In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Monday, April 29, 2013


Zbignew Namylowski - Winobranie (Poland) /
 Interjazz 86  (Poland) (€10 each)
 Big Band Aktuell (DDR)  bought for 5 €/
 / Etienne Verschueren 4tet (B) - 3 €

I arrived in Brussels this Saturday for a two-weeks holiday.  On Sunday morning I went for a stroll , heading for the Vieux Marché (Flea Market) when I noticed a small poster on a lamppost for a "Vynil Record Fair", it wasn't far from where I was, perhaps 15 minutes walk so I went straight to Galerie Ravenstein and spent a couple of hours browsing thru' loads of vynils.

What a bliss!

There were sellers from Belgium, Holland, France and Germany, a great selection of records and excellent prices.

There was a good selection of EuroJazz (the demand is there so prices are on the way up but there are still bargain to be made)

No need to tell you that I walked back home with  a bagfull of LPs!

Two LP by the United Jazz Rock Ensemble - 10€
/ Big Nick Nicholas  (India Navigation - 2 €)/
Bobby Bryant - Big Band Blues (2€)

Here are pictures of some of the LP I bought.  Some may already be available in the blogsphere, the others I'll post in the coming months (provided that they are not re-issued on CD).

Carmen McCrae w/Clarke Bolland Big Band / Emil Mangelsdorff (D, 1966)
KKFBBB live @ Ronnie Scott's / Peter Herbolzheimer's Jazz Gala Concert '79

Brussels is definitely THE place for cratediggers.
Don't miss the Jazz Record Fair of the Sweet & Hot @ the Jazz Station

(St Josse Ten Noode / Brussels)
on Saturday 11th May.

I'll be there.

A few more albums that still have to make it to the blog in the coming weeks or months
Buddy Rich Very Live @ Buddy's Place /
E. Parker Mc Dougall -Chicago Hard Core Jazz /
Errol Dixon -That's how you got killed before /


  1. Some nice finds, and cool prices, congrats ;)

  2. The Buddy Rich is already posted on:

  3. Excelente compra. Espero ansioso poder escuchar algunos de ellos. Revisé mis discos y no tengo ninguno. Fabuloso. Tres bon marché!