In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


feat. ROLF BILLBERG - (EP HMV 7EGS89, Norway, 1958)

A rare treat again from the vault of Paul D. Scandinavian jazz this time. A pretty rare EP on HMV Norway dating from 1958 which, to the best of my knowledge, is not available on any CD.

Carl-Henrik Norin, 1920-67, jazz musician (tenor saxophonist and arranger). Norin emerged during his time with Thore Ehrling 1941-48 as one of Sweden's foremost saxophonists. He played in the radio band 1956-57. During the years 1948-62 Norin had his own big band at Nalen, after which he led a popular dance-oriented band. Norin wrote, inter alia, "Zero-Zero", theme song of the TV show "Hylands Corner".  For more details on Norin's life and career, Paul D. has added some interesting biographical notes in the file.

Track listing:
A1. Stella by Starlight (Carl-Henrik Norins Orkester – solist: Rolf Billberg)
A2. Mumin (Carl-Henrik Norins Orkester – solist: Rolf Billberg)
B.1. Blue and Sentimental (solist: Carl-Henrik Norin)
B.2. This can’t be love (Carl-Henrik Norins Orkester)

Carl-Henrik Norin (leader, tn) Jan Allan (tp) Rolf Billberg (as) Torsten Wennberg (bar) Lars Bagge (p) Lars Pettersson (b) Sture Kallin (d)

Recorded in Stockholm in 1958.


  1. CARL-HENRIK NORIN.rar (47.33 MB)

    Lossless, superb sound + scans. Don't forget to say thanks to Paul D. for this rare EP. He has many more treasures in his trove.

  2. excellent music Paul D. It's great to hear these rare items. Impressive catalog you maintain. Thank you

  3. by the way is Paul D still on the search for some lost rare music?

  4. Hi Sunbop. Paul D. has an extensive collection of jazz records. He promised me one rare record each month. For the time being I can only post CD rips I have on my hard drive, I'm a few thousand miles from my home and LPs. It'll have to wait for my next vacation.

  5. thank you Paul !

    Splendid music, Wonderful musicians !
    The whole could have easily rivalize with the Mulligan-Konitz from '53 ! (Stella !)
    and yes you do great job !

  6. Many thanks, Paul D.!

    What a great little EP, especially the first side featuring the legendary Rolf Billberg! "Mumin" is an excellent original. One can understand why Swedish jazz had a good reputation in the 50s. One only wishes that they had recorded a full LP, but EP was still a common format in Europe at this time.

    Both Billberg and Norin were Swedish jazz giants, but both unfortunately died far too early. Billberg died in 1966, at age 35, and Norin in 1967, at age 47. It is sad how many of the greatest Swedish jazz musicians died early. Åke "Stan" Hasselgård was 26, Jan Johansson 37, and Lars Gullin 48.

    Norin recorded a large number of 78s in 1949-1953 and EPs in 1954-1964, but there has been no comprehensive reissue programme, just compilations (including two of the four tracks on this EP). If you have more of Norin, Paul D., I would gladly listen to that.