In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, July 14, 2012

RARITIES # 22 – 23 - 24

(FONTANA EP, NL, 1957).

Three rare EP in one single installment!  Thanks from “moi même”, a fellow (former) blogger from France who recently sent me rips of these three rare Dutch EP.

Some might call this music “Gypsy Jazz” but the expression had not been invented in 1957, let’s just call it plain good ol’ SWING.  And swing it does indeed!

Nicknamed “The Dutch Stephane Grappely”, Frans Poptie (March 3, 1918 - December 31, 2010) was a Dutch jazz violinist, arranger and band leader.  In addition to the violin, he also played the clarinet and saxophone.

Poptie played with, among others, Eddy Christiani and the VARA-dance band. In 2002 he gave up playing the violin because of is age. He was not limited to jazz but played and recorded in a variety of styles, gypsy swing , dance bands, country, popular music, easy listening. 
He passed away on the last day of 2010 at the advanced age of 92.

The 12 tracks appeared also on the LP “Frans Poptie and his Swing Specials - The Swing Specialities”  Fontana (EU) 680501TL.  

Paul D. found the following information on the sessions:


Frans Poptie and his Swing Specials : Willy Langestraat (cl) Eddie Sanchez (vib) Frans Poptie (vln) Herman Vis (g) Ted van Dongen (el-g) Wim Kastelein (b) Martin Beekmans (d) Eddie Sanchez (vib,maraccas-1)
Recorded in Hilversum, March 11-12, 1957

SWING SPECIALTIES No.1 (EP Fontana 463 102 TE)
o Sweet Georgia Brown
o Sweet Lorraine
o I’ve found a new baby
o It's only a paper moon

 (EP Fontana 463 103 TE)

o Shine
o Frenesi
o Avalon
o Swing special blues (1)

n.b. I do not know who plays the pennywhistle solo in Swing Special Blues - Langestraat most probably as he always had a keen interest in "exotic" instruments.  It gives a South African Kwela feel to that small part of the track (think of Spokes Mashiyane for instance(.

(EP Fontana 463 104 TE)

o Limehouse blues
o I only have eyes for you
o Gotta be this or that
o Bye bye blues

TRIVIA :  Willy Langestraat recorded a lot of Latin music with his band Laguestra.  He was also interested in Arabic and Eastern music and had a large collection of non-Western instruments (If Poptie was the Dutch Stephane Grappely, Langestraat was the Dutch Emil Richards!).  According to Paul D. – who is a reliable source of information - Willy Langestraat aka Billy Longstreet (1914-1995) was a good friend of Stan Getz.  Getz dedicated an album to him: "Billy Highstreet Samba" on Emarcy 838771-2 recorded in Paris, on Novembre 4, 1981.  

You can watch and hear Frans Poptie on YouTube.  I especially recommend the Night Rider Boogie recorded by Dutch Steel Guitarist Koos Biel with members of the Dutch Swing College and The Swing Specials.  These guys can compete with any "genuine" American Western Swing aggregation! 



    Rip (192) + scan front covers
    Not my rip, don't forget to thank "moi même"

  2. it is quite funny but in this case very pleasant to find myself thanking "moi même"!!! so here it goes for "moi même" and the Boogieman for providing such beutiful pieces of music history and thus keeping culture alive in the "money making obsession jumgle". Thank you and best wishes for your thriving paths.

  3. Thanks El Tortuga, it is very pleasant and rewarding to read comments such as yours. Obviously there is a small but dedicated group of people who enjoys these obscure and forgotten records. I am very pleased to see that the blog has developed as a real sharing site with contributions from fellow music lovers from France, Germany, Belgium ...
    I'm working on posting shortly contributions from Arkadin (of the currently hibernating Arkadin's Ark blog), "moi même", onxidlib, Paul D and "myself".

  4. Hi, my friend....Many thanks for these three rarities. I myself run a jazzblog, totally dedicated to Dutch jazz, filled with rarities like these...I hope you won't mind if i post these on my blog...
    If interested,i can send you an that case, send me a mail to

    ...and thanks for all yor great work!

  5. Hi peer57,

    you're welcome to post them on your private blog provided that you mention the blog and the source of the rip: a French blogger nsmed "moi-même".
    I'll send you a mail, there is very lettle Dutch jazz in the blogsphere, so thanks for the invitation.

  6. Many thanks to moi meme and you Boogieman! Anytime I can find some great swing and some jazz violin by an artist new to me, I'm wearing a huge smile! The only thing which would make this better is if I could find more by the obscure to me Frans Poptie!

  7. Thanks again-I'm loving this. A Dutch Grappelli is a right on call! I've numbered it on the files and have it playing in the right order as well.