In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Issues: LP DELAHAY DEP14028 ; LP IBC 4C054-97754 (Belgium)

I haven't been too busy with the blog these last few  weeks, mostly re-uploading and updating old links.  
I also ripped a few obscure LPs that I shall post in the coming weeks. 
But this one comes straight  from Paul D's vault.  Quality rip as usual! 

Saxophonist JACK SELS is one of the legends of Belgian Jazz and probably Antwerp’s greatest contribution to Jazz (although there is a whole new generation who would probably deserve that title, starting with X-Legged Sally and Flat Earth Society  ... yes, I know Peter Vermeersch was born in Waregem, not in Antwerp ...).

If you have seen the film JUST FRIENDS by Belgian Director Marc-Henri Wajnberg (1992), you probably know the story of the Antwerp tenor player unloading shipments of bananas from the Belgian Congo by day and blowing his horn in smoky taverns by night.  The character in the film was loosely based on Jack Sels’ real life story.

This fairly rare LP is of interest for several reasons.  
First of all because Jack Sels did not record a lot so his few recordings are to be treasured. 
The second reason is because this album features what is probably  the very first phonographic trace of a 17-year old aspiring jazz guitarist with a bright future, PhilipCatherine’
The thirds reason is the fourth track on side B: a lttle-known theme by Fats Sadi played by a quintet featuring Fats Sadi (vibes), Rene Thomas (guitar), Wallace Bishop (drums), an unknown pianist and an unknown bass player – most probably Benoit Quersin.  But no trace of Jack Sels on this track ….

 The sides with Jack Sels were recorded in Brussels circa September 19, 1961.

The last track of B side is a bit of a mystery, probably dating from 1961 too.

A1.      BLUES  100    (J. Sels)
A2.      BAY’S WAY  (J. Sels)
A3.      BLUES FOR A BLONDE       (J.Sels)
B1.      ON STAGE     (J. Sels)
B2.      BLACK VELVET       (Huffmagle)
B.3.     AFRICAN DANCE     (L. Bellson)
Jack Sels, Lou Bennett, Philip Catherine, Oliver Jackson
Omit Jack Sels.  Fats Sadi (vibes), Rene Thomas (e. guitar), unknown pianist, probably Benoit Quersin on bass, Wally Bishop (drums).

Four tracks wirh Lou Bennett and Philip Catherine were first issued as and EP under the name JACK SEL(L)S JAZZ.

 They were re-issued in 1966 on a Dutch Relax LP entitled Sax Appeal , which has become a bit of a collector’s item  for its “calendar girl” cover.



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  2. Yes! One more that I've been looking for for a long, long time.
    More infos from, the website dedicated to René Thomas: the last track seems to have been recorded in 1965.
    Thank you very much, boogieman! Once more!

  3. Another rare one - looking forward ro hear it.
    Thank you - my opinion later...

  4. I have another quite rare EP, which I believe could be something for your blog at least better than for Inconstant Sol.
    Should you be interested to post it I would send you the link including flacs and pictures of the cover (it's ready to be posted!).

    It was never commercially available:

    Milorad Pavlovic, trumpet
    Hans Wilfert, trumpet
    Achmed Muffavak Falay, trumpet
    Fritz Weichbrodt, trumpet
    Otto Bredl, trombone
    Raymond Droz, trombone
    Manfred Gätjens, trombone
    Hellmut Hauck, trombone
    Derek Humble, alto saxophone
    Heinz Kretschmar, alto saxophone
    Karl Drewo, tenor saxophone
    Gerd Dudek, tanor saxophone
    Kurt Aderhold, baritone saxophone
    Borislav Rokovic, piano
    Joe Sydow, bass
    Stuff Combe, drums
    Kurt Edelhagen, leader

    Side A (15:55):
    - Orchestra Theme
    - Announcement (russian)
    - Chinatown (Schwartz, arr. Francy Boland)
    - Schwarze Augen (trad., arr. Stuff Combe)
    - I'll Close My Eyes (Kaye/Reid, arr. Rob Pronk)
    Side B (16:00):
    - Announcement (russian)
    - Russian Medley (several composers, arr. Bora Rokovic)
    - St. Louis Blues (W.C.Handy, arr. Rob Pronk)

    Recorded May 1964 at the Sports Palace, Moscow, Russia.
    Published by WDR (West German Broadcast) T 75451 (LP 64 347/48)

    Feel free to delete this comment...

