In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Monday, March 31, 2014


45 rpm EP OMEGA (Dutch band, Belgium label, 1959)

Fellow blogger Peer57 who runs the Dutch Jazz (private) blog has shared some records with us.  If you are a visitor to his blog(s), you probably know these records already.  If not, enjoy them here while they last.  We’ll start with a fairly rare and collectible EP recorded in Brussels, in 1959, by one of the better-known groups of Dutch Boppers, the Diamond Five.  Great music!

Pianist Cees Slinger was the frontman of the famous Dutch harbop-quintet "Diamond Five". They used the Amsterdam jazzclub "Sheherazade" as their base, and played there night after night.

Side A :            Diamondate
Side B:             Alone together

Trumpet– Cees Smal
Tenor Saxophone– Harry Verbeke
Piano, leader– Cees Slinger
Bass– Jacques Schols
Drums– John Engels

Recorded in Brussels, sept. 1959

UPDATED LINK (18/07/17) 

P.S.: I have reposted the Guidelines 4tet feat Kaz Lux  (see post "Going Dutch" - March 9, 2013)


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  2. ....and i still wonder what kind of car it is on the picture :-)) A Vauxhall perhaps?

  3. always relish a jazz historical challenge,
    also interesting, why they are playing in a wood ? oh, I guess 'alone together '. cute.
    thanks to both for more rare eurojazz

  4. The two tracks can be found on the The Diamond Five CD "Finally, After Forty Years" covering recordings from 1959 to 1962. Now, that's a fine record that I much enjoy but, though I don't quite know why, nothing beats the original EP. So many thanks for this.

  5. Really enjoyed this. Look forward to more of same. 1959...I was 5 years old. LOL

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  7. Would like to hear this rare recording in the woods.
    I know its a stretch to ask into the ethereal dimension but I will. AND I THANK YOU. Please reup this recording as can not find it elsewhere. Health to you and yours. MAY PEACE follow ...

  8. Updated link: