In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Just to water your mouth, here are a few LPs in my collection that I may post if I ever get the time to rip them (and that won’t be for a few months ...).  Never saw any of them on the Net...

Babs Robert 4tet - Babs Robert & the Love Planet (Belgium, 1970)
Act Big Band – self-titled (Belgium, 1981)
The Clouds – self-titled  (feat.Freddy Sunder etc., Belgium, 1966)
Pierre Cavalli & Norma Green - Famous Jazz Classics & Ballads (Switzerland, 1966)
Andre Condouant - Brother Meeting ( France, 1966)
Andre Condouant – Thanks for All (France, 1989)
Michel Sardaby – Blue Sunset (France, 1967)
The Belgian Big Band arranged and conducted by Sadi (Belgium)
Eddy House  Quintet -Live at the Acoustic Club (Belgium, 197?)
Jean Blaute -Hello Young Lovers (Belgium, 1981)
Mike Carr and His Trio Featuring Jim Mullen and Harold Smith - Live at Ronnie Scott's  (UK, 1980)
Shake Keane – That’s the Noise (UK, 1965)
Philip Catherine – Guitars (Belgium, 1975)
Waso - Round Midnight (gypsy jazz, Belgium, 1987)
Peter Appleyard -Presents (direct to disc, w/ Moe Koffman, Guido Basso, Ed Bickert,a.o., Canada,1977)
Sky Walk - Live in Detroit (Canada, 1980)
Moe Koffman  Quartet- (Canada 1967)
Joe Sealy Trio (Canada, 196?)
Sonny Greenwich - Birds of Paradise (Canada, 1986)
Martial Solal Big Band -Big Band (France, 1981)

And many more ....


  1. Hey boogieman,
    I'm looking forward to whatever you drop. I only know a fraction of those names so... hit me!
    all best from over here.

  2. Boogieman, check for all Moe Koffman our friend Cheeba's place:
    Hope he will be on his feet again soon btw...
    peace, E-mile

  3. Hi E-mile, yes I'm familiar with Cheeba's place and I wish him well. However I haven't seen "my" Moe Koffman LP in blog-land yet. It is a rare Radio Canada International LP by Moe Koffman Quartet Live @ 1967 Montreal Expo.
    Unfortunately, it will have to wait. All my LPs are kept in Belgium but i'm currently working overseas. I hope to rip some of them next time I'm on holidays but time is very scarce when one is on holiday. Cheers

  4. Going back to this list two years later, I think I've posted most of them.
    Not posted yet:
    Andre Condouant - Thanks for all (already ripped)
    Shake Keane has been re-issued on CD in UK. Won't post if CD is still available. Idem for Philip Catherine-Guitars.
    Joe Sealy and Michel Sardaby: already ripped.
    Sonny Greenwich: re-issued on CD.