In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


45 RPM LYODON 60264, GERMANY, 1964

Another extremely obscure record thanks to onxidlib.  I must confess that i had never heard of these guys ever before.

Luckily onxidlib volunteered some info:

Erich Ferstl is better known as a composer of film music,  TV scores (for the famous TV series Derrick a.o.) and scores for stage productions. He was active as a jazz pianist in the 60s but has only performed occasionally in a jazz setting ever since.  

Joe Viera is well known as a Jazz educator in Germany. He has written several books about this subject and is still writing reviews etc. He is leading a Big Band of Jazz students and his own group(s). He is also the artistic director of the Jazz Festival in Burghausen (near the Austrian border).


Joe Viera, soprano* & alto saxophone°
Erich Ferstl, piano

1. No Problem* (Duke Jordan)                3:16
2. Round About Midnight° (Thelonious Monk)  3:21

Recorded on 31st January, 1964 in Munich.

LYODON 60264

As usual, a big thank to Paul D. for cleaning the rip.


  1. Extremely obscure single! Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful stuff. Me, too, had never heard of these guys before.
    Thanks for the introduction!

  3. This one's really a big surprise! I'm familiar with both guys and I also knew they had worked together, however, I didn't know they actually released something as duo so thanks a lot for this one!
    As for Erich Ferstl let's not forget this superb album he recorded under the alias Carlos Fendeira:
    I also would like to recommend a compilation called Guitarresque (Inmus, the label reissuing some of the Wewerka stuff as Zoller's Night Bounce)
    Joe Viera on his part recorded a very nice album for the fine Calig-label called "Kontraste" which I may rip some time (and contribute to your blog?)

    Thanks for your work Boogieman, Onxidlib & Peter D. Cheers!

    1. Hello Arkadin,
      thanks for the comments. It surely would be a pleasure - and an honor - to post a rip from you. Your blog was an inspiration (and is vey much missed!)

    2. Hi Arkadin, nice to see you around. I didn't know that Carlos Fendeira is Ferstl himself - there's always something to learn which I like quite a lot.
      "Kontraste" - would love to hear it. I know Viera but never got to hear any music from him except the above EP and a boot from the first Burghausen Jazz Festival, where he can be heard with on track. Plus the Bootleg LP "INTERNATIONAL HOLY HILL JAZZ MEETING".
      All in all four pieces...

    3. I'll try to rip "Kontraste" this weekend, mates. See ya!

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  5. Thanks Arkadin,
    I will make a proper post out of your contribution, which will be duly acknowledged.
    In the meantime, I delete the post.
    Best to you,