In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Friday, April 4, 2014


OH BOY ...
LP MD035                            BELGIUM, 1979

I’d been looking for this album for a very long time. Earlier this week, I stopped by a vinyl dealer that specializes in 60s-70s rock but also has a small “jazz” section.  The guy behind the counter told me he had recently found a box of Belgian jazz albums and put them all in a small crate labelled “Belgian Jazz”.  I had a look and there, among the usual Toots Thielemans albums, there it was ... Mauve Traffic feat. Bill Frisell!

In 1979, for the second time, Steve Houben brought over some musicians he knew from his days in Berklee, (where he also met Michel Herr) and formed "Mauve Traffic", a fusion band with : Bill Frisell (guitar), Vinnie Johnson (drums), Steve Houben (flute), Kermit Driscoll (electric bass) and Michel Herr (Fender Rhodes).  A second saxophonist, Greg Badolato (also from Boston) soon joined the band, which recorded the LP “Oh boy ...” in Belgium in 1979.

A1       Monsieur Love             Composed by Steve Houben     2:37
A2       Carol    Composed by Bill Frisell          5:02
A3       Doggone It       Composed by Kermit Driscoll   5:37
A4       Francesca         Composed by Bill Frisell          5:19
A5       Extrait Du Second Improptu Pour Une Raison D'être    Composed by Steve Houben     0:30
B1        De Luxe           Composed by Steve Houben     3:53
B2        Sparks  Composed by Magdalena Thora                        3:59
B3        Oh Boy                        Composed by Bill Frisell          6:40
B4        Growing Carrots           Composed by Bill Frisell          5:33

Alto Saxophone, Flute – Steve Houben
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Greg Badolato
Guitar – Bill Frisell
Keyboards – Michel Herr
Electric Bass – Kermit Driscoll
Drums, Voice – Vinnie Johnson

Recorded & mixed at Michel Dickenscheid's Studio, Ougrée, Belgium

NB : there is some surface noise at the beginning of track B1, I assume it could be cleaned but I’m not proficient enough and was afraid that it would dim the sound.

UPDATED LINK (17/07/17)

The next one on my wish list was “STREAM” (Philip Catherine, Marc Moulin, Jiggs Whigham, Freddy Deronde, Freddy Rothier ), another seventies Belgian jazz rarity that never made it to CD.  Have seen the original  a few time but it was way out of my budget!  Luckily it has been (unofficially) reissued on vinyl by Charlevoix Music, Inc. (Canada).
Get it while you can! 


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  2. Boogieman: I have Stream, but in mp3... Let me know if you want it.

    1. Yes please, I haven't heard stream for over 30 years.
      Could you post link here in the comments?
      Much appreciated.

    2. Here is!
      Philip Catherine - Stream

    3. Muchos gracias, thanks a lot!

    4. Luis,

      I'm listening now and it's fantastic to recognize those tunes i had forgotten (track 4 esp.). It brings memories from times bygone ... call itnostalgia perhaps but there was so much creativity in music in those days!

    5. I think tracks 9 and 10 are incomplete / shunted, they end suddenly.

  3. Wow! Thanks Boogieman! I think that completes the early Frisell story!

    All the best!

    1. No it doesn't yet. He also plays on at least one album by Guy Cabay, a jazz vibist (and occasional bossa singer in Walloon dialect).
      See :

    2. And this one too:

  4. Wow ...another great post Boog's ! and thanks to Louis for the Philip Catherine !

  5. FLAC