In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Friday, July 27, 2012


Selection Records LP S 5135, BELGIUM, 1974

 A Miles Davis inspired LP by Belgian trompetist JANOT MORALES.  However, do not expect seventies Miles type of Funk Jazz, the music Janot Morales is inspired by is the “classic” Miles in the Ascenseur pour l’Echafaud style.
This album may be considered a rarity outside of Belgium but it still turns up occasionally in second-hand records stores in Belgium and on the web.  I actually bought an original copy last spring for less than 10 €, in a well-known second-hand records & bookshop, Rue du Midi, not far from the Grand Place.

I am quoting extensively from Janot Morales biography on Les Lundi d’Hortense.  It’s a bit of a names dropping exercise but you will realize that Janot Morales was no second-fiddle.  How many musicians do you know who played and recorded with a.o. Django Reinhardt, Albert Mangelsdorf, an Afro Rock Band (Black Blood) and a funk disco band (SSO)?

 Janot Morales (1919-1981), born and raised in a circus family, has made a long career in jazz music in Belgium.  In 1941 he joins the band of Fud Candrix.  Around and after WW II, he can be heard with Jeff De Boeck and his Metro Band, the big bands of Charlie Calmeyn, Bobby Naret, Stan Brenders, Gus Clark, Jean Omer, the Belgian All Stars Big band, etc...
In 1943, he joins the popular Ernst Van't Hoff band and in 1945 "The Internationals" (Jeff De Boeck).
In 1950, he joins the French band of Jacques Hélian (in which Sadi, Jean Warland, Kenny Clarke, Ernie Royal have participated).
Back in Belgium, he presents a quartet with Francis Coppieters (p), Jean Warland (b) and singer Mary Kay.  In 1956, he forms a big band, which plays at the Casino of Knokke and at the "Lido du Palace" in Brussels.

 He played all over Europe, and recorded a.o. with Django Reinhardt, Sadi, Hazy Osterwald Jetset, Scott Bradford (p), Jack Van Poll, Etienne Verschueren and Francy Boland.
He was a member of the big bands of Henri Seghers, Francis Bay and later joined Etienne Verschueren and the BRT Jazzorkest, where he stayed until the end. With that band, he played with numerous US and European solists, and for numerous composers and arrangers (Francy Boland, Bert Joris, Bob Porter, Freddy Sunder, Etienne Verschueren, Sadi, Michel Herr, to name just some Belgian names).  In 1976, he appears on 3 LPs (now reissued as a double cd) with the Francy Boland Orchestra : "Francy Boland-The Orchestra-Blue Flame-Red hot-White heat"(MPS 0602517643888).

He appears on Gasty Meyer's album "Changing Moods" with the Belgian All Stars Big Band featuring Benny Bailey & Toots Thielemans.   He appears on several tv shows and albums recorded by Sadi.
Janot Morales also recorded with the JJ Band (soul rock), Black Blood (Afro Rock), Johan Verminnen (Flemish rock), SSO (Funk Disco).
As a leader, he released only two albums
- Janot Morales et son orchestre" (Victory 11041, 1956)  (10’’)
- a quartet album titled "Miles Inspirations with Gus Decock, Paul Dubois, Garcia Morales (his son), an album I am pleased to post today.  

Some interesting trivia about this album:

The sleeve notes were written by the late Robert Pernet, discographer and drummer (Babs Robert Quartet, Raphael, Cos ,…).
The album was issued on the obscure Selection label, produced by Pierre Pletinckx who also produced legendary albums by Solis Lacus, Raphael and Mad Unity to name a few.  And it was re-issued in France on the legendary Montparnasse Label (of Janko Nilovic fame)
I told you it would be a names-dropping exercise.  Just reading these names should get your mouth watering …

Front cover for the French version on Montparnasse

Enjoy!  With thanks for the superb sound quality and sleeves scan to Wizard Paul D.


A1 Crowded Traffic 4:06
A2 Trixie 4:32
A3 Pulsations 4:17
A4 Pick Me Up 4:30
B1 Prettily 4:56
B2 Strange Country 5:54
B3 Wawa-Kiri 5:35



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