. thanks so much to everyone for sharing.