In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, December 1, 2012


In a few days,  the blog will be two years old.

Two years and over 160 posts ago, feeling bored on a windy December evening – December is always cold and damp in Rabat, I decided to try my hand at designing my own blog.  Initially the idea was to post some compilations I had made and circulated among friends and perhaps some out-of-print albums.  The main technical problem was that I was in Morocco and my record collection was in Belgium.  Luckily I had a hard drive where I had copied a fair amount of my CDs (yes, I am one of those weirdos who actually BUY records!).  The external hard-drive is a wonderful invention, much appreciated if you have known  the cumbersomeness of traveling around the world with a collection of CD, not to mention LPs.

As it turned out, I never posted any compilation but started with OOP CD from my hard drive.  Then in the comments of one of the first posts, a blogger named Hoochie Coochie asked me whether I had a rare Belgian 7” by the Brussels Art Quintet.  I did not but I forwarded the message through my network of collector-friends in Belgium and there it was.  It was the beginning of a long collaboration with Paul D., discographer and huge jazz record collector.  Two years later the collaboration is still going strong and the next post will be another gem from Paul D’s collection (beautifully cleaned, as usual).  The Brussels Art Quintet was also the first instalment in the very popular Rarity Series.

Then JC – from Brussels - came on board and contributed some rare Charlie Mariano’s album, among others.  While on vacation in Belgium, I started ripping vinyl.  Then Onxidlib, of Inconstant Sol fame, proposed to feed the blog with obscure German records.  The collaboration is still going strong with posts of very rare EP, LP and even an acetate!  And there is more in the pipeline. 

The blog also received contributions from Arkadin (Germany), Moi-meme (France), Sunbop (Belgium).  
Claude (Belgium) has often contributed with discographical information and - sadly - obituaries.

Blogging has been – and still is – a wonderful and rewarding experience and I wish to thank everyone, collaborators, contributors as well as anonymous visitors (but remember that leaving a comment is always much appreciated).

While the blog has received many contributions, it has also contributed – sometimes unknowingly - to other blogs as I occasionally see my posts on other blogs.  I don’t mind, really , (although I always appreciate an acknowledgement) as it allows forgotten records to be saved from obscurity. 
I do not know what will happen in the near future.  It seems that increasingly barriers are being erected to cap music sharing and free download (see Rapidshare new policy as an indication of things to come).  

Anyway, let's celebrate with more rare records!


  1. Congratulations. Through your blog I knew many european jazzmen and some of their almost forgotten albums.

  2. congratulations man and happy birthday. this is a wonderful blog because of the rare material not available on CD nor elsewhere in Blogland. many thanks for all your work.

  3. Congrats from me, too!

    The Boogiman's is simply the best place for finding incredibly rare Belgian and German jazz, period.

    Hope it will linger on despite the near end of the world and the trouble it has become finding a reliable filehoster nowadays ;-)

  4. Btw, sent you a mail on the 26th. You may have to check your spam folder...

    1. Found it, that's where it was. Strnage things happen! Many thanks.

  5. Keep going! Thanks for all good old stuff!

  6. Happy birthday Boogieman ! Life is sweeter habing people like you sharing their passiona and collection. Thanks also to your contributors.
    BTW does anyone ever got hold of a 1951 Gladys Bruce with Jimmy Mundy Orch recording issued on Coral (65068) both in 78 and 45 rpm ? Personal includes Kai Winding, Budd Johnson, Danny Bank, Billy Taylor, Oscar Pettiford and Art Blakey...

  7. Congrats!! Found a few gems here. Thanks for digging them up.

  8. My sincere congratulations! Our collaboration is a great fun for me and you have really sparked my interest for European Jazz. It was the right moment when I discovered your blog and found those fine recordings from you and Paul D.
    For another two years even when the future of blogging isn't forseeable at the moment.
    Let's clink our glasses or bottles. À la vôtre !