In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, June 11, 2011


McCOY MRUBATA – HOELYKIT  (South Africa, Sheer Sound SSCD 059,  2000)

Another album I bought about ten years ago in that excellent record shop right inside the transit hall at Johannesburg airport (I’m afraid the record shop is no longer there, has anybody been there recently?).  The album had just been released and was recommended to me by an enthusiastic shop attendant who turned out to be a  knowledgeable jazz fan.   I do not think it got much distribution outside of South Africa and it is a shame as this album definitely deserved a wider exposure.   There is a comprehensive and well written review here.

As the writer concludes: If you've not listened to McCoy Mrubata yet, then this is an ideal introduction to his music and it deserves to be widely heard.

The Tracks
01: Hoelykit? Composed by M. Mrubata
02: Romeo & Alek Part II. Composed by M. Mrubata
03: Philani. Composed by M. Mrubata
04: Obsession. Composed by M.Mrubata
05: Time. Composed by M. Mrubata
06: Bra Kadudu's Dream. Composed by M.Mrubata 7 V. Ntoni
07: Waki's Walk. Composed by P. Hanmer & M. Mrubata
08: Amasabekwelangeni. Composed by M.Mrubata
09: Romeo & Alek will never rhyme – Part 1. Composed by M. Mrubata & T. KaMkhize
10: Chef's Special. Composed by P. Hanmer & M. Mrubata

The Musicians
McCoy Mrubata – Tenor Sax, Saxello, Flute and Soprano Sax
Paul Hanmer – Piano
Marc Duby – Double Bass
Barry Van Zyl – Drums
Dave Reynolds – Steel Pans
Romeu Avelino – Percussion
Andile Yenyana – Piano
Herbie Tsoaeli – Double Bass
Morabo Morojele – Drums
Feya Faku – Flugelhorn
Mncedi Kupi – Piano, Keyboards & Voice
Isaac Mtshali – Drums
Mandla Zikalala – Double Bass
Sidney Mnisi – Tenor Sax
Thulani KaMkhize – Poetry
Gloria Bosman – Poetry & Vocals


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  2. I hope the re-post will generate some comments this time.

    1. Thank you for this post! I knew that record shop quite well but the airport went through a lot of changes for the Soccer World Cup 2010.
      I used to travel often to South Africa and got interested in the local jazz scene. McCoy Mrubata is a great representative of South African Jazz and there is also Paul Hanmer in the line-up, another excellent musician. His record "Trains to Taung" is highly enjoyable.

  3. Thanks from the US. McCoy Mrubata has no distributor here in the US, so access to his recordings are much appreciated;

  4. dead link. vu le line-up, ça pourrait être spiritual jazz plutôt que jazz jazz ?

    1. Ben oui, c'est plus un blog mais un cimetiere, dead links all over the place. Je vais reposter tout ca petit a petit.
      Quant a celui-ci c'est jazz Sud Af' , agreable mais sans la profondeur du deep spiritual jazz. Bon disque neanmoins.

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