In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Thursday, May 3, 2012


(BABA Records - Br 001, Belgium)

 Another contribution, from ushaped this time and long overdue for a re-post.
If you don’t read the comments, you 're gonna miss lotsa things as this one was hidden for over a year in the comments of the ACT Big Band post.  It was sent by ushaped in April last year.   I want to thank him again for this very rare record that should be of interest to any Bill Frisell's fan or fan of inventitve fusion-based electric guitar music .

Bill Frisell , Vinnie Johnson and Kermit Johnson recorded three albums in Belgium. 
  • ·         Triode Live – Winter 78 – Chapati
  • ·         Good Buddies (1978, with Michel Herr)
  • ·         Oh Boy (Steve Houben / Mauve Trafic, feat. Michel Herr)
     He also contributed to an album by Walloon singer / instrumentalist Guy Cabay.  

 They are all very rare and awfully expensive. None has been re-released on CD to the best of my knowledge. 
With thanks again to ushaped
And if anybody has a copy of Mauve Trafic ... you're most welcome to contribute.




    1. Now this is a surprise. Coming back to your blog for another offer and discovering a recording I always wanted to hear 25 years ago.
      Never found a copy only 'rumors'...
      So here is it - thank you ushaped and Boogieman - now I'm able to have a taste of a never happened youth - somehow anyway ;)

      Funny enough my new (possible) contribution is (mostly) a guitar trio as well!

      Here's what I have to offer:

      Attila Zoller, guitar
      Helmuth Csucovits, bass
      Rune Carlsson, drums
      Carlos Diernhammer, piano (only on track 3, 4 & 8)

      Recorded in 1962 - some of the music was used for a movie after a novel of the german author Heinrich Böll "The bread of our early years". The movie was screened at the 15th Festival in Cannes and the original EP was available only as a promo - more info in the text file...
      What do you say...?
      BTW - for further possible collaborations I believe it would be useful not to offer a link for the music before posting - I think it's somehow frustrating to see how many downloads are being made in advance of a proper post (as it was the case for my last two contributions).
      However - as you like it - in case you agree with my musings you can reach me via my blogger-profile.
      If not I'll send you the link through a comment/reply.

      ...thank you for your fine posts - not at least this one.
      Cheers - Onxidlib

    2. Hi Onxidlib, thanks for your appreciation and collaboration. I just sent you a mail thru' your blogger-profile.

  2. what a pity, those files are corrupted... the begining works out fine but after the first tune the whole thing degenerates until you can listen almost nothing at all. i don't want to ask too much but it would be wonderful if you could post a clean version of those tunes... thanks a lot!

  3. Hi Tortuga. I'll check but the last time i listen to the original files it it was perfectly audible. May be a problem while downloading ?

  4. Hi Boogieman! I downloaded it again and still there are the same several dusturbances. at 16:00 side 1 you can clearly listen what i mean and throughout side 2 there are again sound disturbances like at 16:24 and more.
    But I can imagine that you have a lot to do keeping this wonderful site alive and feel quite happy with all the nice music i have from here. i do not "absolutely need" to have this if it does not fit your plan. i thank you again very much for all the beautiful and rare things i find here!

    1. Ok I'll check again. The problem is that the rip is not mine. I'll keep you posted.