In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


(Calig – CAL 30169, Germany, 1978)

 Earlier this month onxidlib sent us a rip of a very obscure 45 rpm single by saxophonist Joe Viera and pianist Eric Ferstl (here).  I was not familiar with these musicians but fellow bloggers and followers volunteered information that filled a gap in my knowledge of German Jazz.  As one said, the more I know, the more I realize I know nothing. 
I was especially pleased to receive comments from Arkadin of Arkadin’s Ark’s fame (the blog is currently hibernating, let’s hope it’ll wake up soon or later), one of the blogs that inspired me to start my own.  Arkadin was kind enough to rip and contribute to this blog with this excellent Live album by the Joe Viera Sextett on the obscure but very sought-after German label CALIG.

A1 Boogie Stop Shuffle Composed By Charles Mingus 7:05
A2 Blues For Africa Composed By Joe Viera 17:50
B1 Ballad Medley 7:20
B2 Song For My Father Composed By Horace Silver 12:45
B3 Monk's Mood Composed By Thelonious Monk 4:25
B4 Stompy Jones Composed By Duke Ellington 3:10

Trumpet, Flugelhorn – Jochen Rose
Tenor Saxophone – Joe Viera
Baritone Saxophone, Flute, Alto Saxophone, Vocals – Axel Prasuhn
Piano – Martin Schrack
Double Bass – Detlev Beier
Drums – Hans Clauss
Congas, Percussion – Gerhard Laber

With thanks to Arkadin and all other music lovers and visitors who contribute to this blog.  Lotsa good things in the pipeline for the weeks to come, keep coming back!


  1. Arkadin 's original comment on "RARITY # 20":

    Finally managed to rip "Kontraste". I click-repaired the files, however, it's not the mintiest vinyl in my collection which may be a bit disturbing as for background noise in the two quieter tracks (Ballad Medley, Monks's Mood). Apart of that this one's a superb album in my opinion, worth listening just for the majestic "Blues for Africa" and "Song for My Father". Hope you like it - feel free to post it separately. Cheers!



  2. Grandioso otro disco mas de la Calig que podré conocer! Bastante interesante y mas viniendo el comentario de Arkadin
    Gracias boogieman y arkadin!


  3. Much appreciated gentleman, nice LP.
    I took the liberty of running the flacs thru a noise gate.
    The results in mp3.

  4. Thanks Quimsy, much appreciated. I really like these collaborative efforts.

  5. A very nice record indeed! I'm really delighted with song for my father, but the whole thing sounds good, very good musicians and the feeling is just great thrughout the whole record. once again i'm very thankful to you Mr.Boogieman and Mr.Arkadin too, for sharing with us things i probably would have never found elsewhere. i do not have the oportunity to share such nice things in the blogworld but i enjoy a lot showing true appreciation and value the nice work and attitude from wonderful people! thank you guys!

  6. @boogieman Thanks for posting and your nice words!

    @Quimsy Thanks for your denoising efforts. Didn't have time yet to check the denoised files though.

    And thanks to everyone for leaving comments, always appreciated.

  7. Arkadin, Quimsy & Boogieman: how I love this blog-o-spherical mojo...the boogie stop shuffle alone is worth the effort!
    Thank you guys, and oh btw Arkadin, you hibernating is "allowed" as long as you keep inserting these little injections of pure joy so every once in a while m8!
    big, very big [:-)

  8. Thank you Arkadin and Boogieman. Finally I'll find time to listen to it. I shall stick to the version of Arkadin as I don't think it's too noisy.
    'nd agree with E-mile's notion of "blog-o-spherical mojo".
    I really enjoy these collaborations a lot - let's repeat this experience.
    Just drinking a bottle of wine called "La Musique" (no joke - but a Merlot) - let us clink our glasses (at least virtually).

  9. Late to comment , thanks mate :)

  10. clinking my glass (or sake) with you guys.
    thanks everyone!!

  11. Thanks for the re-up Ernst - much appreciated