In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



 These tracks were sent to me by onxidlib and are of interest because of the quality of the music – Attila Zoller is one of the most original guitarists ever, very much underrated unfortunately - but also because four of the tracks are a bit of a discographic enigma.

The eight tracks sent by onxidlib were recorded in April 1962 at Trixi Studio, Munich, Germany and produced by Hans Wewerka.

They are not "rare" tracks as they have been re-issued a few years back on a budget compilation CD entitled Night Bounce (Inmus CD 20008).  The other tracks on the CD were recordings by Ronnie Ross and by Wolfgang Dauner (not included in the post)
The musicians:
·         Attila Zoller, guitar
·         Helmuth Csucovits, bass
·         Rune Carlsson, drums
·         Carlos Diernhammer, piano (only on track 3, 4 & 8)

The tracks
01        Road Song - 3:47  (Attila Zoller)
02        Hedwigs Lied - 3:13  (Heinrich Heine, Attila Zoller)
03        Chickless - 3:38  (Attila Zoller)
04        Cellar Stairs - 3:23  (Attila Zoller)
05        Knochta - 3:04  (Attila Zoller)
06        Night Bounce - 4:22  (Attila Zoller)
07        Ullas Erinnerung [Ullas Memories] - 2:19  (Attila Zoller)
08        Wash Day - 3:32  (Attila Zoller)

 Four titles were used for the movie "Das Brot der frühen Jahre" (The bread of our early years) based on a novel from Heinrich Böll.  The movie was shown at the "XVe Festival international du Film Cannes" and the music received an Award in Germany for Best Film Music the same year.

An EP was pressed in a low quantity as a  promotional give-away at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival in Cannes. Pressed for “Atlas Filmverleih G.m.b.H.” and for “Edition Modern” (wich was owned by Hans Wewerka), the EP was never available commercially.

But what become interesting is that the  four tracks used for the soundtrack were recorded at a different date– not listed in Attila Zoller discography - before the Munich session and with a different rhythm section. 
According Kurt Bong's website the line-up for the EP was Jürgen Ehlers, bass & Kurt Bong, drums : 
(...) 1961 mit Attila Zoller und Jürgen Ehlers die Musik zu dem Film "Das Brot der frühen Jahre". Die Musik bekam einen Filmpreis.

Now it would be great if somebody owning a copy of this rare EP, could share it so that we could compare the versions … 
Who knows?  Marvels pop out of the blogsphere sometimes …


  1. Glorious FLAC sound thanks to onxidlib.

  2. Have a rip of that Night Bounce cd and was always wondering where these sessions stem from. Excellent post, many thanks boogieman and onxidlib.

  3. So the four tracks on this ep:
    were recorded not when the zoller discography by fitzgerald cites, but in 1961? Is it certain that Zoller didn't just record those four songs twice, once during the session listed above, and once with Kurt Bong?

  4. @boogieman ,

    I would be very grateful if you could reupload this gem?

    Thank you in advance!

  5. @boogieman,

    I've read your reupload policy and I agree with you, but I've been looking for this file all over the internet and your blog seems to be the only place such gem can be found. Both the book by Heinrich Böll and the film based on it are magnificent. Can you please make an exeption this time and reupload this rare masterpiece?

    Thank you and thanks for everything you are doing with the blog.

    1. Hi Matje,
      thanks for your appreciation of the blog. Here is a new link.

    2. Hello boogieman,

      I can´t thank you enoug for you quick reply.

      The soundtrack was brilliant.

      Sadly, Zoller really was an underrated genius.

      I wish you to keep up the great work you are doing.

      Thanks once again.


  6. Hi! I am Alicia, the daughter of Attila Zoller. I was looking up the name of the song Ullas Erinnerung to be sure of its spelling for a new CD being released this year. Now that I know it was part of the movie score, I might be able to find it amongst the throngs of stuff I have. I also have a very delicately folded original poster from the movie. Nice to see all of the comments here about how my father, while he may have been underrated among those who don't know any better, real guitarists/musicians do appreciate his talent. Miss him.

  7. Hi Alicia, it is a pleasure and an honor to read your comments. The purpose of this blog is to keep alive the memory of forgotten or underrated jazz musicians. I may reassure you, your father is certainly not forgotten nor underrated. He is very highly regarded among jazz fans and guitar players,
    I'm very pleased to see that a new CD will be released this year. Please keep us informed.
    I hope the 45 will be included ...
    Thanks again for your visit.