    1. Hi Onxidlib,
      I'd be pleased to post this rare recording. I was planning to post a Kurt Edelhagen album with Shake Keane on fluegelhorn (very different from what he did with Joe Harriot indeed). But I did not get the time to rip it this time in Belgium (I'm working overseas and rip LP while on holiday back home). So you're most welcome to send me a link, I'll post the record during the week. Cheers,

  5. Shake Keane with Edelhagen - sounds very interesting.
    Some weeks ago I saw an excerpt at youtube.

    You'll find the Edelhagen link at your recent post.

    1. Thanks.

      The KE i was planning to post is the KE Plays Jim Webb, with arrangements by Quincy Jones and some great soloists (Keane, Jigg, Dusko, Derek Humble ... all the usual suspects). It had already been posted on a blog but the megaupload link is gone.

    2. This LP was re-issued in 2007 as CD with the title "Up, Up And Away - Kurt Edelhagen Plays The Hits Of Jimmy Webb (Jazz Club)".
      I believe it the same recording. One can get it for about four Euro.

    3. It's OK I got the LP for two Euro. The music is very commercial / lounge but the arrangements and playing are pretty good.

  6. This commercial side of Edelhagen is unfortunately the biggest impression he left for many listeners.
    In fact he and the formations he led were a kind of "school" for many german/european Jazz musicians who later became famous.

    Some weeks ago Johnny Fischer, a german bassist for a.o. Hans Koller was at the shop I'm working for.
    A collegue of mine had a chat with him (they are both almost the same age...). Johnny Fischer told him a funny anecdote.

    Fischer started as a pianist - one day at the beginning of the fifties during a concert pause he started to "meddle" with a bass. Suddenly Mr. Edelhagen came in to prepare for his turn. He saw Johnny Fischer and commanded him to play the bass for the next set! Fischer was awestruck and not brave enough to object or explain and played (!) the short set.
    Apparently he was good enough because afterwards Edelhagen approached him to come along for the next rehearsals - this was the beginning of his career as a bassist.
    Such a modus operandi of "accidental" teaching reminds me of the way a Roshi in Zen Buddhism might do it (as far as I imagine it...).

  7. Love these glimpses on European jazz. Wonderful post, many thanks!

  8. Incredible! thank you very much, boogieman for this album!


  10. Is it him, who also recorded under the name Johnny Kay?

    1. No, Johnny Kay was a piano player, I forgot his real name but i can check in Pernet's discography (I'm overseas now, I don't have it with me but I'll ask a friend).

    2. Can you check, please! I would be very grateful. "Dictionnaire du jazz à Bruxelles et en Wallonie" states that Jack Sels also has recoded under the names: Johnny Kay, Sam and Big Fat Louis.

    3. Dag Karel,

      Here's what a friend in Belgium wrote following your request:
      Johnny Kay (p,v) : Jan Verstraeten enregistre sous ce nom avec Jack Sels sur
      Ronnex 1055 à Bruxelles, poss. July 1954.
      2 titres: Rocket To The Moon & Fair-Ground Boogie.
      Sous le nom de Jack Sels y compris de "Big Fat Louis & his Rock-Ola Shuffle Beats" (oufti !!!) je n'ai trouvé aucune trace de Johnny Kay.

    4. Thanks a lot for the reply!!! :-)

  11. Hi,
    may I ask for a new link, since the old one is dead?
    Thank you very much for your time and dedication into rescuing all this wonderful belgian jazz.
    Best regards,