In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, June 22, 2013


ON THE MOVE   (Belgium, 1992)

This one is for gypsy swing / guitar fans and in memory of Joop Ayal who recently left this world (and of Bob Dartsch who left us in October last year).

Dominique Pierard is what I would call a fixture of the Brussels musical scene.  A gifted and well-liked Belgian guitar-player who‘s been around since the 70s, he can often be caught playing in and around Brussels (and much further … friends of mine met him in the early 80s  playing Django’s music in a bar in New Orleans … small world!).  He was a member of the famous gypsy string band Waso before forming his own band..

Apart from gypsy swing he also excels in straight jazz and … rockabilly (he is/was lead guitarist of the rockabilly / swing revival band The Dominos, another Brussels fixture).  He is also a member of Bonaventure, featuring longtime buddy, Michel Clement (If you're a Bruxellois around 60 you may remember Tomahawk Blues Band and Sunhouse).  By the way, who remember Sunhouse, a superb fusion band who used to play at the Florio every Sunday night in the mid-seventies? Sunhouse recorded an excellent album for Columbia Belgium, which is still awaiting a re-issue on CD (tracks can be heard on YouTube).   

Of interest too is the presence of Indonesian/Dutch tenor sax, the late Joop Ayal, who plays in a style reminiscent of Ben Webster (My Romance, I remember Ben). He also sings Teran Bulan, a traditional Malaysian song with an interesting story (see Trivia below).

Although most tracks are definitely in the Gypsy Swing tradition, there are a few exceptions: the introspective acoustic ballad “A remark You Made” , the classic Indopop ballad (Teran Bulan) and two tracks with a smooth jazz feel reminiscent of Earl Klugh of the period (it’s 92 remember.  I must say that these two are not especially my cup of tea.
Trivia  Teran(g) Bulan is a song with an amazing story.  It was  based on a French melody by  XIXth Century composer Pierre-Jean de Béranger and eventually became the Malaysian National Anthem under the title of Negaraku.  (read the whole amazing story of this song here

Track list: 
  1. Peche à la Mouche
  2. Crépuscule
  3. Valse simple
  4. My romance
  5. I'll see you in my dreams
  6. I remember Ben
  7. A remark you made
  8. To Micky
  9. In your arms tonight
  10. Mamy
  11. Teran Bulan 

Tinto Rojo : Dominique Pierard (gt) Stephane Noirhomme (gt) Alexandre Furnelle (cb) Bob Dartsch (dms)
Guests: Joop Ayal (ts, voc) Koen de Cauter (gt, ss, cello) Marc Willegems (cl) Robert Cordier (synthdrums)

I'm in the process of re-posting Attila Zoller Night Bounce session and Bert Dahlander "jazz with a Swedih Accent" LP.  The new link will be placed in the comments of the original posts.



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