In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Chaka Chaka Boom Boom,  Capitol 107 FM, Port Vila, Vanuatu, c. 2008
Twice in my life I had the opportunity to make Radio Programs and play the music I like for a wider audience.  The first time was in the eighties, on Radio Comores, in the Indian Ocean. I had two programs.  "Honky Tonk" was a blues/roots program and "Night Train" was a Jazz program.  They lasted a few months.  It was long before the advent of Internet and as the FM transmitter was very weak, the programs could only be heard in a radius of a few kilometers around Moroni.  Anyway I enjoyed it and so did quite a few listeners as these were the only programs playing that kind of music in the whole archipelago.  I left the Comores in 88 and went to work in other far away places but no more radio ... untill 2007, i was then in Vanuatu and got approached by Mike, an elderly Peace Corps Volunteer who wanted to start a program on the newly established Capital FM 107, a private station in Port Vila.  That's how Capital Blues started and quickly mutated into Chaka Chaka Boom Boom, one hour of rock and roll, boogie music and related mayhem.  Then a few weeks later I started Capitol Jazz, in French for a change, one hour of Jazz every Sunday after the 8:00 p.m. news.  It lasted for over two years until I left Vanuatu.  The great fun was that Capitol was streaming on the Net - well, on and off as technical problems were not uncommon - and therefore I had listeners not only in the South Pacific but also in Europe and North America (mostly friends who's been told about the programs).  And then I moved to another country, another job and no more radio programs.

In July last year I made a compilation of funky jazz tracks for my daughter, based on the kind of stuff I used to play on Capitol Jazz.  Some tracks were ripped from my own, rather extensive record collection , others from albums I had downloaded from various specialised blogs.  I didn't have the opportunity to rip my own LPs as all my LPs were (and still are) in Europe while I'm roaming the world.

Anyway the compilation began to have a life of its own. Friends heard it and asked me for copies. Just as a hobby,  I decided to make a new compilation every month  and upload them for friends.  I'm now (December 2010) at number 17.

I plan to upload them for your enjoyment.  I plan also to upload whole albums provided that they are OOP and not available on other blogs.

Making these compilations wouldn't have been possible without the great blogs that have come and gone on the Web over the last few years.

I dedicate this blog to my late friend Johnny Peret, musicien extraordinaire and "echte Brusseleir".  Thanks for introducing me to modern big bands and the beauty of well-crafted arrangements and ensemble playing.


  1. Thanks to Claude H. for the pictures of Johnny Peret & band playing @ Hôtel des Colonies (Brussels c.1977?). His group was made of Jacques Tricot (drums), Jean Fanis (piano), Constant Letellier (cl & ts) et Ferry Devos (bass).

  2. Thanks again for the downloads boogieman, your podcast has inspired another old man (myself) to venture into the podcast world..Ive re-discovred my appreciation for music again...

    Old (shaking) Bones

  3. You're welcome, Mark. I'm glad you enjoys the music.