In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Sunday, May 12, 2013


11th May 2013

I spent  Saturday morning at the Sweet & Hot Jazz Record Fair, at the Jazz Station (St Josse, Brussels).  Excellent organization as usual, there were lots of bargains to be made. It is unfortunate that relatively few people attended the event, much less than usual.  

Perhaps because of the date, Thursday was a public holiday and lots of people took Friday off and went for a long weekend outside  Brussels (or even outside Belgium, in search of a bit of sun and heat). 

Brussels was pretty empty these last few days.

Anyway, those who attended made the right choice.
Here  are some of the goodies I found (all on LP and all at very affordable prices).
  •          Lou Macconnell with Michel Herr on piano (Rare US/EU Deep jazz)
  •       Denny Zeitlin - Zeitgeist (3 €!)
  •          The Bop Friends Live @ the Mozart (Belgian hard boppers)
  •           Placebo –Harvest (Ok, it’s only a pirate copy …can’t afford the original)
  •         W. Engsfeldt-M. Herr Quartet – short stories
  •          Gunter Lentz Springtime – Roaring Plenties
  •          Leningrad Jazz International 87
  •         Some Brits Jazz: an album by guitarist Eric Kershaw and one by Sphere (UK hard boppers feat. Andy Sheppard)
  •          Pori Big Band (1980)
  •          A couple of SteepleChase albums @ 3€ (Stanley Cowell, Frank Strozier)
  •          BRT Jazz Orkest, Big Band Sound, European Jazz Ensemble …

    Earlier in the week, strolling thru' the city, I had already found a few interesting LP
  •        Naima – Family walk (German fusion)
  •     Girogio Gaslini - Multiply
  •          Kolner Jazz Haus Big Band
  •           Rudy Smith Quartet (Trinidadian steel pan jazz virtuso + Scandinavian trio)
  •        A couple of Claude Bolling high energy big bands
  •          Guitars Unlimited (French guitar orchestra playing jazz standards, superb arrangements)

Got some blues albums too.

Next S&H Record Fair will be in September, during the St Jazz-ten-Noode celebration.  Don't miss it!

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