In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Monday, March 10, 2014




featuring: Rolf Roemer – tenor sax, flute / Klaus Osterloh – flugelhorn / Francis Coppieters: piano & percussion /  Jean Warland: bass / Klaus Weiss: drums / Koenraad Ellegiers: violin / Gustav Kedves: French Horn

LP Intersound                                  GERMANY, 1986

If you’re into the MPS / Eurojazz sound, the names of Francis Coppieters and Jean Warland should not be totally unknown to you.  Both are Belgians who made a career working in the German studios and big radio bands.  You’ve probably seen their names credited on several MPS / SABA albums.

Jean Warland is probably the better known of the two due to his participation in the Clarke-Boland Big Band and Peter Herbolzheimer Brass & Rhythm Combination, among many other sessions.

Francis Coppieters‘ career goes back to the mid-forties in Belgium.  In 1949 he became a member of the Hazy Osterwald Orchestra, then of the Kurt Edelhagen Big Band and finally became a studio musician for MPS.
Although they both recorded prolifically as sidemen, they did not record much as leaders which may explain why they remain largely unknown outside a small circle of collectors and aficionados. 

Francis Coppieters is highly regarded among Libray music collectors for his album “Piano Viberations” (1975) issued on the KPM Music Library label.  It features Claudio Szenkar (b),  Jean Warland (bass) and Charly Antolini (drs) - according to Pernet's discography. The names of Fats Sadi (vibes), Roger Vanhaverbeke (bass) and Freddy Rottier (drs) were mentioned also but it does not appear they took part in this session. 

According to the discographies there is another library album by CoppietersKTS-5 (Koln, 1980)  with an astounding lineup: the van Rooyen brothers, Jon Eardley, Otto Bredl, Peter Herbolzheimer, Wilton Gaynar, Karlheinz Wiberny ... just to name a few – but I’ve never heard or even seen it.

Colours in Jazz recorded in 1986 is a jazz / library jazz /soul jazz album.
If you like the music of Charlie Antolini and Roland Kovac, you’ll like this album.  Groovy  with a typical European feel!  Don’t miss it. I don’t think it has ever been posted elsewhere in the blogworld.

A1                   Mobile            3:03
A2                   Blue Magic     5:22
A3                   Shuffle Bubble           4:52
A4                   Blue Greens    4:14
A5                   Aquarelle        4:40
B1                   Voyage           3:22
B2                   Aroma 3:36
B3                   Sir Francis Drums      3:28
B4                   Easy Going     4:25
B5                   Ritmo Pizzicato         4:45

Flugelhorn – Klaus Osterloh
Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Rolf Röhmer
Piano, Percussion, Composed By, Arranged By – Francis Coppieters
Bass – Jean Warland
Drums – Klaus Weiss
French Horn – Gustav Kedves
Violin – Koenraad Ellegiers

Francis Coppieters


Recorded March 1986 at Cornet Sudio, Cologne

(n.b.: scans of  sleeve sourced from Discogs).    


PS: I have re-posted Fats Sadi Combo (Rarity #11)


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  2. fascinating obscurity and Rolf Röhmer. Many thanks.

  3. Never understood why there was so little interest in this LP which clearly deserves a listen.
    Here is an updated link, give it a try (WAV).