In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Thursday, May 3, 2012



 If you’re a regular of this blog - and a few other ones of the same inclination in the blogsphere – you are probably already familiar with Austrian saxplayer Hans Koller.  If not, google his name and you’ll learn everything that you need to know. 
About a week ago, onxidlib (of Inconstant Sol fame, for those who wouldn’t know yet) asked me in the comments of a post whether I’d be interested in posting some early Hans Koller sides he came across in the most unlikely place: an airport shop!
I always welcome collaboration and good music, so here it is, recorded almost 59 years ago – only a few weeks younger than me - la Crème de la Crème du Jazz Allemand of the Fifties::

Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Jutta Hipp, piano
Shorty Roeder, bass
Rudi Sehring, drums

1. S'Wonderful (Gershwin)                       02:45
2. Moonlight In Vermont (Süssdorf - Blackburn)   04:03
3. Stompin' At The Savoy (Sampson - Razaf)      04:36
4. Sound Koller (Mangelsdorff)                  04:01
5. Come Back To Sorrento (de Curtis)            03:37
6. Honeysuckle Rose (Waller - Razaf)            02:57
Recorded on June 21, 1953 in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Original 78 RPM
Tr. 6 + 1 Brunswick 82769 (4940SM + 4941SM)
Tr. 2 + 3 Brunswick 82778 (4947SM + 4948SM)
Tr. 4 + 5 Brunswick 82777 (4949SM + 4950SM)

Four tracks were later re-realesed on the DECCA Promo LP "Das Is Jazz" DL 8229 MONO (Jutta Hipp with Hans Koller New Jazz Stars and others).

The titles were: Sound-Koller - Honeysuckle Rose - Come Back To Sorrento - Moonlight in Vermont.

(Source for the rip: "Jazz Collecttor's Classics"  Polydor 517621 - this CD was only available at the Lufthansa Airport Shops ).

With all my thanks again to onxidlib. 
Visit him @ Inconstant Sol.



    Don't forget to thank onxidlib

  2. Thanks boogieman and onxidlib. Rare indeed!

  3. Having been apprised of this item by onxidlib, I thought I'd give it a try. Then I saw the MF link and my hopes plummeted. Surprisingly though, it worked for a change and I am enjoying the music even now. Thank you, onxidlib and boogieman - a gem indeed.

    I thought I'd like to try Kurt Edelhagen too - although I'm not familiar with the orchestra, the line-up looks good. However, the usual problems with MF - downloads freeze after a few seconds and pop-ups there are blocked as being suspect for malware. Am I alone encountering this kind of thing? Many find MF very good I know. But I must be content with this one, as I am. Thanks again.

    1. Strange what you say about MF, I always found it to be fairly reliable and fast compared to other similar sites.
      I am open to suggestions if you can recommend another program.

  4. Take no notice of me! This morning I tried the Edelhagen again and it worked, first time too. I can't honestly say it is my kind of thing but glad of the chance to try it out. I do have more difficulty with MF but suspect it is something to do with my computer or ISP perhaps. Thanks for all the work here - I will keep visiting and persevere more.


    FWIW: I have not had any malware or freezing problems with Mediafire either and I must have used it since 2008. In a few rare cases the download has finished as completed, without the whole file actually having been downloaded. I could spot it by looking at the file size. But it is certainly not the norm; I find Mediafire reliable in general too. For the free user it is particularly good that one can download several files at once.

  6. Thanks for the feedback, chu. Seems the trouble for me is local. Perhaps it will depart at some stage. I have never tried downloading more than one at a time as I didn't know one could but in any case it is a larger "investment" to lose if it fails. Might make a difference though.

  7. Wow, many thanks to both of you. Hans Koller was one of the truly original voices in German jazz in the 50s. Great line up indeed.

    Only these teutonic cliches in the sleeve design of the Decca album are tiresome. Everyone seems to think of beer "Humpen" when it comes to Germany...

  8. Hi Boogieman,
    Interested in early Hans Koller recordings as I am ?
    I can upld for you 44 sides between 1942 and 1955.
    I also have the mps but that's an other story.

    1. Hi moi-meme,
      well yes, any pre-MPS Hans Koller should be of interest to fellow bloggers.
      As for the MPS sides, they have been posted in the past, when the Magic Purple Sunshine blog was still alive. They're probably still floating around.
      I do not intend to re-post them because (i) they're not my rips, (ii) most MPS jazz albums are being re-issued on CD.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Merci Moi meme,

      I'm currently traveling so I can't work on my blog. I'll do a proper post next week and aknowledge your contribution. In the meantime I hope you won't mind if I delete the post otherwise people just DL and don't leave any feedback.
      Always interested in Carl Drewo. I know him from his tenure in the Clarke-Boland Big Band.
      Thanks again for your contribution, that's what blogging is all about.

    4. Carl Drewo - wow!
      Last November I bought a reissue of his (all too rare) recording(s) under his name:
      Karl Drewo "Clap Hands Here Come Charlie" - recommended! curious.

  9. Yes Moi-même,
    I would be interested in pre MPS Hans Koller as well.
    Just yesterday I got a EP from Hans Koller's New Jazz Stars - I´ll Never Be The Same (1957) Brunswick 10 811.
    According the discographies I have access to it was never released (!).
    My sources say it was only proposed for release on World Pacific (1958 [!sic]- hope I will know more when it arrives in a few days.

    Yet - there is some recordings which are available on the Austrian RST label >

    Early Koller recordings from 1942 - 1950

    Hans Koller "Some Winds" (recordings with Dick Murphy, 1954 on Elite Special and Hans Koller New Jazz Stars on Amadeo [though not complete I believe]).

    And a new one called "Hans Across The Sea" including the first Koller recordings (?) under his own name on Discovery/Savoy, 1952 plus a up to now previously unreleased (? - booklet says private recording) session from autumn 1955.

    There was also a CD on Jazzrealities called "Cool Jazz in Germany" which included two sessions on Mod Records 1954 and 1955.
    Others like Hans Koller New Jazz Stars on mod BMLP 06013/14/16 and BMLP 04041 remain unissued so far.

    The Vogue recordings were available on a reissue CD "Saxophone Collection" but is OOP again.

    Also not available are the recordings with Gary Peacock from 1957 on Metronome (I have a copy of a totally worn EP).

    Another LP is sadly out of print Hans Koller "The German Years 1957 - 64" (includes a session with Zoller on Jazztone on Side A - Side B was never reissued: it's the Helmut Brandt Combo [which I'm in the process of declicking manually - will need some more weeks - too bad shape of this EP >> yet wonderful music!).

    So you see Moi-même - there is certainly some interest in blogland ;)

  10. Hi boogieman,

    10 years ago, we had an exibition in Paris "Couleur Jazz Wallonie Bruxelles" and for this event, they made a little book with 2 cds.
    One has music from 1927 to 1963 and the other contemporary.
    Here are the tracks. Tell me if this is interesting for you then I'll upld it.

    As we speak from Belgium, do you know the sax bariton Alain Cupper ?
    I met him some years ago and he is a very interesting player. If you want to hear him...

    For Carl Drewo albums, if you prefer to have the links directly, join me at

    Have fun

  11. I used to hear "Sound Koller" in an old vinyl of my father, on saturday mornings, long time ago.

    Thank you very much.

  12. Thank you very much onxidlib for these rare sides, especially over here in Canada.

    Found out that "Hans Across The Sea" LP has already been released in 1984 by RST. I have some Discovery {May 20, 1952} sides on the Savoy compilation CD First Ladies Of Jazz ZDS-1202 [SJL 2246 LP]. Although, there are two sides "Up From Munich" and "Beat" that were sadly left out from this session.

    Many thanks as well Boogieman for your wonderful blog!

  13. Link gone! Any change to re-upload?

  14. Hi Herman, here's the new link

    Re-reading the comments I realize I still have 2 CD of early Koller material sent to me by Moi-Meme. Will upload them later on this month. So keep posted!
    Groetjes uit Marocco!