In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hans Koller - Roland Kovac
(EP 45 rpm, METRONOME 1138)

Considering the popularity of the previous postings of rare German Jazz EP, here is another offering thanks to onxidlib.

Quite a line up: Koller, Kovac, Zoller, Gary Peacock ... I wish I could travel back in time and witness this band live.  But this is a very good aural record of how they sounded.
And it is a rare opportunity to hear Hans Koller on drums!

Date: March 6, 1957
Location: German Jazz-Salon, Dortmund, Germany 
Label: Metronome
Hans Koller (ts, d, leader), Attila Zoller (g), Roland Kovac (p), Gary Peacock (b), Siegfried Koszorski (d)

a. Topsy  (Eddie Durham)
b. Jeepers Creepers  (Harry Warren, Johnny Mercer)
c. There Will Never Be Another You  (Mack Gordon, Harry Warren)

All titles on: -     Metronome EP 7": MEP 1138

Omit Hans Koller (ts) on b. Omit Attila Zoller (g) on b. Omit Roland Kovac (p) on c. Hans Koller (d) on b only. Omit Siegfried Koszorski (d) on b.
(source of discographical info: here).

There's more Koller and Brandt in the pipeline but you'll have to wait til next month!


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  2. I'd love to browse through onxidlib's vinyl collection. Can't believe the rarities he's coming up with. Many thanks again!

  3. Hello,
    The files are mistitled. The correct track listing is:
    1. Jeepers Creepers
    2. There Will Never Be Another You
    3. Topsy

    Thanks for it!

    1. Thanks Felix, sorry for the confusion!

  4. many thanks for sharing this rare and fine music

  5. Hi Boogieman - thank you!

    I would like to clarify some discographical details.
    The EP cover lies in front of me...

    The recording date is not March 6 but March 16!

    Side A has two tracks: "Topsy" and "Jeepers Creepers".
    Side B has "There Will Never Be Another You" only.

    Attila Zoller does play on "Jeepers Creepers" and "There Will Never Be Another You" but not on "Topsy".
    Roland Koveac does play on "There Will Never Be Another You" but not on "Jeepers Creepers".
    And Hans Koller does not play sax on "Topsy".
    On which track he does play drums I'm not able to discern only from listening. Should it be correct that Koller plays drums on "Jeepers Creepers" this track would include multi-tracking. But this is a live recording - so I opt for Koller playing drums on "Topsy" and Siegfried Koszorski makes a pause.
    This is my "Research" so far...
    While writing this I'm re-listening the EP...obviously the web-discography of Attila Zoller is not correct concerning these details.
    Or the names of the tracks are wrong on the EP cover.
    (I am very bad in indentifying standarts)

    Also: I have two more EPs from the German Jazz-Salon 1957.
    The dates are 17th March for Brüel/Zoller/Peacock and Albert Mangelsdorff + Attila Zoller on the 15th March 1957. (MEP 1139 & MEP 1136).

    There are some mistakes on the covers of those EPs - for example has the EP MEP 1136 Mangelsdorff/Zoller "Jazz Salon Dortmund 1957" the brother Emil Mangelsdorff listed on the front and rear of the cover. Only the liner notes are revealing that only Albert is playing with Zoller...and off course listening those two sides will lead to the same conclusion.
    I believe a mixture of examining the covers plus discographies (as far as available) and some 'simple' listening will help to get a more correct discographical survey.

    BTW: the concert was held long after midnight on a (rainy) Sunday.
    According the liner-notes this concert was also a kind of re-union of Kovac and Koller.
    It was the second Jazz Salon held in Dortmund.
    On that day the concerts begun at 11:30 AM.

  6. Here is Paul D. definitive statementvon the issue (sorry it's in French):
    Voici ce qui apparaît dans la disco suite à mes corrections après écoute attentive (au casque) :

    Hans Koller Quintet : Hans Koller (ts,d‑1) Roland Kovac (p) Attila Zoller (g) Gary Peacock (b) Siegfried Koczkorski (d)
    Live, Dortmund, March 16, 1957
    Topsy Metronome MEP1138
    Jeepers creepers (1) -
    There'll never be another you (2) -
    Note : (1) Zoller and Koczkorski out.
    (2) Kovac out.

