In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Rundfunktanzorchester Berlin ‎– Big Band Aktuell
LP AMIGA ‎– 8 55 568, GDR - 1977

If you like that unique funky European touch that blessed so many European big bands in the early to mid-Seventies, you’ll love this album.  As far as I know, it is the most adventurous album by this GDR big band.  Very original sound, especially on side 2 with tracks like Tiefetal 10 (with some solid alto courtesy of Ernst Ludwig Petrowsky) and “Etude”(with superb electric violin by Hubert Katzenbeier who musta bin listening to lotsa Sugarcane).

This last track is a pure delight for progheads! 

All tracks on side A were composed and arranged by Jerzy Milian.

A1       Ich Suche Nach Dir    5:15
Trombone – Hubert Katzenbeier
A2       Es Läuft          2:40
Alto Saxophone – Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky
A3       Drums-Jubiläum        3:15
Drums – Wolfgang Winkler
A4       Gründung Der Quarten         2:47
Tenor Saxophone – Werner Schmidt
A5       Wasserpfeifen-Blues  4:55
Flugelhorn, Trombone – Joachim Graswurm
Flute – Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky
Trombone – Hubert Katzenbeier

B1       Tiefetal 10      5:40
Alto Saxophone, Composed By – Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky
Bass – Klaus Koch      Guitar – Klaus Hille
B2       Ballade           3:34
Trombone, Composed By – Hubert Katzenbeier
B3       Erinnerung An Einen Wintertag      5:05
Alto Saxophone – Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky
Composed By – Václav Zahradník
Trumpet – Joachim Graswurm
B4       Etüde  6:26
Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Joachim Graswurm
Violin [Electric], Composed By – Hubert Katzenbeier

Conductor [Leitung] – Günter Gollasch

Recording dates:s
Aufnahmen: Rundfunk der DDR
A1 rec. 26.11.1971
A2 rec. 18.07.1972
A3, B4 rec. 16.06.1976
A4 rec. 21.11.1974
A5 rec. 24.02.1972
B1 rec. 15.06.1976
B2 rec. 06.06.1975
B3 rec. 06.10.1972

There are some great pictures of the Rundfunktanzorchester here


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