In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, June 4, 2011



 After writing in my previous post that I found it nearly impossible to give a satisfactory definition of Jazz, I came across this statement on someone else’s  blog:

 “Jazz is no stranger to eclecticism. Musicians have been bending, breaking, reshaping, and reincorporating since the very beginning of jazz history. In fact, departing from jazz tradition might as well be the definition of jazz.”

I could live with this definition.  It would certainly have pleased Charlie Mariano.  His albums - and contributions to other people's works, including to a few kraut/prog albums - and his interest in Eastern music amply demonstrate the point.  CRYSTAL BELLS is just one example among many others.  

Charlie Mariano's output is well documented in the blogworld.  Several of his albums recorded during the Seventies, mostly in Europe, have already been posted on various blogs but I do not remember seeing this one.  I do not know of any CD re-issue either.

AMG is very laconic about this album. It just states “Excellent set, with Don Alias first-rate as a percussionist.”.  I won’t disagree with it.  On the other hand, I’m not too keen on Stu Goldberg’s synthesizers sound. 

Another great rip from JC. Thanks mate!

  • Charlie Mariano – alto & soprano saxophones, bamboo flutes, nagaswaram
  • Stu Goldberg – piano, keyboards, synthesizers
  • Gene Perla – bass
  • Don Alias – drums, congas, percussion

  1. Cynthia (Charlie Mariano) 9:34
  2. Afreeka (Don Alias) 3:22
  3. Crystal Bells (Charlie Mariano) 7:55
  4. Telisi Rama (trad., arr. by Charlie Mariano) 8:07
  5. Becky (Stu Goldberg) 4:53
  6. Turquoise (Charlie Mariano) 9:06

Recorded in December 1979 and mixed in January 1980 by Henrik Lund at Easy Sound Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark
Produced by Kurt Renker.   Released by CMP (Germany) 10 ST

All Charlie Mariano’s fans should visit the Charlie Mariano Tribute Website.


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  2. hi boogieman,

    thanks for this, I had never heard this before. this is like a PM records session. really it should have been Jan Hammer in on it instead of Goldberg! all the best!

  3. Hi boogieman, Do you have the artwork in good resolution? please! it's a rare album!
    and wonderful sound and good session!
    Thanks for your time!

  4. Many thanks for rare Charlie Mariano albums

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    1. thanks for those few known Charlie Mariano LP the link part 3 is the same that part2.babye

  6. RE-POST:
    Charlie Mariano
    Crystal Bells
    Part 1:
    Part II:
    Part III:

  7. Thanks for the repost, boogie.

  8. I am very grateful to you for posting this wonderful album, which I discovered, when it first came out in my student days. IFortunately I caught Charlie live with this this excellent band!
    Now my extensive collection of Vinyl is stored in a faraway land in a cellar, waiting to be rediscovered one day.
    Thank you for giving me the chance to get hooked up to this joyful sax grooves again!

  9. Here is a re-post in mp3 320 kb. Sorry for not re-posting in lossless, it takes too long. If anyone has the lossless files, feel free to post a link.

    LINK MP3:

  10. I have comments I'll post later, Thanks for all the reups. I just tried this link and it is not working, goes to a search default page. I'm not complaining just informing. All the best to you boogieman

    1. I've checked it and it works. Try again!

  11. merci aux généreux contributeurs