    Pour résumer et clore ce débat quand on n'est pas complètement sourd on entend :

    sur "Topsy", tout le monde est audiblement présent et Koller se prend pour Stan Getz.
    sur "Jeepers creepers", ne sont présent que Kovac, Peacock et Koller à la batterie.
    sur "There'll never be another you" tout le monde est présent sauf Kovac avec Zoller qui mène la barque.
    (les pêches de grosse caisse sur "Jeepers creepers" portent bien la signature d'un batteur amateur c.a.d. Koller).

  7. Hi onxidlib, I'd love to hear and post those two other Jazz Salon EP (and .I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one).
    Thanks for your contributions.


    1. Hi Boogieman,
      I shall share those two other Jazz Salon EPs in time. Especially the Mangelsdorff/Zoller duo is in a very bad condition - I would say even more than the Brandt B-side on Jazz Wien-Berlin.

      And my apologies to Paul D., you and all others:" I was wrong! I should have took a view on the labels of the EP.
      I confused the track names and therefore the "who's playing when"...sory!

      Also Félix is correct - in fact the track on side A is "Topsy" - on side we can hear "Jeepers Creepers" and then "There Will Never Be Another You".

      Thanks again for your attention!

      At least I have just finished the rip of a 10" of the Helmut Brandt Combo "Good-Bye, Helmut Brandt".

  8. When i finally came 'round to give this a proper listen it sounded strangely familiar.

    Turns out i have a few more tracks from this gig from a radio broadcast.

    Downloaded them somewhere, sometime from i don't know where (CIA contributions?)
    All probs to the original uploader.

    What i did was to split the huge flac file into individual tracks. In naming tracks i followed the info file that came with the original download. Comparing these track titles to the EP rip, i realised they were all wrong. Thus it is likely that the remaining tracks, labeled here
    Stella By Starlight, Loverman and Ronnie's Blues are incorrectly named, too. Isn't Loverman actually Body & Soul?

    Boogieman, if you like to, turn this into a proper post. Maybe some reader can help identify the tracks correctly.

    1. Thanks El Puerco Rojo,
      Good idea!
      I'll work on it during the week end.
      Thanks for your contribution.

  9. The two piano tracks are from a completely different session. It sounds kinda familiar but who is it?

  10. Thank you El Puerco Rojo - to me it seems that "Jeepers Creepers" is the same as on the EP - also "There Will Never Be Another You".
    On this day "Body And Soul" was played - see (page 2)

    So it sems that Siegfried Kocznorski was not the pianist but Kovac.

    Sadly the announcement was cut out - as it is mostly the case with ripped broadcasts - (if there was one)!

  11. This is all a bit confusing.

    According to the text file that came with the download, the third track was supposed to be "There Will Never Be Another You". But if you compare it to the EP, it's obviously "Jeeper Creepers". The fifth track was supposed to be "Jeepers" but again compared to the EP, it's "Topsy". While "There Will Never..." was not part of the file.

    The track labeled "Ronnie's Blues" is probably the rhythm section alone. I don't think it's part of a different session as Boogieman says. As i said, this came as one long flac file and you can hear that there are no cuts inbetween tracks.

  12. Meaning that there are no fade outs inbetween tracks and the audience can be heard.

  13. I've found the following infos on a private blog -
    - Topsy
    - There'll Never Be Another You
    Attila Zoller (g), Roland Kovac (p), Gary Peacock (b), Siegfried Koczorski (dr)
    "Universum Filmtheater" Dortmund DE, March 17, 1957

    Wether this info comes from a LP or CD with the title "Hans Koller - Live" I don't know. Maybe it is simply the title of the posting.
    The EP has the date March 16 and not 6 as given on Attila Zoller's discography. So maybe there were two concerts one on the 16th and another on the 17th.
    More confusion...

  14. Hi, Boogieman.
    Thanks for you posts. Place the new link to this album and JAZZ WIEN BERLIN (JAZZTONE J 1038 LP 10", D, 1956)

    1. New link:
      short link:

      See also Rarity #16 for new link.

  15. Thank you very much!
    I wait for early albums Hans Koller